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Technical Forum Archive
07/06/1997Hallicrafters SX-62 Schematic [Seeking]
07/21/1997Emerson Radio Antique Television
07/24/1997Aussie radios
07/24/1997AK Speaker base
07/26/1997Precision Tube Tester
07/26/1997Crosley #705 Showbox
07/27/1997Airline 62-337
07/28/1997RCA Victor Model 220
07/29/1997help with a problem
07/31/1997Amrad model F-716
08/05/1997ELDICO TR-1TV Schematic??
08/07/1997For Sale. GE Indust. Tube Manual
08/08/1997GRUNDIG information wanted
08/09/1997Fada Model 263W
08/11/1997Metz 1211U
08/12/1997Philco radios
08/31/1997Philco Model 48-482 Schematic needed
09/01/1997Atwater Kent model 52 power supply schematic
09/02/1997National NC-100 radios & variants
09/05/1997Grundig 7015 selenium rectifier replacement
09/05/1997Zenith Case Cleanup
09/14/1997schematic of a Majestic , model 44-B receiver (Grigsby-Grunow)
09/21/1997Old tubes
09/21/1997Westinghouse WR-10 Alignment
09/21/1997Brunswick Panatrobe-Radiola Superhet model PR-148c
09/24/1997need knobs and dial pointers
09/28/1997building tube radios
10/03/1997id radio
10/05/1997Seeking schematic for Philco model 38-2
10/11/1997trav-ler radios parts schematic needed
10/11/1997Wards Airliner 62-702
10/16/1997Philco Model 60-parts
10/17/1997Philco 46-1201 Power Supply
10/25/1997Help to identify Philco model
10/30/1997Marconi radio model 261
11/04/1997Silvertone radio
11/04/1997Radiola III
11/05/1997Zenith TO question
11/17/1997a too high resistor
11/18/1997Signal Generator Questions
11/19/1997Resistance-Coupled Push-Pull AF Amp
11/19/1997Need Help, Very Early Scott Projection Television
11/21/1997Need schematic for Zenith model 7S558
11/24/1997Radiola portable model AR-813
11/24/1997Need Schematic for Phillips AN513
11/29/1997Need schematic for BC191E WWII aircraft XMTR
12/01/1997tube 47 with filament center-tapped
12/03/1997Strange Philco Phonogragh?
12/05/1997Hallicrafters S-120 Service Manual
12/09/1997Information about Atwater Kent model 20 and their tubes
12/13/1997Need RCA WV-98A VTVM schematic
12/14/1997EMERSON 34C...help
12/20/1997RCA Model 118 Tombstone- Speaker Problems
12/21/1997GRUNOW MODEL # 662
12/22/1997regulated power suplly
12/26/1997Emerson 1946 Antique Radio. Need Help!
12/28/1997Emerson model 425
12/28/1997Heath EUW-24 VTVM
12/29/1997western electric schematic
12/29/1997Stewart Warner Model ??
12/30/1997Grigsby-Grunow Company Info Wanted
12/30/1997B + K 650 Tube tester manual wanted
12/30/1997Need help on replacing an old speaker with a PM speaker
12/30/1997Chevrolet Model 986443
01/03/1998tube 12AF3 question
01/04/1998Schematics Hallicrafters (S-38A, Sx-42, S-85) ???
01/07/1998Crosley 534 bandswitch/coil wiring
01/10/1998Tube Supplements needed for Jackson 648 tester
01/10/1998tube type cb's
01/11/1998Need Splitdorf R500 Schematic.
01/12/1998Philco Model 89
01/19/1998Philco #47-1227 (console)
01/28/1998Philco 38 Code 123 RF Section
01/29/1998Hallicrafters paint
01/31/1998Philco Model 48-485
02/06/1998cessna aircraft com-nav radio
02/07/1998philco mod.48-482
02/08/1998Refinishing a wood radio
02/09/1998Jackson 49, Simpson 440, tube testers
02/12/1998AK-10 TA Unit Transformers
02/12/19985 tube superhet radio kits
02/17/1998HEATHKIT/DAYSTORM WARRIOR >Specs needed!
02/18/1998Can't download schematics -- can anyone else??
02/21/1998RCA Radiola AR-812
02/21/1998Magnavox anywhere? Need to replace tone, volume controls
02/21/1998Philco Model 46-480
02/23/1998Grundig TV Model ST70-550
02/23/1998Grundig TV Model ST70-550
02/27/19981st radio with internal speaker
02/27/1998Philco model # 42-123
03/04/199835XX tubes replaced with 50XX tubes
03/04/1998Atwater Kent Model 33 voltages/connections
03/04/1998Looking for Info on EMERSON MODEL 801
03/06/1998Atwater Kent 10B transformer needed
03/10/1998Pilot TV-166 tube sources
03/13/1998Mohawk B - 24
03/13/1998Wilcox-gay radiola
03/17/1998crt specs
03/17/1998Help--Strange part for Harman Kardon Chorale #A260
03/20/1998wanted heathkits manuals coures
03/21/1998String MY Tuner!
03/26/1998Larson's Locator
03/27/1998Ident old Philco Radio
03/28/1998General Electric 502
03/29/1998high quality hand magnifier - free
03/31/1998Zenith radio ID
04/01/1998two items, spark gap and spark generator ???
04/05/1998Zenith 7A02 chassis
04/08/1998Need RCA cammera schematic serial No. 636530400
04/10/1998Need schematic and info for Delco auto radio
04/11/1998Atwater Kent Transmitter, Type K (1910 vintage)Ident??
04/12/1998Schematics request of a radio Philco Model 48-805
04/14/1998Videorecorder VS 810 VPT
04/14/1998RCA Radiola 20
04/15/1998Goldentone Schematic ( seeking )
04/15/1998EICO Model 625 Tube Tester
04/20/1998schematics Stromberg Carlson 872H
04/21/1998rca model118 approx. value
04/23/1998Minerva W710A (1946) schematic
04/24/1998military radio
04/25/1998Coin Recodio-Gram
04/26/1998Zenith Transistor Tranoceanic Model R-3000
04/26/1998Hallicrafters S-120 and S-120A
04/26/1998Philips type 921 (Canadian made)Need info please
04/27/1998Recordette Machine by Wilcox - Gay Corp.
04/30/1998Weston TV-4/U Tube Tester Manual/Charts Needed
05/03/1998Philco model 89-121
05/06/1998Old television technical manuals
05/11/1998Philco Predicta TV
05/13/1998I am looking for the schematics to a Zenith Model#8-S-563
05/13/1998Hallicrafters Television 17-810-M
05/17/1998Zenith Radio Identification
05/19/1998Chelsea Radio Super Five
05/23/1998Shematic needed for RCA Model 28T
05/26/1998Brunswick radiola
06/03/1998Calibrating Tube Tester
06/06/1998Philco Model 47-1230
06/14/1998Need EICO manuals / schematics
06/17/1998RCA Models 6K1 and 94x
06/18/1998Stromburg Radio
06/20/1998Need Heath 5"Oscilloscope Manual
06/22/1998Packard Bell Information
06/23/1998Emerson M20RA TV
06/27/1998Philco 53-1750 table with wings, needs repair
06/28/1998Philco 51-1731 Need schematics
07/03/1998RCA Radiola 50,1927 Lowboy Console
07/04/1998Bush DAC90-A Schematic
07/04/1998Need Schematic and Alignment for SX-111
07/10/1998Philco AM Stereo Info
07/14/1998oscillator coil replacement
07/15/1998Need tubes for Atwater Kent Model 36 radio
07/20/1998GE H-624 need schematics
07/20/1998Need dial info for Crosley 1117
07/21/1998B&K Model 667 Tube Tester
07/22/19981918 Modernola Phono/Lamp Extremely Rare- For Sale
07/23/1998Packard Bell model 46 schematic
07/28/1998Atwater Kent Model 30
08/03/1998Calibrating HICKOK 6000 A, Help needed
08/03/1998Price of 12v Vibrator
08/04/1998Philco 52-641 reception problem
08/06/1998Atwater Kent 80
08/10/1998AK Audio Transformer Source
08/11/1998Crosley 517 problem
08/11/1998Crosley 517 problem
08/11/1998Zenith floor model radio
08/12/1998Philco Model 53-564
08/15/1998Hallicrafter SX28
08/18/1998Parts wanted - coils -455kc Mechanical filters--IF transformers
08/18/1998RCA Victor 86K7 Superheterodyne
08/18/1998Philco Model 610???
08/21/1998information on philco consol model 38-c9
08/27/1998Admiral Model 7C63-UL
08/28/1998B.C. RF COIL
08/31/1998Stewart-Warner 9151-A FM reception
08/31/1998CONER instruments ( a division of national radio institute)
08/31/1998Zenith 6-V-27 Questions
09/05/1998Signal generators / restoring straw cabinets
09/05/1998JAN Tube Numbers
09/07/1998Strombeg & Carlson 636 A
09/09/1998RCA R5 "Radiolette" modification??
09/11/1998Schematic Needed for 50's Kuba Export Super 3954
09/13/1998A strange version of the Radiola 18?
09/16/1998Help ! Hammarlund HQ 110, HRO 50 T-1
09/18/1998Montgomery Ward Model 40 Info Needed
09/18/1998Philco 40-155
09/21/1998serie EU-10A
09/22/1998Mystery capacitor
09/24/1998Help needed for Blaupunkt restoration
09/25/1998Philco Radio/Phonograph
09/28/1998Radiola 17 schematic
09/28/1998Philco model 37-630
09/29/1998philco 37-610 ant X-former
09/29/1998Zenith Model 6-R-087
10/03/19980-100 tuning scale vs. modern Mhz scale
10/05/1998Shadow meters
10/05/1998Sonora RCU-208
10/06/1998Meter for Jackson 648 Tube Tester Needed
10/08/1998Radiola 17 power supply
10/12/1998RCA model 66BX GlobeTrotter
10/14/1998how much is a hallicrafters s120 worth?
10/15/1998Capacitor Values
10/16/1998Crosley 515
10/17/1998RCA WR-50B RF Sig Gen
10/21/1998Harman Kardon AVR 25 Radio Receiver Amplifier Schematic needed ! !
10/25/1998Crosley 515 (again)
10/26/1998RCA VTVM WV-77a
10/28/1998UX-199 Tube Projects
11/02/1998marconi HELP!
11/03/1998Belmont 675 Schematic
11/03/1998Splitdorf: Abbey Jr. Need schematic
11/03/1998Philmore Crystal Radio Information
11/08/1998schematic for packard radio model p-1430
11/11/1998GE E71
11/13/1998Luprix set
11/17/1998Philco 41-296
11/18/1998Truetone 4903 schematic
11/23/1998Zenith T-O Speaker repairs
11/23/1998Tube tester setup data
11/25/1998Precision Apparatus 960 transistor tester
11/28/1998Philco 46-1201 radio-phonograph
11/30/1998radiola #63, am/shortwave band, only faint audio
11/30/1998RCA Radiola Model 46 Schematics
11/30/1998Crosley Help Needed
12/01/1998Electromatic radio-record player
12/01/1998Knight KG-2100 Oscilloscope Question
12/02/1998Motorola 57W1MC Schematic
12/03/1998Philco Model 15A - Canadian Model?
12/03/1998Need Schematic for Firestone Airchief 4-A-22
12/04/1998replacing filter caps
12/09/1998ZENITH TRANSOCEANIC 3000-1
12/11/1998Variable power supply
12/12/1998Heathkit amp AA-32 schematic needed
12/13/1998Stewart Warner Identification
12/14/1998Replacement String for tuning assembly
12/16/1998Got my Firestone Airchief!
12/16/19981925 Thorola Islodyne
12/16/1998Real dumb question
12/16/1998seeking schematic for electrohome Radio model P1-45252
12/18/1998HELP!!!! RCA radiola 80
12/18/1998Tektronix type 321A Oscilliscope
12/20/1998seeking schematic for PHILCO model 46-132
12/21/1998Shematic for AK 412
12/23/1998Schematic & Info needed
12/25/1998HELP!!! Unknown Philips tubes!!!
12/27/1998rca 46"
12/28/1998weak reception on AM band
12/28/1998AK Model 44 Speaker
12/29/1998HELP on RF Transformer
12/30/1998How can you tell voltage of electrolytic which is totally shot??
12/30/1998Schematic for Motorola 103K1
12/31/1998WTD Info Silvertone 4769
01/01/1999television question
01/03/1999Schematic for RCA Victor A-20 Needed
01/03/1999Need to know what year Motorola 61T21 was made.
01/04/1999TUNING EYE
01/07/1999Crosley Super Trirdyne Regular
01/09/1999Id old radio cabinet
01/10/1999Resistor Value for Simpson 260
01/10/1999Crosley BC654-A Military XCVR
01/11/1999schematic: his masters voice model 238 AC
01/11/1999Majestic Model 15 -Osc. coil and 1st IF Assembly needed
01/13/1999Source for phono cartridges
01/14/1999history question
01/15/1999Power Supply specs.
01/16/1999need ge or rca eprom chip program #
01/17/1999Philco Radio Model 76
01/18/1999Hitachi Color Camera plug pins, Model GP-6MU
01/18/1999Where can I get schematics for newer electronics?
01/19/1999Capehart Phonograph Motor [Wanted]
01/20/1999Philco 48-141 code 121: Schematic needed
01/20/1999RCA UZ-1325 speaker - how to remove diaphragm
01/20/1999Stewart Warner Identification
01/20/1999Coca-Cola "Cooler" Radio
01/21/1999Source for knobs
01/22/1999Philco Schematic
01/23/1999Matching chassis to cabinet (AK type L chassis)
01/25/1999Warm Up & Drift.
01/26/1999Rodec Auditorium Amp, need information about
01/26/1999Schematics for early 50s Philco transitones
01/26/1999No AVC?
01/27/1999Digital pseudorandom generator
01/27/1999GE Model 200 Tension Spring
01/29/1999curtis mathes music center
01/30/19991920's 6 tube radio (or what is it?)
01/31/1999schematic United States Television Model T10823
01/31/1999Replacement speaker
02/04/1999philco 42-380
02/05/1999double volume potentiometer in older set without AVC
02/06/1999RCA 5BT
02/09/1999AK Speaker model/type info needed
02/11/1999Winding Specifications For Coils
02/11/1999Wilcox-Gay Recordette Model #8jiou
02/12/1999Delco AM Radio(1955 Chevy)Schematic and help needed
02/13/1999FILTER CAPS
02/15/1999Philco 39-116
02/16/1999need schematic
02/19/1999tube equivalents
02/19/1999Unidentified RCA, need help
02/20/1999Olympic Opta Model 5711-W (No S/W - FM)
02/21/1999Philco Model 49-909
02/21/1999Philco #50-1423 switches
02/23/1999answer and request to Don Black
02/27/1999RCA Model R15
02/27/1999Dial Cord Diagram for Zenith 5808 Chassis
02/28/1999Help identifying Air Chief model
03/01/1999Capacitors Old vs New
03/03/1999Pilot Console Radio/TV working excellent condition
03/05/1999Wilcox Gay portable radio recorder record player.
03/05/1999re: Need info on Crosley 515
03/06/1999NOISY S.W. BAND
03/10/1999Howard Radio Co., Model 418, 1937-38
03/13/1999RCA Radiola 46 (AR-596)?
03/14/1999Philco 46-350
03/14/1999old radios powered by wincharger
03/20/1999RCA RC1046C Volume wont turn down
03/20/1999Crosley 515 Antenna
03/22/1999Antennas? GE mod. L-640
03/24/1999Picture of a 1937 Truetone D-727?
03/25/1999Speaking of dust
03/25/1999Need a picture of a Crosley 515 tube diagram
03/26/1999Grundig-Majestic 5017U
03/30/1999Phonograph Volume v.s. Radio Volume
04/01/1999Re: Philco Model 39-3611 Transformer
04/01/1999Re: What Type Of Wire To Use
04/02/1999Old radio tubes
04/05/1999RCA VICTOR Model 9k3
04/06/1999Philco-Ford Phono/Radio
04/06/1999RCA Radiola III
04/06/1999Precision 914 tube tester transformer needed
04/06/1999schematic oscil. tektronix type 547 and more...
04/06/1999schematic oscil. tektronix type 547 and more...
04/07/1999Determining the value of a filter choke
04/09/1999Model 9k3 schematic
04/09/1999Trav-Ler 5028s Radio Oscillates
04/09/199935Z5 rectifier..
04/10/1999Line resistor
04/10/1999Freed Eisemann Model CH155
04/10/1999Zenith 8A02
04/11/1999Philco 41-287 help
04/11/1999Howard 418 Followup
04/12/1999Zenith Radio
04/14/1999Old tv set values
04/15/1999Crosley Model 51 (Tube tester needed) Tx.
04/15/1999Manuals for PACO Z-80 Sig Tracer & B&K Precision Sig Gen.
04/15/1999Stewart-Warner TV
04/15/1999Philco 51-930 Schematic and Resistor.
04/16/1999Re: ON/OFF Volume Control for '36 Philco Model 45
04/17/1999RCA 68R1
04/17/1999Philco 625 need schematic
04/17/199945 RPM stack spindle for a BSR 710 TRANSCRIPTION TURNTABLE
04/18/1999Want Zenith T.O. G-500 manual
04/18/1999Wester Electric 639 mic
04/18/1999Re: "Tower" Configured R.F. Transformers.
04/18/1999u.s. radio and tv corp. chassis 26 tabletop radio
04/19/1999Hickok 288X Manula
04/19/1999Can Capacitor Voltage Close Enough?
04/19/1999Tube Sheets for a I-177/B Tester
04/20/1999Want Zenith T.O. G-500 wavemagnet cord
04/20/1999Grunow Radio Schematic
04/20/1999Truetone Model D1075 Need Schematic and general info.
04/21/1999Zenith T.O. 500H power question
04/21/1999Old Photofact Folders-Old TV Schematics
04/25/1999Clarion What?
04/26/1999DeWald model 533
04/26/1999Atwater Kent Model 33
04/26/1999RCA Stereo Model VHT10W (1963) Phonograph Problems
04/27/1999Zenith Radio Ballast
04/28/1999need schematic for G-E Model LB-530 portable
04/28/1999Silvertone Cabinet Radio Model 5511
04/28/1999Airline 346
04/30/1999radio dial paint?
04/30/1999Ballast resistor tubes?
05/01/1999SECO modell 88a "obsolete tubes" chart needed
05/02/1999Help with tube identication
05/02/1999Freed Eisemann Radio Company
05/04/1999Grundig traveller analog
05/07/1999Philco 42-380
05/08/1999unknow AK
05/08/1999Motorola TV schematic
05/09/1999Eveready Model #1
05/10/1999ID Stewart-Warner Portable Radio
05/10/1999Philco 53-1750
05/10/1999Stancor A-3872 output transformer specs?
05/11/1999Amrad Model 81 Speaker. (RCA 10" 106)
05/12/1999dead zenith g-500 radio
05/12/1999Philco radio
05/12/1999Another Zenith
05/13/1999Grundig Radio chassis model 2252? - schematic wanted
05/13/1999Atwater Kent trouble model 30
05/13/1999Philco model 49-1201
05/16/1999Restoring Shine to Bakelite?
05/16/1999Norm need help on G-E Model LB-530
05/17/1999Harman Karadon AVR 75
05/17/1999Dial Lamp for Philips H88U - 08
05/19/1999Zenith Troubles
05/20/1999FaDa radio (television)899
05/21/1999General Electric FE-112
05/21/1999Making a low tech oscilliscope from TV
05/21/1999Need Help RCA T4-8A
05/21/1999RCA Model 86X
05/22/1999projection tube for projecor TV
05/22/1999Need info on tubes
05/23/1999Belmont Radio Model 553
05/25/1999Tube tester
05/25/1999Grundig Model 5050 w/usa
05/25/1999Majestic 130-A
05/26/1999Zenith Console - dial glass retainer
05/27/1999Seeburg tuner schematic
05/28/1999Diode Distortion Problem
05/29/1999Replacement Pot
06/01/1999Re: Philco model 45 No Volume
06/01/1999I need schematics for RCA V-205
06/03/1999HALLICRAFTERS TW-1000
06/04/1999Philco Model 46-1203
06/05/1999RCA Victor 16T2 Table .. Works, but volume low
06/07/1999Zenith H1087R
06/07/1999Siemans mid-50's radio
06/08/1999Tweaking IF for dummies
06/09/1999Emerson portabla mod. 508
06/12/1999seco model 88
06/14/1999Philco 40-150 Power Transformer
06/15/1999Air Master Model 1700 Portable
06/16/1999Where is the Electrolytic Capacitor on RCA V205
06/16/1999Crosley super 11
06/16/1999Crosley super 11
06/16/1999Restoring silver foil on Arvin Hopalong Model
06/16/1999I need to know something
06/17/1999need info.
06/17/1999RCA V-205 Radio works now but the phono does not! Help
06/17/1999Philco Portable
06/19/1999Hallicrafters S-120A TRANSISTOR receiver
06/19/1999Hallicrafters S-120A TRANSISTOR receiver
06/19/1999fm stereo tube radio
06/20/1999EICO Model 625 Tube Tester
06/21/1999Nice Howard Radio smoking
06/22/1999question on stromberg carlson 225h
06/23/1999Stancor A-3823 OT ?
06/23/1999Unidentified radio
06/24/1999DIY Tube Amp here's the scoop...lonnngggg- bring a lunch.
06/24/1999Grundig-Majestic 3262 schematic and tweeter repair?
06/26/1999Coronado C1131 Info Needed
06/27/1999low volume on stromberg carlson 225h
06/29/1999Airline schematics
06/30/1999crosley 170"dual ten"
07/01/1999searching for schematic Grundig ST70
07/03/1999RCA V-175
07/03/1999Zenith model 3R
07/03/1999RCA V-175
07/04/1999need schematic
07/05/1999Vibrator for Buick car radio (1941)
07/07/1999Old radios: tube, transisitor, cb
07/08/1999Mid 20's battery set
07/09/1999Silvertone model 4486
07/09/1999need schematic phico model 60
07/09/1999silver tone tombstone need id and schematic.
07/10/1999Crosley 517 Schema
07/12/1999RCA Victor Model 110K
07/12/1999Philco Radio, Is it worth anything??
07/13/1999General Electric radio model G-99
07/14/1999RCA Model 103
07/14/1999Philco Model 16
07/14/1999airline 800b distorted audio
07/15/1999RCA Model 103
07/15/1999Early Battery radios
07/15/1999RCA Victor 110K up and running
07/17/1999Marconi Model 207 schematics needed
07/17/1999Help to a Fairbanks Morse mod 70
07/18/1999GRUNOW 576 Help find info
07/18/1999Radiola 18
07/18/1999guidlines for replacing old capacitors??
07/19/1999Philco 38-8
07/19/1999Philco 38-8
07/19/1999Crosley 50 schematic
07/19/1999rca model 103, print needed
07/19/1999Loudspeaker impedences
07/20/1999RCA Model T62
07/20/1999schematic needed
07/20/1999Schematic for Airline 14BR-514B
07/21/1999RCA Model 103
07/22/1999Need help dating Airline series 1A48 Radio, and replacing speaker
07/23/1999Howard 435A
07/23/1999Need schematics for Airline Model 04WG-1108
07/24/1999Antique Radio
07/25/1999rca 103 no audio
07/25/1999Is my model 46-1203 worth anything?
07/25/1999need schematics Philips
07/25/1999need schematics EICO 430 ;147A; 324
07/26/1999schematic for G.E. K-50
07/26/1999dial cord diagram for Zenith H725
07/26/1999Where to buy replacement speaker
07/26/1999Zenith tube amplifier
07/26/1999Search strategy
07/27/19991925 Pathe radio...help!
07/27/1999Zenith Model 7A04
07/28/1999GTC Porta-Power Model H Transformer
07/28/1999Info on Truetone Model D1645
07/29/1999help Norm...victor victrola
07/29/1999Schematic for Stewart-Warner 12-4D
07/29/1999Motorola C15J 32 AM Clock Radio
07/30/1999Substitution Database
07/30/1999Gilfillan 63X schematic
07/31/1999Grunow 1191 info please
08/01/1999Schematic GE Model J1106 & service info needed
08/01/1999Need info for Dumont 274 o'scope
08/02/1999Brunswick-Panatrobe w/ Radiola
08/03/1999Philco 42-PT87
08/03/1999Philco Model #48-1262 Radio-Phono - Any info PLEASE!
08/04/1999B&K Dyna Jet Model 707 Tube Tester HELP!!
08/04/1999Schematic & Service Information Admiral Y6071 Stereo Phonograph
08/05/1999Restoration Panatrobe w / Radiola
08/05/1999Antenna for Philco
08/05/1999Pilotuner FM Tuner
08/06/1999Philco 38-38
08/06/1999RCA Stereo Model VHT-10W (1963) Schematic Needed
08/07/1999Rochelle SALT Blues
08/07/1999Power Transformer-measurement
08/07/1999RCA 121
08/07/1999I need a schematic for a Coronado 1170
08/08/1999Help needed in identifying a Farnsworth radio chassis
08/08/19991962 Cadillac/Delco Radio
08/09/1999Schematic for Jewel 910
08/09/1999Hickok 539C
08/09/1999Zenith number??
08/10/1999Pilco Schmatics for a Model 84 and a Model 38-35
08/11/1999Age Of Philco Radio
08/11/1999RCA 45 rpm idler rubber
08/12/1999Zenith TO schematic, manuals wanted
08/12/1999desperate for info on Zenith console
08/13/1999Philco 630 or 635 Schematic
08/14/1999Crystal Vs. Ceramic in phono Carts
08/14/1999Radio Restoration Project
08/15/1999B&K 2050 RF Signal Generator
08/16/1999A-K 10A schematic, wiring picture, and operating info needed
08/16/1999solid state replacements for type 01 tubes
08/18/1999Need schem. for Emerson 507 and Zenith 5d011
08/18/1999need schematic for philco 625
08/18/1999Philco 46-1213
08/19/1999Field Intensity Meter RCA 301 B
08/19/1999philco 625 speaker replacement
08/19/1999Need tube tester
08/20/1999Sonora Chassis TX58
08/20/1999I need info on Zenith Radio!!!
08/21/1999Philco Help Needed!
08/21/1999RCA Victor Model 19K
08/21/1999Colonial 625
08/21/1999conar 255 scope manual
08/23/1999A-K Model 21 - Tubes and voltages
08/23/1999Philco 42-340
08/24/1999Zenith H725 AC/DC, AM/FM
08/24/1999Battleship anchor or WHAT?
08/24/1999Battleship anchor or WHAT? sorry for the extra post!
08/24/1999Philco Model 46-1203
08/25/1999Radio Price Guide
08/25/1999General Motors Radio Corp. "Dayfan" Model 5005
08/26/1999predicta tv
08/26/1999help NORM!!!!!!!
08/27/1999Need Photo of Philco 42-380
08/27/1999Base for RCA Victor 5X3
08/27/1999Need dial glass - Crosley CA-12
08/29/1999PHILCO MODEL 41-285
08/29/1999Wilcox-Gay Recordio reel-to-reel recorder
08/30/1999Tektronix Type 190B
08/31/1999Need schematic for Zenith L520
08/31/1999Cossor Twin Beam Osilloscope
08/31/1999price for Majestic radio
08/31/1999tubes for Philco model 610 radio purchased 1936
09/02/1999Grundig T55-549 cuc5302
09/02/1999Philco 42-340 Reception
09/03/1999Crosley 555 dual ganged potentiometer...what value??????
09/03/1999Silvertone Short Wave Radio
09/03/1999Help:--Zenith Chassis 5808--Need Schematic
09/04/1999Philco Model 39-36 Tube Radio
09/04/1999philco 50-1726-121
09/06/1999This Coronado -- What Model, Please?
09/06/1999Tuning Eye tubes
09/06/1999Zenith Chassis 7G01 - Need Schematic
09/06/1999Coronado Mod 43-8245....need 2 burnt resistor values
09/06/1999Guidelines for selecting a power transformer
09/06/1999GE 202
09/06/1999Need value of Philco 42-380
09/07/1999Wilcox-Gay test pressings
09/07/19993rd IF Transformer
09/08/1999Western Auto (Truetone) D699
09/08/1999Dial Cord Help for Zenith 12H670
09/08/1999Dial Glass for Zenith 12H670
09/08/1999Need Schematic for a Jackson 715 Tube Tester
09/10/1999Air Master: General question on history.
09/10/1999where can I get a belt for my tuntable ?? TIA
09/11/1999Truetone Series 6S Auto Radio Receiver
09/12/1999Philco 42-1010 Light Reproducer circuit for phonograph
09/12/1999Crosley Radio
09/12/1999power supply
09/12/1999Wilcox-Gay Recordette
09/14/1999EICO 950B R-C Comparator Bridge
09/15/1999Sylvania Halolight
09/15/1999Info Sargent 20SXA rcvr
09/16/1999Help: Need Parts Layout for Philco Model (Chassis Number) 60.
09/18/1999Need schematic for a Loewe OE333
09/20/1999Information on Regency Scanner k 500
09/20/1999Grundig RTV320U
09/22/1999schematics for zenith model 12H670
09/23/1999Radiola III WD-11 Tube Replacement ???
09/23/1999Emerson cg-276 HELP!!
09/23/1999Where to get veneer?
09/23/1999Eico Model Model 147 Signal Tracer
09/24/1999Motorola Schematic and value
09/26/1999Codes required for Grundig VS960 VCR
09/27/1999Freed-Eisemann NR-5 Neutrodyne Receiver
09/27/1999Knobs for Halicrafters TW1000
09/27/1999Grundig schematics
09/28/1999Need band-change bezel for Hallicrafters SX-73 / R-274
09/30/1999need schematics for a Philco 46-427
09/30/1999Radiola AR-812 Schematic
09/30/1999wells gardner
10/01/1999Simpson 305 tube tester manual
10/01/1999Hallicrafters SX38-A Schematics
10/01/1999Need schematic for Philco 37-8
10/02/1999Push-buttons for 12S568
10/02/1999Urgent: help needed on DC to DC Flyback conveter
10/03/1999Airline 74BR-2708A info requested
10/03/1999Airline 62-105 schematic and Tech data needed
10/04/1999Need help with Stewart-Warner 9151-A FM Alignment
10/05/1999Help: schematic of AN/URM-127A generator
10/05/1999Knight (Allied Radio Corp?)
10/05/1999Tube tester manual
10/05/1999RCA Troubleshooting Help
10/06/1999Pilot lamp help
10/06/1999Schematics for Stromberg Carlson model 552
10/07/1999pioneer SX-850 Receiver
10/07/1999Philco Car Radion T726
10/07/1999Philco 41-295
10/08/1999Sparton 930
10/10/1999RCA Model 811K
10/10/1999Majestic 92
10/10/19996BA6 subs...
10/10/1999Kadette Model 76
10/10/1999Emerson Model 539
10/10/1999electrolytic filter sizing.
10/11/1999Hum Problem...
10/11/1999Airline model 62-425 schematic
10/12/1999value of philco 623b
10/12/1999Help: Philco AR-5 schematics
10/12/1999Help: Noise generator SG-8/U schematics
10/13/1999Schematic for Eico 955 capacitor tester
10/13/1999Curtis Mathes stereo amplifier
10/14/1999Emerson CS 320
10/15/1999Antenna Wiring
10/15/1999Capehart Treble Amp
10/16/1999philco SA3000 w/electro-static speaker- rare? prototype?
10/18/1999Jackson Bell Model 62
10/19/1999Crosley DC10CE
10/20/1999"Supreme"??? Radio I.D. and schematics
10/21/1999Need manual (or help) with S&K 700 tube tester
10/21/1999Loud JBell TRF Oscillations
10/21/1999RCA radiola 75ZU
10/21/1999sound fades out
10/23/1999Need info on Grundig 3097
10/24/1999Schematics for Motorola
10/25/1999zenith long distance
10/26/1999air chief radio
10/26/1999B.M.S. HET-TRI-FORMER
10/26/1999Olympic model 583
10/27/1999James Fred returns from hospital...
10/27/1999Rejuv-a-chek(Pop.Elec.June 57') & Stancor P-8130
10/27/1999RCA 816K Info needed
10/28/1999capacitor values
10/29/1999Radiola III...Gridleak location ?
10/29/1999need schematic: Philco 38-1
10/29/1999Plate Detector in Emerson 250AW
10/29/1999Oscilliscope help! Please!
10/29/1999Info Grebe MU-1 and Pilot Super Wasp
10/30/1999Need schematic for early AK breadboard with Variometers
10/30/1999Hickok 539B Mutual Transconductance Meter
10/30/1999HOWARD AND PHONOLA radios
10/31/1999Stromberg-Carlson SAU-22
10/31/1999capacitor value?
11/01/1999Pilot Radio - problems with the model and the phonograph
11/02/1999Antique Speaker Connectors - Where ???
11/02/1999RCA T-80
11/02/1999Crosley 1117 - Super 11
11/02/1999cloth power cords....which radios had 'em???
11/03/1999Radiola III Audio Transformer
11/03/1999Cement Glass Tubes to Base.
11/03/1999i need a schematic for a hallicrafter wr-600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/04/1999EICO 2050 Power Transformer
11/04/1999Stewart warner A92CR6
11/04/1999Hum on a Philco 37-61
11/04/1999Fada C 34
11/05/1999receiver CENTURY-21D
11/05/1999Need Knight Model 177 Schematic
11/05/19991941 Zenith radio/record player model 6R583
11/05/1999majestic by grigsby grunow model 91
11/06/1999RCA 811K Power Transformer
11/06/1999What is an 'Airline' radio?
11/06/1999Truetone D697
11/06/1999Help, please! Trying to find year.
11/06/1999Zenith Model 1103 Schematic
11/07/1999NRI 71 Tube Tester -- Manual/Chart updates?
11/07/1999Need Atwater Kent Mod. 55 Power Transformer.
11/07/1999Need Hallicrafter S-40 Power Transformer
11/07/1999Rockland Rambler -- need info
11/07/1999Electrrolytic Capacitors
11/07/1999Voltages for a Freshman Masterpiece
11/08/1999Norm's scanned oscilliscope pages
11/10/1999Crosley schmatic needed / question
11/10/1999Tuning eyes...
11/11/1999Radiola cabinets
11/11/1999Hickok 550X (Navy OZ-1)
11/11/1999Sheila Shine - Funny Name, Great Product
11/11/1999Zenith Schematics 12-S-266
11/12/1999RCA T11-8
11/12/1999Zenith Radio Model #
11/13/1999Rogers Majestic HELP!
11/13/1999zenith royal 755
11/13/1999Stromberg Carlson Radio Model 1101
11/14/1999Howard radio
11/14/1999Philco 37-116
11/15/1999455kc IF Transformer leads
11/17/1999Cleaning Lettering on Radiola III
11/17/1999Terminals on Radiola III
11/18/1999RCA JAN CRC-832-A TUBE
11/18/1999Rogers Majestic R229X
11/21/1999Specs/drivers Hitachi Accuvue HM-4521-D
11/21/1999Stromberg Carlson voltage
11/21/1999"Airline" by Montgomery Wards Mdl. 62-306
11/21/1999Need schematic for GE radio MD T-103A
11/22/1999Need Silvertone ID
11/22/1999Information on Atwater Kent Repair
11/22/1999RCA 811K Motor
11/23/1999Need help with Emerson TV
11/23/1999Radiola 18 Choke values
11/24/1999expedition radio
11/25/1999evolution in materials of masts in sailing
11/25/1999GE Oscillograph
11/26/1999Schematic for Zenith 5S228
11/26/1999Schematic for Zenith Mod. 4G903
11/27/1999Philco 40-125 Schematic
11/27/1999WTD Info Western Electric 102 and 101F Tubes
11/28/1999Need a schematic for Farnsworth model BT 1010
11/28/1999Pioneer/Belmont tech. problem
11/28/1999Need info on Zenith Model 6S157 Long distance
11/29/1999Cheney Talking Machine
11/29/1999Zenith Trans-Oceanic R7000-1 Tuner Drive Repair
11/30/1999Need Silvertone 4500A schem.
11/30/1999silvertone model 4769
11/30/1999Tube Testers
11/30/1999Searching this site
11/30/1999zenith battery radio
12/01/1999Wanted: Philco 46-131 schematic
12/01/1999Sony TC-530 Reel to Reel
12/02/1999Schematics for Zenith 6-D-538
12/02/1999Schematic for Silvertone Model 7224
12/03/1999Melody Cruiser - Markings on MicaMold Caps and lead marks on Elect. Cap.
12/04/1999Olympic Radio/Phono
12/04/1999Grebe MU-1 Tubes & Speaker Question
12/04/1999I need scematics for Alpine F300 amp
12/04/1999Wanted: Airline 14WG-538B schematics
12/05/1999RCA 96T7 Schematics
12/05/1999Need User manual for Philco "AM/FM Radio and Double Cassette", model 456K
12/05/1999Need schematic Silvertone ch. 101.825/model 7115
12/05/1999General Motors Radio Corp.???? When And How Long Ago.??
12/05/1999Reel to Reel
12/05/1999Tough dog Marconi
12/06/1999Telefunken GZ34/5AR4 Tube
12/06/1999Crosley Mod. 515
12/06/1999Hallicrafters S-120, No BFO
12/06/1999Molder Mica Caps
12/07/1999Philco 610
12/07/1999Antique Emerson Television Set
12/08/1999Heathkit SG-8 Signal Generator
12/08/1999Philco 40-180 Schematics
12/08/1999schematic /power diagram
12/09/1999What Year Was A (Belmont Model # 509)Made In, Thanks.
12/09/1999Tube tester compatibility
12/09/1999Painting Bakelite
12/10/1999Crosley 6H2 Chassis Schematics
12/10/1999GENOMETER TV 50
12/10/1999Fada 380T
12/10/1999Crosley 51 Questions
12/10/1999Power Transformer
12/11/1999HELP ..HELP
12/11/1999Old Fada AM FM
12/12/1999General Electric, G-105
12/12/1999Telicon AM/Short Wave - Anyone heard of it?
12/12/1999Grunow Schematics
12/13/1999RCA RE-?? Identification / Schematic
12/13/1999philco phonograph
12/14/1999Antique Power Resistor Wanted.
12/14/1999Grundig Majestic
12/14/1999Predicta - how to build one
12/14/1999ZENITH RADIO MOD. 537
12/14/1999Schematics--RCA Models 56X3 and 8-X71
12/14/1999GTE Sylvania R54-1
12/14/1999RCA Victor Strato World Radio,model# 1-MBT-6-info wanted
12/14/1999RCA Schematics
12/15/1999bass gitar amplifier
12/15/1999Re: B + K 606 Tube tester manual wanted
12/15/1999Firestone S-7404-5
12/16/1999output transformers...
12/16/1999Zenith robot dial question
12/16/1999Philo F974 schematic wanted!
12/17/1999XXD Tube and Philco 42-327 schematics.
12/18/1999Grundig Majestic 2035
12/19/1999RCA schematic info
12/20/1999Looking for suggestions on "how to" books.
12/21/1999Crosley 14-AG Info Needed
12/22/1999Philco Phono/Radio Info...
12/22/1999Philco 42-1003 Volume trouble
12/23/1999General Electric 15" Speaker for 1937 E-155 console
12/24/1999Philco record maker?
12/24/1999Trans-Oceanic Selenium rectifier replacement help (long)
12/25/1999Swan Amplifier
12/25/1999Philco phonogragh idler
12/26/1999Philco 38-7 Console
12/26/1999TRUETONE D1003
12/26/1999RCA Chassis Preservative & Dial Glass Velvet
12/26/1999American Bosch 585Z
12/27/1999Oscillator Coil
12/28/1999Zenith 6S??? 1938 Tombstone
12/29/1999Motorola C15J 32 AM Clock Radio
12/29/1999Magnavox Console CR-187A schematic
12/29/1999Zenith Trans Oceanic Royal 1000 D Schematic Needed
12/29/1999Inductor Coil Resistance
12/29/1999Superheterodyne Radio Receiver model 556 from Guild Radio
12/29/1999RCA Victor Model R-52
12/30/1999voice of the theater
12/30/1999Sears Silvertone 6271
12/30/1999ID of GE radio
12/31/1999help with an old regency k-100 scanner
01/01/2000Philco 53-566
01/01/2000vert lin. problem on Motorola vt-71
01/01/2000Westinghouse TV
01/02/2000Philco Model 41-260 Code 121
01/03/2000stancor # A 3852
01/03/2000Modern Emerson radio's
01/03/2000Majestic Melody Cruiser
01/04/2000RCA Floor Radio, Model K80
01/04/2000Legend Guitar Tube Amp - Bad Power Transformer
01/04/2000Sylvania 454 portable info.
01/04/2000Best replacement capacitors/resistors?
01/06/2000Schematic for Zenith Console 12-S-371
01/06/2000TrueTone Model D-724 made by D.R. Co., Detroit
01/07/2000FADA 790 - Extremely Bright Pilot Light
01/07/2000Truetone Model DC-2170
01/08/2000Looking for a 117.24 Ballast Tube???
01/08/2000Stewart-Warner B92CR1
01/08/2000Tube Tester/adapter
01/09/2000Tube amplifier Bias w/ Oscilliscope and tone generator
01/09/2000Wanted Zenith AM/FM Tube Radio
01/09/2000Dial cord diagram for Zenith 7H820VZ
01/09/2000Need Info on Weston Electrical Instrument Corp Vdc Meter
01/09/2000Record Player Flutter
01/10/2000Asbestos Removal from Stewart-Warner 9151-A
01/10/2000Atwater Kent Restoration
01/11/2000Need a Crosley Fiver Schematic...
01/11/2000Need Schematic for Firestone AirChief S-7404-7
01/12/2000Philco 41-295 Code 121
01/12/2000large hole adapter for 45's
01/12/2000Schematics wanted for Philco 118-121
01/13/2000need schematic for GE J-87 superheterodyne
01/14/2000wolcox-gay recordio reel-to-reel tape player
01/14/2000Another Atwater Kent Restoration....
01/15/2000Schematic for Zenith 5G003 needed.
01/15/2000A+ voltage for Atwater Kent 33???
01/15/2000Philco 42-380
01/16/2000Philco 42-1006
01/17/2000Legend Guitar Amp - Replacement Transformer ?
01/17/2000low voltage
01/17/2000Philco H-1816
01/17/2000mysterious radio-phonograph
01/18/2000need schematic for GE J-87
01/18/2000where do I get old parts
01/18/2000Do you know of a good cabinet refinisher?
01/18/2000Grundig Majestic Radio Value
01/19/2000radio 17 schematic
01/19/2000R C A radio 17 schematic
01/19/2000Grunow mod 1191
01/19/2000Westinghouse WR-218 schematic needed
01/19/2000Arvin 540T original appearance
01/20/2000Sony schematic needed
01/20/2000Surplus electronic shops in New York?
01/20/2000Airline Radio Maker Identification
01/21/2000Admiral and Zenith TV schems needed...
01/21/2000Schematic 4 early Silvertone ac radio
01/21/2000Zenith VCR cassette in problem
01/21/2000Properly grounding electrolytic can caps
01/21/2000Need schematic for Delco R6011
01/22/2000Desulfator circuit
01/22/2000Precision Instruments tube Tester
01/22/2000RCA 3-X-521 Schematics and Hum
01/23/2000Oscillator drift in Zenith FM radio
01/23/2000philco model 1718-124
01/25/2000Parts & Info
01/25/2000Mershon Condenser - Crosley 706 Showbox
01/25/2000old tv picture tube
01/25/2000Schematic for Zenith Model 4G903
01/25/2000schematic wanted for NordMende Caruso Special C
01/26/2000Firestone Airchief Radio
01/26/2000Same old vert stretch on VT-71
01/26/2000Tube chart and manual for Seco 107B tube tester
01/27/2000Grundig VS 340 - Error-Codes
01/27/2000Pilot Lamp
01/27/2000Mercury Tube Tester
01/28/2000Abbotwares Z477
01/29/2000Schematic for Zenith 9-S-244 Chairside
01/29/2000Schematic needed on Pilot TV-37 television
01/30/2000Philco 49-1278 TV/Radio/LP console
01/31/2000Jackson 49 tube tester
01/31/2000Metal Film Capacitor
01/31/2000RCA Radiola model 82
02/01/2000need schematic for two-tube Philmore set
02/01/2000TV 10C/U
02/02/2000GE S-42
02/03/2000What are these things!
02/03/2000Civil Defense Markings on 1950's Era Radios
02/04/2000Westinghouse WR-212, Mallory Discrepancy
02/04/2000Music Master antique radio, Model 100-A
02/05/2000Correct speed and filter for 78 records, e.g. RCA, His Masters Voice, etc.
02/05/2000need info. on RCA 87K2 console
02/05/2000Zenith - I need help identifying this unit
02/05/2000Philco Model No C41954
02/06/2000Need schematic for Silvertone model 3063
02/06/2000I need info about Philco Radio
02/06/2000Problem with downloaded Schematics
02/06/2000Philco radio model #41-280&38-1139
02/06/2000sears 4687 ACV problem
02/06/2000Philco Model 95 Radio
02/07/2000Need picture tube
02/07/2000B&K model #700 Tube tester,meter spec?
02/07/2000Clinton Radio
02/08/2000Crosley Radio
02/09/2000Solid State Vibrator Replacements
02/09/2000Old Wood Emerson with Contact paper glue on it.
02/09/2000Need RCA CSU15B2 manual
02/10/2000Fading Sound
02/10/2000Schematic RCA Victor 18T
02/11/2000Hammarlund HQ-120X resto questions
02/11/2000Please Help: Need dial cord diagram for Korting (Delmonico) Model 1047.
02/11/20001931 vICTOR MODEL R-16
02/11/2000Coranodo 816-B
02/11/2000Zenith SW but no AM
02/12/2000RCA Victor Model - A1 any info???
02/12/2000Zenith Royal D7000Y
02/12/2000Grundig Majestic 4085
02/13/2000Atwater Kent Battery Radio Questions
02/13/2000Atwater Kent Early AC Radio Questions
02/13/2000Atwater Kent Horn/Speaker Questions
02/13/2000Stewart-Warner battery operated
02/13/2000ERLA RADIO...MODEL S-11
02/13/20005 Watts resistors
02/13/2000Hickok 334 Multimeter Manuals
02/13/2000Address of the successor of the rca victor
02/16/2000Zenith 4B313 voltage
02/17/2000curtis mathes radio
02/17/2000PA amp SAU-10
02/17/2000Hammarlund Ham Transmitter
02/17/2000philco radio model 37-61
02/17/2000simpson Handiscope 466
02/18/2000simpson 260 sp vom
02/18/2000Predicta Holiday Wiring
02/18/2000Halson cr53
02/18/2000loudspeaker impedence
02/19/2000Zenith 12-S-266 with 3 speakers?
02/21/2000WIlcox Gay Recordette Sr
02/21/2000EICO Model 488 Electronic Switch
02/21/2000Midland Model #23-170
02/22/2000Looking for VIKING/ELECTROHOME ECG72 schematic
02/22/2000inductance coil winding.
02/22/2000Colonial Radio Info Needed
02/25/2000Philco model 50-1724-121
02/27/2000[Need Help] Schematics for EICO 1030 Power supply
02/28/2000Speakers for Philco model 91-221 wanted
02/29/2000formula for winding audio transformer
02/29/2000fading volume on a Philco
02/29/2000GE C-525B AM-FM Volume control
02/29/2000Signal Generator info needed
02/29/2000old osciloscope
02/29/2000Another Cap question
03/01/2000Voltage on the Chassis of an Arvin AM/FM
03/01/2000Philco 37-690 Variable IF
03/05/2000zenith no model number
03/05/2000Impedence Matching Transformer Replacement
03/07/2000rca victor television set
03/07/2000Pot value
03/08/2000Temple G-418
03/08/2000Tube Replacement
03/08/2000Eico HF-20 Tube Mono Amplifier
03/09/2000RCA T4-10 Resistance Cord
03/09/2000P 31 phospher
03/09/2000Note to Norm Leal
03/09/2000HIGH voltage photo flash batteries
03/11/2000Bell and Howell 631 Valve amplifier
03/12/2000Schematic for RCA Model 9-X-561
03/12/2000Bakelite repair?
03/12/2000Tube substition (12SQ7 &35L6)
03/12/2000Radiola III Input Capacitors
03/12/2000Rogers Majestic Model 190
03/12/2000B&K Model 700 tube tester
03/12/2000Swan 350A
03/13/2000schematics clues...
03/13/2000General Electric Model 404 schematic needed.
04/01/2000Tech Forums are back online!
04/02/2000Yet Another test post...
04/02/2000Arvin phonograph 77P18
04/02/2000Stromberg-Carlson Voltage Drop
04/03/2000Need info on Coronado 43-8178 radio
04/03/2000Howard #368
04/04/2000heathkit manual for IT-5235 yoke/flyback tester
04/04/2000FORD Radio ?
04/04/2000Simpson 260 VOM won't zero on R1 Scale
04/04/2000Radio Tuning Capacitor
04/04/2000Need more parts...for GE model 806 tv
04/04/2000USAF-596 Tube
04/04/2000Rogers Majestic #10RA961 Schematic
04/05/2000Schematics for Philips Radios
04/05/2000picture tube needed
04/05/2000Rectifier and Continuity Problem
04/05/2000westinghouse schema model 823
04/05/2000HELP... I'm new at this!
04/05/2000Zenith 6c40 radio
04/05/2000Power Transformer (TV) color code
04/06/2000WILCOX-GAY recordio discs
04/06/2000Info desired for Thorola Model 4
04/07/2000WTB: Capehart Phono Motor
04/07/2000Need Manual Tube Tester "Superior TC-55"
04/07/2000Philco Model 5 Transitone Car Radio
04/08/2000Atwater Kent Battery Radios - Transformer Replacements
04/08/2000Atwater Kent Paint
04/08/2000Atwater Kent Pot Metal
04/15/2000Crosley 5M3- Need help troubleshooting
04/15/2000Atwater Kent Model 70 Service Manual & Schematics
04/16/2000A little help to a Philco
04/16/2000Crosley 66TW squeal on stations
04/17/2000philco tv set
04/17/2000Stewart Warner R-1261-A Magic Dial
04/17/2000Radiola 17 speaker impedance
04/18/2000Heathkit Model AR-3
04/18/2000Fada KW Console Radio
04/19/2000Pearson TRF
04/19/2000Philco 40-190
04/20/2000FOUND! Stewart Warner R-1261 print!
04/20/2000Zenith T.O. 3000-1
04/20/20001937 crosley a-157
04/21/2000Mystery Hallicrafters Receiver (5 tube)
04/21/2000RCA 7K1
04/22/2000"GLF" Mystery Radio
04/22/2000REKORD JUNIOR 196?
04/22/2000rca model v210
04/23/2000RCA radio/phonograph
04/23/2000Philco Model 87 Radio
04/24/2000Reference Books?
04/24/2000RCA 813K Knob lettering
04/24/2000Battery connector
04/25/2000Hickok shorts lamp
04/26/2000Replace a 01A with a transistor circuit
04/26/2000Stewart Warner speaker
04/28/2000Binding tuning condenser
04/28/2000Magnavox Dial Lamp
04/29/2000Majestic 70 tuning condenser needed!
04/30/2000Freshman Masterpiece Schematic
05/01/2000Zenith T-O
05/02/2000Scott Schematic
05/02/2000Shorts test lamp for Heathkit TC-2 Tube Tester
05/03/2000need a schematic for a Marconi model 102
05/03/2000Atwater-Kent Tun-O-Matic
05/05/2000Wireless trasmitter
05/06/2000Philco Radio Model 46-1213
05/07/2000Silvertone R-1261
05/08/2000need schematic for Colonial model 158 globe radio
05/08/2000Walter Haring Midwest help
05/09/2000Motorola schematic?
05/10/2000Gilfillan radio
05/10/2000Silvertone R 1261 Schematics
05/10/2000need help on tube i.d.
05/10/2000Triplett info?
05/10/2000which tube tester for a 6146B
05/11/2000Zenith part numbers
05/11/2000Scott - Repair hole in speaker
05/11/2000test equipment
05/12/2000Rogers Majestic Table Radio
05/12/2000Calibrating Genius HR5 Scanner (Flatbed)
05/12/2000Calibrating Genius HR5 Scanner (Flatbed)
05/12/2000Telefunken ID Help!!
05/14/2000Hickock Tube Testers Cross Mil to Civilian
05/14/2000Help for a RCA RF3
05/14/2000Philco Transitone Schematic
05/14/2000Important information about Sams photofacts online
05/14/2000Triplett model 3423
05/15/20008" speaker replacement
05/15/2000GRUNOW 11G - help please!
05/15/2000Looking For Battery For 1962 RCA TV Remote Transmitter
05/15/2000Zenith 8S661 Schematic & Parts
05/16/2000Grundig Majestic 2035
05/16/2000Speaker cone material
05/16/2000speaker cone repair + grille cloth replacement
05/17/2000Superior TV-11 Tube tester Data
05/18/2000Airline 04wg-731b
05/18/2000Hickok 220 data sought
05/19/2000Record Changer Drive Idler Needed
05/22/2000Airline model 04WG-803A
05/22/2000"B" voltage power supply: I need a diagram to build one.
05/22/2000Telefunken E1800 Receiver
05/22/2000Rogers schematics
05/22/2000totally lost
05/22/2000mmf or mf...difference
05/22/2000I have an old television...
05/23/2000CV428 tube- any info? & a couple of interesting sites....
05/24/2000Philco Predicta...no vertical sweep
05/25/2000Power Transformer dc current measurement
05/25/2000RADIOLA 25 Schematic needed.
05/26/2000McIntosh Amp Value??
05/26/2000Help! Need Schematic for Philco 48-482
05/27/2000Help! Calibrating Hickok 533A
05/27/2000Delco Floor Console Schematic
05/28/2000Majestic Radio & Phonograph/Grigsby Grudow Model 181
05/28/2000Teac 2300S Service Manual
05/29/2000Zenith H725 Scematics and power cord capacitor
05/29/2000SECO Model 107A Tube Tester: Manuals, and Charts Needed.
05/30/2000Jackson tube tester
05/30/2000Majestic/Grigsby Grunow Model 181
05/30/2000Philco HELP ! !
06/02/2000Black shadow on TV pic. tube
06/02/2000Schematic for RCA 61-8 "Radiola"
06/03/2000Zenith Cobramatic
06/03/2000Grunow mod. 1291,Chassis 12b
06/03/2000Zenith H725 caps
06/04/2000Admiral TV Schematic or Info??
06/04/2000Stromberg-Carlson 863 5 tubes console weak reception
06/04/2000Majestic Model 59
06/05/2000Wards Airline model???
06/05/2000airchief Radio
06/05/2000EicoHF-81 parts
06/06/2000Wilcox-Gay Corp
06/06/2000Anyone know how to get Stromberg-Carlson Radio info??
06/07/2000fm version of all american 5 ?
06/07/2000Jackson 648A Tube Tester
06/07/200068 AM/FM Delco truck radio
06/07/2000Magnavox Celestial 4-Band Portable German Radio
06/11/2000Hewlett Packard 130B + Eico 315 wave generator schems?
06/11/2000service codes x GRUNDIG P37 730 txt
06/11/2000General Electric radio G117
06/12/2000Unknown Howard
06/12/2000Panasonic Help!
06/12/2000Those little clock radio knobs (on either side of the clock face)
06/12/2000Philco Model # 75
06/13/2000Teac Tascam 424 Schematic
06/13/2000Zenith Royal 7000 Trans Oceanic
06/13/2000schematic for NordMende Caruso Special C (floor console)
06/13/2000USM-118A info please
06/14/2000Eioc 625 Tube Tester: 7xx Tubes
06/14/2000Korting Radio
06/14/2000Crosley Show Box Model
06/14/2000Help! Need Grundig Satellit 205 (transitor 5000) Schematic
06/15/2000Marantz Model Twenty-two Schematic needed
06/15/2000Grundig Radio model 3028
06/15/2000Zenith 3000-1 Schematic
06/15/2000Will pay for Eico 315 and HP130B schematics!
06/16/2000Dokorder 7700 Service Documentation Needed
06/16/2000philco model 37-38 HELP!
06/16/2000silvertone 4588b information
06/17/2000Sentinel dial
06/17/2000Operator's manual for NRI Model 70 tube tester
06/17/2000Neutrodyne 1924 Vintage Schematic ?
06/18/2000Philco Predicta TV
06/18/2000Heathkit oscilloscope model 10-17
06/19/2000Western Electric Model 20 Aircraft Receiver
06/20/2000Gormac Electric: who are these people
06/20/20001931 victor model R-16 volume problem
06/20/2000Korting Radio
06/20/2000RCA VCR Model VR673HF
06/20/2000Oil Leak in 50`s HP Scope?? Anyone??
06/21/2000Knight KG600C Tube Tester
06/22/2000Anyone have info on a Tauscher Sound Board by Scott labs
06/23/20001963 fisher Stereo system with wall mount
06/23/2000Need Canadian RCA HF-381 schematic
06/23/2000O.k.: are there any e.h. scott information websites?tks.
06/24/2000Need a Source for Replacement Drive Belts
06/25/2000Neutralizing adjustment on Freed Radio NR-78AC
06/25/2000GE C-525B FM Tuning
06/26/2000picture tube
06/27/2000Schematic for Sparton 10-76-PA
06/27/2000Tektronix scope
06/28/2000What is Larson's locator and where can I find it??
06/28/2000Kadette #649 schematic
06/28/2000Re-glueing raised, cracked veneer
06/28/2000A&B battery power
06/29/2000Antique German Radio
06/29/20006B7 Test with Hickok
06/29/2000Need Schematic for Philco Model 16
06/30/2000Need a schematic for Daewoo CMC 1509B monitor.
07/01/2000radio backing
07/01/2000Zenith 5-S-127 - No volume
07/02/2000Silvertone model "WLS" speaker
07/02/2000Old Crosley Super V
07/03/2000Philco Console Hi-Fi Stereo/Record Player Model L1653-121
07/04/2000Columbia 360K Record Player/Changer
07/04/2000Transformer voltages on Eico 324
07/04/2000follow-up to help-help-help
07/05/2000CV and CK type tubes???
07/05/2000Zenith Model H880, Chassis No. 8H20Z
07/05/2000Anyone have an AC Wave Generator Shematic they could email or send me?
07/05/2000Still need HELP to I.D. Model
07/05/2000Seeking Vacuum Tube AC Sine Square Wave Generator Schem..
07/05/2000Truetone Model D1123
07/05/2000Help with Zenith 5808 radio
07/06/2000zenith console radio
07/08/2000Need part for 1978 Electrohome
07/08/2000Heathkit TC-2 tube tester manual
07/09/2000Stromberg-Carlson Model FR-506 S
07/11/2000selenium rect
07/11/2000Grunow Antique Radio
07/11/2000Capacitor Voltage?
07/12/2000Schematic and parts radio Zenith
07/13/2000Blaupunkt Granada owners manual
07/13/2000need to buy these tubes
07/13/2000Silvertone model 4790
07/13/2000I need some images of a "Tecla Thirty" "Cameraphone" crystal set.
07/14/2000Need help identifying beautiful antique RCA Radiola Console Radio!
07/15/2000Record Player
07/16/2000Stromberg Carlson 420
07/16/2000Is there a Scott 600B?
07/17/2000RCA Victor U-107 phonograph capacitor?
07/17/2000atx powersupply
07/17/2000RCA Victor record changers -- info. on models
07/18/2000Manual & schematic for GE H634
07/18/2000Zenith Radio Model 8S
07/18/2000Need Zenith model#
07/18/2000Philco model#680 1936?
07/19/2000NOS TV tubes
07/19/2000AUL Instruments manuals
07/19/2000EH Scott SLR-F receiving equipment ?????
07/20/2000Tubes with molybdenum/gold filament.
07/20/2000Majestic Model 92
07/21/2000Zenith Radio Model 8A02
07/22/2000Philips C443
07/23/2000very old TV
07/23/2000Zenith radio 8A02
07/24/2000Schematic Freed Eisemann NR5
07/24/2000schematics Rogers Majestic R-841
07/24/2000Truetone Phono/AMFM
07/25/2000Astatic 15 L 3 D M phono cartridge/needle
07/25/2000Knight Radio-How Old
07/26/2000Philco 38-116
07/26/2000Ballast Tube Needed
07/27/2000Mystery Honeycomb National Radio
07/27/2000Schematic / Info need for Fonovox Lowe Opta -
07/27/2000is there a program availible?
07/28/2000difficult problem
07/29/2000Hickok 539B Tube Tester
07/29/2000Zenith Model L505 Chassis 5L41
07/30/2000Western Royal console (Series 6A50)
07/30/2000Magnavox schematic
07/31/2000Philco 41-280
07/31/2000DFE CO Radio (Day Fan?)
08/01/2000McMurdo Silver M905
08/01/2000Philco Radio-Phonograph 47-1227
08/01/2000Power Transformer Atwater-Kent Model 70 HELP!
08/01/2000Firestone Air Chief Model 4-A-10
08/02/2000Tube Tester Advice Needed
08/02/2000Play Things of Past
08/02/2000Help Needed - Precision Apparatus Co Series 920 model
08/02/2000Schematic and Owners manual for Scott Allwave 12 Deluxe
08/03/2000Need Schematic for Zenith T.O. H500
08/03/2000need schematic for tv zenith
08/03/2000Speaker replacement for Firestone Air Chief Model 4-A-10
08/04/2000HELP !! Hallicrafters Knobs Needed
08/04/2000Cleaning Variable Condensers
08/06/2000antique radios
08/06/2000RCA Victor Television set
08/06/20001938 Stromberg-Carlson "Skyscraper"
08/07/2000Canadian Marconi model 219
08/08/2000selenium rectifiers (suitable replacements?)
08/09/2000Eico tubes tester 667 need help for special socket
08/09/2000Meteor Radio
08/09/2000Nuvistor tube pin numbering
08/09/2000Tubes with 5S type base
08/09/20004 pin to 8 pin
08/12/2000RCA universial remote (model # RCU800)
08/12/2000Atwater Kent Console Radio
08/12/2000807 vs RK-39
08/13/2000Stromberg Carlson information
08/13/2000WLS Tube
08/13/2000Westinghouse WR-8 schematic needed
08/14/2000Power supplies, B+, A+
08/14/2000Crosley TV Information Requested
08/15/2000Philco 42-1008
08/15/2000Tube substitution in a GE Superheterodyne
08/16/2000Davison-Haynes information
08/17/2000RCA Model 6K Schematic
08/18/2000Philco Capacitor Ratings
08/18/2000Thompson S-60 neutrodyne
08/18/2000Philco Model 16
08/18/2000Freshman Q-16 pin speaker
08/18/2000GE model E-115 schematics
08/18/2000Zenith Dial Belt
08/19/2000radio crosley information ?
08/19/2000Zenith 1948 record player/broadcast table unit
08/19/2000Philco 38-3
08/19/2000Eico 460 Oscilliscope and Heathkit IM-28 VM Manuals
08/20/2000Arvin voltage problem?
08/20/2000RCA Victor K80
08/20/2000Sessions Electric Clock for Philco PT-69
08/20/2000Wilcox-Gay Recordio model #7E40 need schematic
08/20/2000Has anyone ever seen a Blaupunkt home radio
08/21/2000Resistor Value
08/22/2000need help finding Magnavox tv schematic
08/22/2000Please, Norm, John, Devin, Holly or anyone else...
08/22/2000Tubular capacitors on a Philips B4X23A
08/22/2000Knight R-55 Receiver
08/23/2000Help Identify Brunswick AM/SW/Police radio
08/24/2000Information on Espey Radio
08/24/2000Silvertone 30's battery set
08/25/2000help atwatwer kent 80
08/25/2000GE L-630
08/26/20001931 TRF Victor model R-15/R-16 Tuning Condenser
08/26/2000grigsby grunow
08/26/2000Atwater Kent Volume Knob--Help!!!
08/26/2000De Forest Crosley Clock Radio
08/26/2000Mystery Stewart-Warner
08/27/2000Getting Rid of Musty Smell In Consoles?
08/27/2000EMERSON TC4352
08/27/2000NEED HELP w/ Zenith Chairside 5s338
08/27/2000Channel Master 2-Channel Walkie Talkie
08/27/2000UX171A and UX226 Radiotron tubes
08/27/2000Popular Science Magazine
08/27/2000Weak sound
08/27/2000Truetone Model D-930
08/28/2000A Mystery Plymouth Cathedral, 1930 or so . . .
08/28/2000Radiola 30-A
08/28/2000Philco 46-350
08/28/20001998 Sony Television/VCR combo
08/29/2000need help/suggestion on Majestic & Radio pwr supply
08/29/2000catalin restoration
08/29/2000Need schematics for Zenith H725, Chassis 7G01Z
08/29/2000Zenith magnetwave (about 1935)
08/30/2000Gloriotone 99-B
08/31/2000Gloritone 99-B
08/31/2000Ge Radio A-82 squematic needed
08/31/2000Need Schematic for Admiral 5X13N
09/01/2000Gloritone 99-B
09/02/2000Ward Airline 93WG-1001c
09/03/2000need schematic
09/03/2000Majestic 44 voltages
09/03/2000Westinghouse WR-388
09/03/2000need information on NL-649/5834 vacuum tube
09/03/2000Philco 46-1209
09/04/2000Phila Radio
09/04/2000Need Atwater Kent Mod 55 transformer--early style
09/05/2000Hallicrafters WR4000 schematic
09/05/2000Philco 42-390
09/05/2000Silverstone radio
09/05/2000Unid. Colin Kennedy radio
09/06/2000zenith 1994
09/06/2000panasonic sa-700a schematic
09/06/2000Need Schematics for Zenith Y506L, Chassis 5Y40
09/06/2000Need schematic for Stomberg Carlson 340/341
09/07/2000Emerson Model 702
09/08/2000Schematics needed for Zenith 10-S-155 Ser# 621306
09/08/2000Silvertone Tombstone battery set
09/10/2000need info on Grunow 1291
09/12/2000need advice on my vintage amp
09/12/2000Philco model 112
09/12/2000Need help with Atwater Kent 20C basket case
09/13/2000Connecting 4 ohm speaker to 8 ohm speaker output
09/13/2000Emerson Model TS-4 Artwork or Player
09/13/2000Driving a speaker, Norm?
09/14/2000Atwater Kent 20 coming togther but still need help
09/14/2000portable Dokorder PT-8D
09/14/2000Signal Generator; Speaker, Drive away Dogs.
09/15/2000hallicrafters model S40B
09/15/2000Need Simple Transistorised AM Transmiter Schematic
09/15/2000Signal Generator as a AM Transmitter?
09/16/2000Signal Generator Where?
09/16/2000Silvertone Model #450
09/17/2000Zenith H725
09/17/2000Zenith Transoceanic 3000-1 speaker
09/17/20001947 Admiral 10" set
09/18/2000Magnavox Micromatics Stereo Needs a drive wheel
09/18/2000Capehart Info
09/18/2000Need schematic and tube location for GE C-751 radio
09/19/2000Zenith 9S-367
09/20/2000HRO - M
09/20/2000Source for Can Type Electrolytics
09/21/2000Bremer Tully "Nameless" audio transformers
09/22/2000Need schematic Philco 50-527-5 (code 121)
09/22/2000Zenith 8A02
09/22/2000Reforming Dielectric on Old Electrolytics
09/23/2000Eico tube tester model 666
09/24/2000Atwater Kent 20 paint/finish/tubes
09/24/2000Knight R-100 Receiver
09/24/2000Infomations needed for vacuum tube Model c-1
09/24/2000Staining maple dresser
09/24/2000Rogers R-30 vacuum tube
09/25/2000Firestone S-7404-7 Schematic
09/25/2000Peerless Reproducer Speaker
09/27/2000Need schematic Zenith F615C Chassis 6F05
09/27/2000Help with Electone radio
09/28/2000Replacing a band selector switch
09/28/2000Schematics for dbx 224
09/28/2000Troubador radios
09/29/2000Atwater Kent 55C capacitors/pilot
09/29/2000Stromberg-Carlson 982
09/29/2000Simpson Model 313-3 VOM
09/30/2000Schematic needed
09/30/2000PHILCO MODEL 46 ? RADIO
10/01/2000MEGAIMAGE color monitor
10/02/2000Signal Generator by Cushman Electronics #CE-26A
10/02/2000help on remolding face plate plastic
10/04/2000Large mica compression capacitor
10/04/2000Admiral 10" portable
10/04/2000What is this thing? Radio device??
10/05/2000GE Model AM684XWD TV/Hi Fi Stereo Console
10/05/2000Schematic for Magnavox
10/05/2000Atwater Kent Model 70- speaker neede
10/06/2000Tektronix 465 sweep problems
10/06/2000Source for '50's era rubber idler wheels
10/06/2000Grundig Majestic 2120
10/07/2000Rogers Majestic R147
10/08/2000Viking 42-33
10/08/2000Philco 37-630 Schematic
10/08/2000Emerson Info Needed
10/08/2000EICO 460
10/09/2000Schematic for Canadian Radio
10/09/2000Coronado Model 1682
10/09/2000octal tubes, pin one, ground??
10/09/2000Electra/ Bearcat reciever(scanner)
10/09/2000Aetna 19A66W Schematic
10/09/2000Atwater Kent set no.AK55
10/10/2000Schematic for Marconi Model 114
10/12/2000Beam power amp, 35L6
10/12/2000Stromberg carlson amp
10/12/2000Audio Transformer Replacement
10/12/2000Crosley 52
10/14/2000Curtis Mathes CX 3050 M Stylus?
10/14/2000Jewel Model 956 help needed
10/14/2000Marantz SD-8000
10/14/2000Knight model E E10770
10/14/2000Capehart 413N
10/14/2000Simpson 260-5 Calibration
10/14/2000Schaub-Lorenz Primaballerina Model 40
10/14/2000Rogers-Majestic Model # R427
10/14/2000Columbia Graphophone parts
10/15/2000rca 27664 codes for vertical alignment
10/15/2000Radiola Speaker Model # 100
10/15/2000Stromberg-Carleson radio/phonograph
10/15/2000PHILCO M-22
10/15/2000Need parts Philco 42-380
10/16/2000Pioneer SX1280
10/16/2000Grundig schematics
10/17/2000Information Wanted on St. James "redtop" tubes and DeForest Audions
10/17/2000Philco 38-3
10/18/2000b&o amplifier hum
10/18/2000UX6 tube bases
10/18/2000Silver Mica Caps
10/18/2000Wilcox Gay Recordio
10/18/2000Radiola Model 100 Filter Block
10/18/2000Admiral 14YUB 10" portable
10/19/2000Radiola 100A Speaker Housing
10/20/2000no sound
10/20/2000Schematics for RCA Radio model 9T
10/20/2000Admiral 14Yu3B Portable
10/21/2000Emerson 621A television question & offer of technical help
10/21/2000Use 6KD6 for Yaesu FT-101ex finals?
10/21/2000Pilotuner pilot Superheterodyne AF-821A tuner????
10/21/2000Philco Volume Control and Switch
10/22/2000Information on a "Little Six Battery" Wanted:
10/22/2000Source for Atwater Kent grid connectors
10/22/2000Cleaning Chassis
10/22/2000Alignment for a Crosley 52TF Chasis 76
10/23/2000RCA Victor R-34
10/23/2000Harmanson Radios
10/24/2000RCA Victor B&W TV Model 2-T-51
10/24/2000EICo 950A
10/24/2000Admiral 10" 14YUB
10/25/2000Dual turntable service
10/25/2000Webcor Model EP1791-1
10/25/2000Zenith schem.
10/25/2000R&R 15GP22 Kinescope in a RCA CT-100
10/26/2000obselete semiconductors
10/27/2000Atwater Kent 55 Audio Input Transformer
10/27/2000Manual for UHER SG 561 Royal
10/27/2000Hickok tube tester
10/28/2000Zenith "Flash A Call" Inter Communication System
10/28/2000VIKING HELP ?
10/28/2000Hallicrafters SX-28 Restoration
10/29/2000Radiola Model 18 Speaker
10/29/2000Super regen receivers
10/29/2000Eico 536
10/29/2000Guild Model 55 wall radio schematic
10/29/2000Grundig 2004W Tabletop radio
10/30/2000Freed-Eisemann and Air King
10/31/2000Sears Silvertone model 8072 schematics
10/31/2000American Beauty Resistance Soldering Iron
11/01/2000A Newbie needs an answer
11/01/2000audio transformer replacement coil
11/02/2000crosley 86cr phono needle
11/02/2000RCA "Croydon" Radio
11/02/2000philips reel to reel
11/03/2000help me make my first vintage radio purchase
11/04/2000Hallicrafters S76 VR 150 tubes substitute
11/05/2000radio is making squeeling noise
11/05/2000175KC I.F. CAN OPEN
11/05/2000Small AM transmitter for in-home broadcasts.
11/05/2000Unknown Westinghouse Parts
11/05/2000Power for DC only AK41
11/06/2000Mystery Part
11/06/2000General Electric - Superadio 2
11/06/2000Pwr Supply schematic for Radiola 25 w/Florenza
11/08/2000Alignment procedure for Atwater Kent TRF model 55
11/08/2000What's the correct Grillecloth for a Philco late model 70
11/08/2000What's the Hickock settings for 01A/201A Tubes?
11/08/2000BANDS ?
11/08/2000Atwater Kent model 42 filter caps?
11/09/2000Zenith phono-graph
11/10/2000What do I have? Please Help!! Semiconductors?
11/11/2000FIRESTONE 4-B-43
11/11/2000I Need a Federal No.226 Audio Transformer
11/12/2000PARTS ??
11/12/2000Schematic for B&K 747 Tube Tester Needed
11/12/2000philco mod. 46-1226
11/12/2000Philips Model 770 & RCA Victor Spinette
11/12/2000RCA WO-88A Oscope schematic needed
11/13/2000RCA cartridge for model 45-ey-2
11/13/2000Predicta troubleshooting
11/14/2000Interstage transformers
11/15/2000schematic for a model A-20
11/15/2000RCA Master VoltOhmyst Type WV-510A
11/15/2000Looking for info on 3 Radio's
11/15/2000schematic for ARIA model 565
11/16/2000Eico 460 Oscilliscope trace turns fuzzy when warmed up??
11/16/2000Cathode bias
11/16/2000Turntable Platter fuzz
11/16/2000Need advice on replacing grill cloth
11/16/2000one tube radios
11/16/2000One Tube Radios
11/16/2000Westinghouse 90 & Westinghouse 683
11/16/2000Airline model #L257-A & RCA Victor chassis A4
11/17/2000Crackling in miniature paper tuning condensers from a transistor radio.
11/17/2000RCA Victrola Radio Phonograph Model A-78
11/17/2000Philco's #42-1006 #39-340/341 and a Chassis#23
11/17/2000GE- G66 & RCA Victor VRA-55 & Philips 685 MAH
11/18/2000precsion model 120 multimeter
11/18/2000Precision Series 920 Electronic Tube and Set Tester
11/19/2000Early Atwater Kent 55 case needed.
11/19/2000Stromberg-Carlson 1500-H
11/19/2000Radiola 20
11/19/20006BQ6 Tubes
11/21/2000Mechanical breakdown of Kodak movie projector
11/21/2000NeutraDyne Audio Transformer
11/21/2000VIKING MOD.# E2-4526
11/21/2000Day Fan OEM 12 Schematic
11/22/2000GEC Osram Music Magnet
11/22/2000Zenith 4B 131 Battery Radio
11/23/2000transformer replacement for u.s. model 5-A
11/24/2000Need Information on Test Testers
11/24/2000Tube Tester Clip
11/25/2000CARTRIDGE ?
11/26/2000RCA TV Questions
11/26/2000Need tips on refinishing Crosley 5M3
11/26/2000Grampas old Zenith radio
11/26/2000Year on Stromberg-Carlson radio -- can someone please help?
11/26/2000RCA parts
11/27/2000UX201A in place of UX199 ??
11/27/2000Re: Weston Galvanometer model 375-4
11/27/2000NRI Scope
11/27/2000Amplifier stage
11/28/2000Labels For Hallicrafters S-40A
11/29/2000Truetone D-2047 B&W TV
11/30/2000RCA Victor AM-FM
12/01/2000Hallicrafters SX-42
12/01/2000airline tombstone unknown model
12/02/2000Schematic for Philco 38-7 or 38-8
12/02/2000Setchell-Carlson 613B Schematic
12/02/2000ID a Truetone 11 tube console & need knobs
12/03/2000Stromberg Carlson Model 1235 Series 10
12/04/2000E-200C signal generator voltages?
12/05/2000Radio schematic
12/05/2000Admiral A126 Schematic
12/06/2000Hickok I-177B / MX-949 tube tester
12/06/2000newbie Question
12/07/2000Eavesdropper T
12/08/2000Heathkit SB-102
12/08/2000Grundig Majestic
12/08/2000GE 201 part needed
12/09/2000BFO and CW
12/09/2000Atwater-Kent 649 Dial
12/09/2000inquiry about antique radio
12/10/2000b600 tuning reel chord is broken
12/10/2000Type 26 tube substituitions
12/10/2000Please help-any info appreciated! :)
12/11/200025 to 60 hz power conversion
12/11/2000Technics SA-R177 RECIVER
12/12/2000Silverstone Radio Model #1965
12/12/2000Professional Video tape
12/12/2000What are the GOOD tube testers that test trans-conductance?
12/12/2000Page Database??
12/13/2000Motorola mis match
12/13/2000Sparon schematic
12/13/2000Does anyone collect tube testers
12/15/2000Philco 49-1405
12/15/2000Wards Airline chassis #326W
12/16/2000Philco Mystery Control
12/16/2000Looking for info regarding RCA Victor Model K50
12/16/2000Philco schematic
12/16/2000Schematics for a Turetone D-697
12/17/2000Mercury 1101C Calibration
12/17/2000zenith transoceanics
12/17/2000Crosley F5RD
12/17/2000Dumont Television
12/17/2000Eico Signal Generator Light Bulb? Trouble?
12/17/2000Pla-Mor Radio
12/18/2000pfanstiehl model70a
12/19/20008 Tube Gilfillan Model No?
12/19/2000fada 1000 schematic
12/19/2000Schematic/service literature for Philips B0X-17U
12/19/2000Philco Model 87
12/20/2000Harness wiring diagram for ARC/RT522A/RT532A/542A
12/20/2000Transistor radio repair
12/20/2000Zenith Radio
12/21/2000Can. Westinghouse Radiola III-A
12/22/2000Wollensak model T-1500 schematic needed
12/22/2000Federal Model 1040TB - Volume
12/23/2000Grundig Model 2220U
12/25/2000Dial Drive Cable
12/26/2000Philco Radio Model 50-926
12/26/2000RCA Victrola Model 9Y5 Radio schem/recordplayer assembly..
12/27/2000Philco 71: Compensating Condensers
12/28/2000chevrolet 985400 need advice and schematic
12/29/2000fasco intercom
12/29/2000westinghouse WR28
12/30/2000Philco PT-2 oscillates from 700 KC down
12/30/2000Problems with Clarion "Jr."-Only 1 station
12/30/2000Where can I order "decent" good quality full size Log Potentiometers
12/31/2000vacuum tipped tube
12/31/2000schematic or tube layout Air King
12/31/2000SUPERIOR TV50
01/01/2001Zenith 9S367 Volume Control
01/01/2001GE Radio/tuner transformer information needed
01/02/2001Brunswick Radiola
01/02/2001Newbie Question: line reel cord for T/O A600
01/03/2001Philco 38-7 Cone-Centric Tuning
01/03/2001Oscilloscope info please
01/03/2001Regen, poor sound, poor sensitivity
01/03/2001Sonora Model A-32
01/05/2001RCA Victor Stereo model #VGT22L
01/05/2001Info on Pilot Model U-535
01/05/2001schematic for Zenith chassis 8C02
01/05/2001Tube Question
01/07/2001Need simple schematic for Aerovane!
01/07/2001Philco 42-355 F.M.
01/08/2001Motorola clock radio
01/08/2001Mystery Crosley
01/09/2001Ni-chrome resistive wire for Victor radio
01/09/2001Clarion AC-60 Junior
01/10/20011987 Magnavox VideWriter
01/12/2001Westinghouse Radio WR-8 Information
01/13/2001Zenith 5G500/5A01 1941 Radio
01/13/2001tube testers
01/13/2001Atwater Kent Model 20 Knob Markers
01/14/2001Philco battery 4 pin connector
01/14/2001Radio Identification
01/14/2001I have a question about old radio dials
01/16/2001Philco 37-10 Info
01/16/2001Looking for 6800mF 80V can caps
01/16/2001NOS T U B E S Mullard EL34, TFK EL156, Mu GZ34 ...
01/17/2001Knob Markings
01/18/2001Flexible wire resistors, replacement ?
01/18/2001Zenith Radio
01/19/2001Philco 87
01/19/2001I need information on a Hickok 6000 tester
01/19/2001Info needed on Stomberg-Carlson RP-781 WO
01/20/2001Hickok Model KS-15560-L1 Tube Tester
01/21/2001B&K 606 tube tester reads low
01/21/2001Crosley 50-P
01/21/2001Tube Tester needed !!
01/21/2001Philco 660 capacitor identification
01/21/2001M.R.C.-3 radio
01/21/2001Hickok 600A Tube Tester - HELP!
01/21/2001Old radio School!!
01/21/2001Speaker Grill Cloth Replacement
01/22/2001Help on Alignment of RCA Gothic R-7
01/22/2001Atwater Kent 35 connections
01/22/2001G. E. Console year of manufacture
01/23/2001Need Tuning Knob for RCA 3-US-5
01/23/2001Radiola 60 Speaker connections
01/23/2001Parts Wanted
01/23/2001Philco 38-7
01/24/2001Electric discharge for open windings
01/26/2001Akai reel to reel /8 track
01/26/2001Zenith TO HELP
01/27/2001V-M Tri-o-matic Record Changer,V-M 1200A inside Packard Bell Hi-Fi
01/27/2001Vexing Philco 41-290 problem
01/28/2001Problems with Philco 42-322
01/29/2001TV-7 Tube Tester
01/29/2001United Motors Rehab Questions (tubes, caps, etc.)
01/29/2001tube tester
01/30/2001Tube Tester Settings
01/30/2001RCA WV500B solid state Voltohmyst
01/31/2001Tube tester questions
02/01/2001in search of vacuum tube testers
02/01/2001Need to test tubes
02/01/2001Part Needed for a Philco 42-322
02/02/2001Precision 10-40 Tube tester Settings for 8950 Tube
02/04/2001Help identifying Philco AC/DC bakelite
02/04/2001Dry Electrolytic Condenser
02/04/2001Philco modle 49-905
02/04/2001Help! Need info on GE LFC-1118 phono radio combo
02/04/2001Wards Airline Year ?
02/04/2001Precision Model 912
02/05/2001RCA Victor model# A-106
02/05/2001Silvertone R -1591 Radio
02/05/2001Help wanted in finding symbol
02/05/2001Squealing Radio
02/05/2001More United Motors Rehab Questions (vibrator, hv, etc.)
02/05/2001Zenith Trans-Oceanic
02/05/2001Anyone have an 8" field coil speaker with OT?
02/06/2001Philco model 48-482 restringing dial cord
02/06/2001Melody Cruiser
02/06/2001Need Fada Canadian C69A Radio Schematics
02/06/2001Are BK 700 series tube testers good?
02/07/2001RCA Victrola Model #3VF446
02/07/2001Zenith 9S367 Electrolytics
02/07/2001Heathkit Signal Tracer
02/07/2001Where can i find pics of Lafayette Radios?
02/08/2001unknown tube amplifier
02/08/2001ZENITH SS2341AR DIODES
02/08/2001FM Band / Bruswick Radio Panatrope
02/08/2001Hickok 6000 tube tester information needed
02/09/2001Philco 42-322 resistor problem !
02/10/2001RCA Vctor Model X-1
02/11/2001Re: Admiral Television v chip
02/11/2001stromberg-carlson model awp -8
02/11/2001Readable Schematic for GE HJ-1005 Console Radio
02/12/2001Stark 9-66 Mutual Conductance tube tester (is it a good model?)
02/13/2001ARRL 1945 Handbook
02/13/2001tube tester E.M.C. # 206
02/13/2001honesty pays
02/14/2001Emerson Model Number HELP!
02/14/2001Tube Tester I-177B schematic needed
02/15/2001GRUNDIG tube ID help please
02/16/2001Zenith Radio identification
02/16/2001Electrolytic for Zenith 6G001
02/16/2001Stancor power transformer
02/17/2001Sparton of Canada
02/18/2001Philco 48-200-121 schematic
02/18/2001Pilotuner T-601 AVC
02/18/2001tube substitution
02/18/2001S-38 audio transformer
02/18/2001Can an 83 be replaced with a 83V?
02/18/2001What does the 83 tube do in my Stark tube tester?? (same as Hickok)
02/18/2001Abbotwares z-477 horse radio
02/18/2001Need shematic for canadian philco model 725
02/18/2001Radio knob experts, I need your help.
02/19/2001Freshman Masterpiece chassis
02/19/2001Schematic for Zenith model A513-R
02/19/2001Need Fada Model 185/90A Schematics
02/20/2001Philco 89L
02/20/2001Silvertone Model #6151 ( I think)
02/21/2001Hallicrafters SW-500
02/21/2001Mercury 1951 car radio
02/21/2001Zenith Consoles
02/22/2001Please Help I need information on a Hickok 6000
02/22/2001Help Testing a 01A Tube on a Superior TW-11 Tester
02/22/2001RCA Model 21-S-348
02/23/2001United Motors Rehab Questions (hum, etc.)
02/23/2001Tesla 308U Schematic
02/24/2001How tune Atwater Kent model 20?
02/24/2001Airline Model# 93WG-800D. Need info
02/24/2001Federal Orthosonic
02/24/2001radiola 18 filter
02/24/2001philco37-60 schematic
02/24/2001Howard "Low Boy" Model 0 - I need info!
02/25/2001'36 Pontiac Radio Schematic Needed
02/25/2001Is there a poisoning danger when using the 83 Mercury Rectifier??
02/25/2001Troubleshooting Humming
02/26/2001carbon resistor values in radiola 18
02/27/2001Gilfillan Push-Pull Problem
02/28/2001Atwater Kent Model 30 speaker
03/01/2001Presets Zenith 10S-567
03/02/2001Philco output transformer question
03/02/20011935 Coronado 36L86co radio..Looking schematic
03/03/2001Rogers-Majestic Schematics
03/03/2001Atwater speaker F-2 for model 55?
03/04/2001Thorola Islodyne Model 55
03/04/2001Hallicrafters Model SX-110....need schem.
03/04/2001Philco Model 37-600
03/05/2001paint speck removal
03/05/2001Howard SG-F -Tough time finding "matching" schematic
03/05/2001FET tube substitutes
03/06/2001Zenith Trans Oceanic 8G005TZ1 Battery Pack Question
03/06/2001GE Radio H-708 Questions.
03/06/2001Ross AM/FM/SW Model RE-1915-N
03/06/2001Good resistors for RF
03/07/2001Simple Power Supply
03/08/2001Motorola chassis 83K need schematic
03/10/2001info/schematics of a Peirce wirerec 55a/b
03/10/2001DIN Connector?
03/11/2001Tube Tester settings
03/11/2001Antenna bites girlfriend!
03/11/2001RCA K80 schematic needed
03/11/2001Dummy antenna
03/11/2001Precision Tube tester 612
03/11/2001rca victor (master) no power
03/11/2001Blowing dial lamps
03/11/2001Simpson VOM Help
03/12/2001Stewart-Warner/Crosley Guitar Amp?
03/12/2001Stereo Power Amplifier Philips type 22AH578/00
03/12/2001schematic and technical data for Crossley F5RD
03/12/2001Questions on an Airline 62-317 AM/SW radio
03/13/2001Freshman Equaphase
03/13/2001Hallicrafters S-40A Receiver
03/13/2001DuMont TV
03/14/2001rca victor (master) follow-up
03/15/2001The old AK-60 capacitor replacement question again...
03/15/2001Blaupunkt ACR3251 manual needed
03/15/2001NRI 71 tube tester charts & 5 tube am radio schematic
03/15/2001Canadian Westinghouse 53
03/15/2001Radiola 17
03/16/20011G4 / 1H4 one tube radio
03/16/2001Hum, electrodynamic speaker
03/17/2001Heat Dependent Resustor Question...
03/17/2001Volume control
03/17/2001Zenith T-O Y600
03/17/200151 Lincoln Radio
03/17/2001Need scematic for White-Westinghouse (WW100) amplifier
03/19/2001Beginner Cap Replacement!
03/19/2001Schematic for Westinghouse H4076T5 (sams file # ?)
03/20/2001Philco 42-380
03/20/2001Power Xmfr. Voltages
03/20/2001Silvertone 8115A
03/21/2001Source for dials
03/21/2001Me Again(RCA Victor Master)
03/22/2001Superior Instr. Dynamic Tube Tester Model 85
03/22/2001restoring a chassis
03/24/2001AVC Bus Line for FM Alignment
03/24/2001RCA 5T5
03/24/2001HICKOK tube tester repair
03/24/2001Line Filter's
03/25/2001CONAR tube tester
03/25/2001Atwater Kent model number location
03/25/2001Ballast resistor substitution
03/25/2001FADA 197-A Neutrodyne Tubes
03/25/20016/12 volt power supply??
03/25/2001Power cord replacement on AA5
03/26/2001Orpheus Radio?
03/26/2001Zenith console schematics needed
03/27/2001RCA 1956 color tv...
03/27/2001rca 1956 color tv...
03/27/2001Power supply for farm radio
03/27/2001Philco part needed #10DE7 or #10EW7
03/27/2001Trying to date a Sears Silvertone model 4087 console
03/27/2001Hickok KS-15560-L1
03/29/2001RCA Test Equipment Questions
03/29/2001Can You Help me date this
03/30/2001Parts Needed for Philco 42-380
03/30/2001Canadian Philco 61
04/01/2001RCA Radiola 62
04/01/2001Trav-Ler Model 431
04/01/2001Jewel Model 956
04/01/2001Good Source for the 8 ohm Green Ceramic load Resistors!
04/02/2001novice recap question
04/02/2001Canadian Westinghouse #801 chassis
04/03/2001Shining up a DeWald Catalin
04/05/2001Looking for someone who knows Raytheon & Collins consoles
04/05/2001string diagram for philco 50-1720
04/05/2001Canadian Marconi Model 84 Schematics
04/06/2001Grebe Synchrophase
04/06/2001Help with Motorola 83K1 chassis.
04/06/2001Admiral 10A1 restoration
04/06/2001Marconi 235
04/07/2001Conar Tube Tester
04/07/2001RCA 10K Distortion Problem Help!!!
04/07/2001tv recapping - few more questions
04/07/2001Smoking RCA Victrola X624 Schematic??
04/08/2001Tube Identification for Atwater Kent Model 60
04/08/2001Suttle Hum 60 cycles is there a way or mod to improve this?
04/09/2001Hoffman TV - almost there
04/09/2001Horn speaker connection
04/10/2001JACKSON Test Equipment / Collectors / Experts
04/10/2001Receiver Design Books
04/10/2001RCA Radiola 17
04/11/2001Built my own worldband radio using tubes
04/11/2001FASCO Intercom Unit / MASTER Needed
04/11/2001U.S. radio model 5-A trans. replacement....help
04/12/2001Knight AC VTVM
04/13/2001Stewart Warner Help
04/14/2001Help ID Silvertone Radio
04/15/200166 Vette radio
04/16/200151 Lincoln Radio,playes now But only on top end of dial..
04/17/2001FASCO AM/FM Intercom
04/18/2001HMV 1501 Schematic Needed
04/19/2001Philco Socket Power B Battery Eliminator
04/21/2001RCA 10K Project gone haywire!
04/22/2001Radiola 17/18
04/24/2001Zenith model H500
04/24/2001firestone air chief
04/25/2001Sticking METER needle, can it be saved???
04/25/2001Help with Triplett TT Mod 2413
04/25/2001GE model GD-60
04/26/2001Hazeltine Musicaire 46A/02M Tuning Tube
04/26/2001Isolation Transformer
04/27/200151 Lincoln Radio,plays better now-but still weak!!
04/29/2001RCA Victor D22 power supply
04/30/2001Anti-fungal varnish used in WW II Military radios.
04/30/2001Victor Radio R-39
04/30/2001Stromberg Carlson 420 Tuning Indicator
05/01/2001howard 490
05/01/2001Marconi model 114 sheematic please
05/02/2001Admiral 10A1
05/02/2001Pilot lamp problem
05/02/2001Philco Chassis nedded
05/02/2001Howard 268
05/03/2001Ballast Tube for 1938 RCA 86-X
05/04/2001Hickok 533a reads low when testing an 80 tube?
05/04/2001On the Subject of Goofy Hickoks...
05/04/2001Power Supply for 1938 RCA 94BT61
05/06/2001Schem for Blaupunkt "Toledo" (2210)
05/06/2001two tube questions
05/06/2001Sony Schematics
05/07/2001Need transformer for EICO 950B tester
05/08/2001Gilfillan Model GN2
05/09/2001Need a schematic for Silvertone
05/10/2001Schematic needed for Philco 38-116
05/10/2001Sylvania DFA
05/11/2001Capacitors - Values to Use?
05/13/2001Sparton 79A
05/15/2001Radio Model Number help.....
05/15/2001HEY NORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NORM
05/15/2001Silvertone Neutrodyne-Need Help
05/15/2001Hum Bucking Transformer
05/17/2001Radaiola interstage trnsformer
05/17/2001Tuning eye help needed!
05/17/2001Help Identify Zenith R5019
05/17/2001Need Sams Photofact 226 - RCA
05/17/2001Need Sams Photofact #226 - RCA 6-RF-91
05/17/2001DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO MAKE A "razor blade radio"?
05/17/2001Does Anyone Have...
05/18/2001Crosley model 915 tombstone
05/19/2001Zenith 6D628 Schematic
05/19/2001Hickok Tube Tester: What do the mutual cond #'s mean?
05/19/2001S-19-R Sky Buddy schematic
05/19/2001does anybody know what i have?
05/19/2001Trav-eler 6 tube
05/19/2001Grundig 3028
05/20/2001Air Chief R-1661
05/20/2001Precision 954 manual/schematic
05/22/2001Information on a SPARTON 10-76PA
05/22/2001HELP:In Eveready 50 series. What is 2707C Cap can?
05/22/2001Admiral 6C71-10A1 (cabinet - Chassis)
05/25/2001RCA Phonograph 6-JY-1C "45's"
05/26/2001procurement of a manual for Heathkit TC-3 tube checker
05/26/2001Schematic for Pilotuner T601
05/27/2001Mystery Zenith Radio
05/27/20011936 Zenith 6S52 Electrolytics
05/27/2001Philco 46-350
05/29/2001Schematic for RCA 9X642
05/30/2001RCA Model 6XF9 Tubes
05/30/2001Titanic Marconi wireless question
05/30/2001air castle 14-136EA, BC & SW radio schematic
06/02/2001Trav-ler Model 5008 (1946)
06/02/2001Audio amp wattage ratings(RMS-peak to peak-music power)
06/03/2001Turntable trouble
06/04/2001Vintage Radio Club
06/04/2001Schematic for Oscilloscope PHILIPS PM 3110
06/04/2001Stancor P-6169 voltages
06/04/2001Speaker Reconing
06/05/2001Eico 315K Alignment
06/06/2001Sparton Radio Model 111
06/06/2001Non-Polarized Capacitors
06/07/2001Tons of Free Pictures
06/07/2001Yaesu FC-102
06/10/2001Emerson 502 blows dial lamps
06/10/2001Hikock 36A tube Tester
06/11/2001E.M. Sargent Schematics
06/11/2001Early Automotive Radio
06/11/2001Crosley 158 alignment
06/11/2001'56 color RCA tv update
06/28/2001Schematic for Arvin RE55
06/29/2001Tube Tester: Precision 10-60
07/01/2001262 kc i.f. transformers?
07/01/2001Early Crescentyne Radio
07/03/2001Sencore tube tester
07/04/2001Hallicrafters S-95 Schematic
07/04/2001Poor Sensitivity
07/05/2001atwater kent model 46
07/05/2001RF Sig Generator vs. RF oscillator
07/06/2001B&K 1243 Digital IC Color Generator
07/07/2001RCA RC1-94 chassis
07/07/2001Silvertone 6002
07/08/2001Arvin 540T and 35Z5GT tube layout.
07/08/2001Used Mitsubishi - intermediate static - help
07/09/2001Silvertone TV Model 9111
07/09/2001HRO-50t Coils
07/09/2001Power supply design
07/09/2001Churchill TRF radio
07/09/2001Admiral 10A1 Progress
07/10/2001RCA model 87k Manufacture Date needed
07/11/2001How do I remove caked-on paint from plastic (safely)
07/11/2001Weston DC Voltmeter range question
07/12/2001Aligning'Servicing Tube Testers
07/12/2001Help!!!! RCA radiola 80
07/12/2001Unknown Tombstone??
07/12/2001Admiral 10A1 more success
07/13/2001RCA phono drive wheel
07/14/2001cathode ray tubes
07/15/2001Plastic face yellowing
07/15/2001parts and data
07/16/2001Sony, Earth Orbitor 10 Band Shortwave Radio
07/16/2001A/B Supply
07/16/2001Philco Mystery Remote Control Question
07/16/20011948 Philco Model 48-1270 Schematics [seeking them]
07/18/2001Need help IDing Coronado radio
07/18/2001ZENITH T/O Royal 1000 Chassis 9AT40
07/18/2001Troubleshooting Crosley 56TW
07/18/2001Another Admiral 6C71-10A1
07/21/2001Further to dial lamp problem
07/21/2001Schematics&Alignment info?
07/22/2001RCA R-32
07/24/2001Need information about a Musicaire Radio.
07/25/2001Schematic needed for Canadian Philco 38-C9A
07/25/2001Need Schematic for Zenith H401
07/26/2001Philco 42-350 Schematic
07/27/2001Unknown Radio
07/28/2001Philco combo
07/29/2001Eico 625 Tube Tester
07/29/2001Repainting Question?
07/29/2001airline 4B21 battery powered radio
07/29/2001RCA Victor Model 86K7 age and info
07/29/2001HELP!!!!Zenith Chassis!!!!!!!!!!!
07/30/2001BATTERY TRF
07/31/2001Transistorized Radiola III
08/01/2001Thordarson T-30W08A schematic needed
08/02/2001Zenith 10s160 acoustical cone mounting holes
08/02/2001Pilot T601 Hook-Up
08/03/2001Wobbulator Design
08/03/2001Dial Lamp for 1950 General Electric Model 124
08/03/2001GE Musaphonic troubleshooting
08/04/2001marconi model 84
08/05/2001ak-20c questions
08/05/2001power supply help
08/06/20016BQ7A - busted pin ques.
08/06/2001Emerson 838
08/08/2001Philco International intercom
08/08/2001Alignment of Zenith 6S157
08/08/2001Grunow Model 752 Help
08/11/2001How do I tell what model I have??
08/13/2001farnsworth radio model bt 63
08/13/2001Grunow, Model 1541 -speaker schematic
08/13/2001Radiola 25 (ac powered batt eliminator)
08/13/2001Telling what watt carbon resistors with wire wound ends are!
08/13/2001Zenith Royal 700
08/14/2001old radio repairing
08/14/2001Need help iding this radio. Zenith Coronado, model 5729
08/14/2001EICO 368 TV FM sweep marker Gen.
08/15/2001Pin-out for Jensen A-12 Field Coil: HELP
08/15/2001Help with stubborn station after alignment -Norm?
08/16/2001Eico 666 newer tube list & calibration - sources for dials
08/18/2001Help with Refinishing RCA '50s Victrola Cabinet
08/19/2001Field Coil Questtion and other help?
08/20/2001Storage of Parts
08/20/2001Rider Manuals and Index
08/20/2001RCA 5T5
08/22/2001Screw in type 24V 35mA bulb anyone got that value??
08/22/200124W 35mA bulb anyone have?
08/23/2001RCA 8K1 - persistant hum
08/23/2001Silvertone #3351 Dial cord stringing
08/23/2001Admiral 10a1 problem
08/24/2001Glass Faceplate for Rogers De Forest "Kent" Model I cracked mine ugh..
08/24/2001Schematics for Acapella ION TW 1S or equivalent
08/24/2001Bell 2122 Hi Fi Radio-Phono Amp
08/24/2001Musaphonic Model#?
08/24/2001Radiola 30-A
08/25/2001Re: National TF34WE 1965 TV schematic needed
08/25/2001Re: MINERVA ALEGRO schematic needed
08/26/2001AVO CT160 schematic
08/26/2001Indicator Bulb causing reception problems when in circuit?
08/27/20011929 Majestic/Grigsby-Grunow Console Radio/Phono
08/28/2001Purchase of capacitors
08/29/2001Radiola 25 tube line-up
08/29/2001Philco 41-608 Restoration Is Just Too Loud
08/30/2001Crosley Model 51 Wire ?
08/31/2001AE-11 model of Montgomery Wards Airline
08/31/2001Tektronix Type 310A Oscilloscope
08/31/2001Zenith G725 Schematic
08/31/20011929 Majestic-Grigsby-Grunow Power Box & Receiver
09/01/2001RCA T60 radio, parts, schematic & info please!!
09/01/2001Philco 42-608 and 42-360
09/02/2001RCA Victor Model 9k
09/02/2001Weston 981 Type 2 tube tester
09/02/2001Simpson 260 multimeter value
09/02/2001Grundig SO 111 CA volume oscillating problem on FM only.
09/03/2001Conar tube tester
09/03/2001Why would they put a regular cap .1 accross a filter cap 8uF??
09/04/2001Busted transformer
09/04/2001Hallicrafters SX-43
09/04/2001Zenith 5808 Information needed
09/05/2001silvertone 6220
09/05/2001Truetone Model D-930
09/06/2001Zenith Model 7H82OUZ
09/06/2001Addison R5A1
09/07/2001Decals For RCA Victor model 86K7
09/08/2001Silvertone Schematic model 1154
09/08/2001Olivetti monitor schematics
09/09/2001Airline model 62-305
09/10/2001Truetone Model D-930 HUM
09/10/2001AKAI GX-28OD-SS MotorType 24X0-MR
09/10/2001Amana RadarRange RCA 7635 65927 Diode Rating?
09/11/2001OLD TRF in need of help suggestions
09/13/2001Hickok Neon Voltage Regulator
09/13/2001TELEFUNKEN Bajazzo Universal 301 schematic diagram needed
09/15/2001Truetone D-930 Dial Cable Routing
09/16/2001Crosley 66TC Schematic Help
09/17/2001Crosley Model 58TL Dial Light
09/18/2001Superior Signal Generator Model TV-50A "genometer"
09/19/2001Silvertone tv 9119
09/19/2001Philco radio
09/20/2001Hoffman Television, 1950s
09/20/2001Radio Dials
09/21/2001Schematic for Grunow Teledial
09/21/2001Zenith Chairside Model 8-_-232
09/21/2001Nordemende Caruso
09/21/2001Hallicrafter Continental Model #5R-40
09/22/2001AM Transmitter made from an AA5 tube chassis
09/22/2001Help finding appropriate schematic
09/23/2001Motorola Airboy
09/25/2001Phico, refregerator
09/25/2001Output Transformer for Sears Model 1965
09/29/2001philips P3500 television
09/30/2001OLD 'Zenith Long Distance' console radio
09/30/2001ITT Schaub-lorentz TV 70s display problem
09/30/2001Philco 650 Restoration Problem
09/30/2001StrombergCarlson AU-36
09/30/2001AK 20 grid resistors
10/01/2001Silvertone Neutrodyne help needed
10/02/2001Crosley Model TK-52, Need info on this radio!!!
10/02/2001Apex Radio 46 Schematic
10/03/2001Crosley 58-TL Tuning Cap
10/03/2001isolation by transformer
10/03/20011976 console Curtis Mathes TV
10/03/2001Schematic for Early Philips Radio
10/04/2001"aging" ZENITH REPRO TABS
10/05/2001Philco Model 89 Schematic
10/05/2001Need manual & chart - Hickok tube tester
10/05/2001Lang 613
10/06/2001G.E. musiphonic 580 Volume decreases when warm
10/08/2001Zenith G725 Schematic
10/08/2001B&K and Knight Tube Tester Questions
10/09/2001Building a vibrator.....
10/09/2001Clarion AC-60 Filter Block
10/09/2001Lang 613
10/10/2001Packard bell AA5 Volume issues
10/10/2001Grundig Problem continued
10/10/2001Need help from tubes collector
10/11/2001EICO 368 TV FM sweep marker Gen.(try it again)
10/11/2001CLINTON 254
10/11/2001Lang 613 continued
10/12/2001Grundig service codes need (CUC 6360, XS70/1)
10/12/2001Dial Stringing Instructions -Zenith 5808
10/12/2001Testing a #42 tube on a Hickok 532
10/17/2001Sencore 140 mutual conductance Tester...
10/19/2001Wards Airline model?
10/19/2001superior instruments co.
10/19/2001ID a couple of unknowns
10/20/2001RCA Victor- need help ( from Poland)!
10/21/20016C4 tube
10/22/2001MW Airline Radio #62-368 8 tube all-wave high-fidelity radio
10/22/2001Mitchell Model 1254/1255 Schematic
10/22/2001RCA Model 9X571 Schematic
10/22/2001Info about Radiola 16?
10/22/2001Cushman 6030 12volt switching power supply
10/22/2001Hazeltine Radio
10/23/2001AREL circuit diagram
10/23/2001Rewound AK horn Coils vs Originals
10/23/2001Philco 40-130 Schematics
10/23/2001Marantz model 2245 reciever
10/23/200119T8 tube Glows Bright when 1st. turned on.RCA 2-XF-91
10/24/2001Kelso Radio
10/24/2001reading tube numbers
10/25/2001Motorola TV Ballast Tube, Need Replacement
10/25/2001Airline 1926? "Roamer"
10/28/2001Simpson 270 Series 3 Taut Band Volt Ohm Milliampmeter
10/28/2001What is this (Zenith Model A2A)???
10/29/2001RCA CTC2-CTC15
10/31/2001VCR RCA MODEL LL38329
10/31/2001Dial belt for Zenith 6 S 27 Tombstone Question
10/31/2001Questions about Zenith B600 Trans-oceanic
10/31/20018950 tube
10/31/2001CTC5 color set - "burst gain" control??
10/31/2001Need to find Tube 117Z6G for Zenith Model 6G601M
11/01/2001Antique Radio Restoration Forum
11/01/2001Looking for RCA 8-X-71 schematic
11/02/2001Schematic for RCA Model 87X
11/02/2001Motorola-77FM21, chassis HS-89. Schematic needed
11/02/2001Zenith Transoceanic Case Cover
11/02/2001majestic model 12bz6e combo am/fm/sw/phono/recorder
11/05/2001tube for majestic 12b26e
11/06/2001Brown wrinkle-finish paint.
11/06/2001Philips B4X69A Stringing Chart
11/06/2001Substitution for a 49-A Ballast Tube
11/06/2001American Bosch Model 202A
11/07/2001RCA Radiola Model 66
11/07/2001Wards Airline 62-425
11/09/2001Leader FM stereo signal generator questions
11/09/2001Schematic for Philco stereo
11/09/2001Need help on Atwater Kent 55 or 55C
11/10/2001Sonora Radio-speaker connected to antenna ?
11/10/2001swr questions
11/11/2001Reel to reel
11/11/2001RF transformer
11/12/2001Western Electric 219-D Tube,--What is it?--
11/12/2001Marconi Model 33
11/12/2001Marconi Model 33
11/13/2001Donald Duck
11/13/2001Is a mica cap ever designed to have an R value too?.
11/14/2001Philco Radio Bar
11/14/2001Hammarlund Alignment
11/15/2001sub for 50y6 tube
11/16/2001Crosley Showbox Info
11/16/2001RCA X551 Schematic
11/16/2001Looking for ER247-tube
11/17/2001Executone model 307s
11/17/2001Motorola 53F2 Schematic help
11/17/2001Crosley 11-119U (Serenader) schematic needed
11/18/2001Old Magnavox Dynamic Speaker
11/18/2001Poweramp. with 2 6AS7GA
11/20/2001RCA Model 1-x-52
11/20/2001Who knows WESER BROS. N.Y.?
11/20/2001Who knows WESER BROS. N.Y.?
11/20/2001Has anyone heard of or have a Picture of a GE M81??
11/20/2001Another rookie question
11/21/2001CRT, Plasma Television, RP or LCD
11/21/2001Gulbransen audio transformers
11/22/2001schematic needed for Marconi Battery tube radio
11/22/2001Heathkit AA-151 searching Knobs for bass and treble
11/23/2001portable tube radio RCA
11/23/2001Need schematic
11/24/2001black tubular caps
11/24/2001Dokorder 9200
11/24/2001RCA Q44
11/24/2001Voltage regulators
11/25/2001Sparton 98 schematic
11/25/2001Anyone know where I can purchase dial glass??????
11/26/2001FM only
11/27/2001Telefunken Caprice help needed
11/27/2001GRID TUNING for a Maverick 250 Amplifier
11/27/2001Orpheus, The Radio of Tomorrow
11/27/20013-point local osc tracking - concern
11/27/2001Accurate Instruments Co Tube Tester Model 151 Need Manual/Copy
11/27/2001Schematics for Silverton
11/28/2001Velvatone radio question
11/28/2001milliamp meter connection
11/30/2001Testing EMM801 Eye Tube
11/30/2001I need a info about ic501 in tv sharp cv2131
11/30/2001Hickok 533A and old 201 tubes: how to test
11/30/2001Federal 61 Receiver
12/01/2001Disassembly advice?
12/01/2001Hickok 6000A tube tester
12/01/2001Weston DC Model 301 Meter
12/02/2001Seek user manual for SONY integrated amplifier TA-1150
12/02/2001Philco Part numbers
12/02/20011936 Fairbanks Morse A
12/03/2001Heathkit GR-227 Color TV Problem
12/03/2001tube layout needed for zenith radio
12/04/2001RCA Airboy
12/04/20012X3 Type Tubes?
12/04/2001Oscillator Coil for Silvertone Model 1915/1955
12/05/2001tx, but no voice
12/05/2001Testing 6G5/6E5/6U5 Tuning Eye Tubes
12/06/2001RCA R5 "Radiolette" Schematics
12/07/2001NRI 71 Tube Tester
12/09/2001Vintage RadioTest Equipment Hickok Repair
12/10/2001Westinghouse WRJ161 Radio
12/10/2001help- Koronette radio
12/10/2001Ballast tubes
12/11/2001Silvertone ch. 110.448
12/12/2001AK37,40,42,44 Power Supply Question
12/13/2001Hickok and Old Radio Test Equipment
12/15/2001schematic for Philco 48-464
12/15/2001schematic for Philco 48-464
12/15/2001B and K Dynajet 606 Tube tester data chart
12/15/2001Marwol Radio 20's
12/16/2001Motorola 77X power cord
12/17/2001Emerson 250 Troubles
12/18/2001Zenith Volume Control and On/Off Switch
12/18/20011 or 2 tube radio kits
12/19/2001Schematic for Air King 4001
12/22/2001Hickok 533a and testing 01 tube: Help!
12/22/2001Zenith Model #PV4655LK9
12/22/2001Wetinghouse H-126 schematic needed
12/22/20011962 Corvette radio
12/22/2001National Radio NC Sixty Special
12/22/200181 bulb
12/23/20014-Tube Trav-ler
12/24/2001vintage record player
12/25/2001GE- M81 Glass or plastic on face??
12/25/2001Schematic for Zenith
12/26/2001AK 944 power trans.
12/27/20011962 Studebaker GT Hawk radio (transistor)
12/27/2001White Westinghouse TV
12/27/2001RE: Sonora Instrument 3 A 660 937
12/28/2001outdoor scanner antenna question
12/28/2001Magnet Wire
12/29/2001Emerson Radio Model 149
12/29/2001Schematic for Wards model 05-GHM-1061-A
12/31/2001Stromberg-Carlson model 1406 PL schematic needed
12/31/2001New invention gives eternal life
01/01/2002Call letters
01/02/2002Bulb active load
01/02/2002Need a schematic for a fisher amp
01/02/2002Field coil hot + krinkling cone when pushed??
01/03/2002Help For The New Guy
01/03/2002Tuning eye won't light!
01/04/2002Arvin 664 Table Radio
01/05/20029P6 Power Supply
01/06/2002Regency Touch K-100 Scanner
01/06/2002Canadian Tech for Hickoks?
01/07/2002Howard console radio
01/07/2002Need Zenith radio information....
01/07/2002RF interstate coupling transformers suitable replacement
01/08/2002Battery for Farm Radio
01/08/2002Tuning mechansim lube
01/08/2002Is my speaker hooped?
01/09/2002philco 48-1270
01/10/2002Flat Capacitors -the real post-
01/10/2002W. F. Main Radiophone
01/10/2002Need alignment info for TruTone D-711/D-930 (Western Auto)
01/10/2002Schematics are too fuzzy to read
01/11/2002Mounting vernier dials
01/12/2002MagnaVox Astro Sonic diagrams and schematics
01/14/2002"6-4" Amperite ballast tube characteristics.
01/14/2002Marshall Schematic
01/14/2002Westinghouse Mod 450 Schematics
01/15/2002Rogers-Majestic 9R891 Chassis Issues
01/15/2002magnavox imperial radiogram
01/15/2002Mystery Emerson
01/16/2002Zenith T.O. Model D7000-Y
01/16/2002Transformer Help
01/16/2002speakers w/ 16 ohm impedance
01/17/2002Wards Airline date
01/17/2002Help on Attenna Design
01/19/20026E5GT a sub for 6X6 eye tube?
01/20/2002j pole antennas?
01/21/2002Need a schematic for Philco 37-670
01/21/2002Seeking Certain Waxy Caps ~
01/21/2002McMurdo Silver #800
01/22/2002Atwater Kent Model 20C audio transformer
01/22/2002need a capacitor guru
01/22/2002Magnavox Console Transistor substitutes needed !
01/22/2002speaker conversion
01/23/2002Marconi 230 Battery Radio
01/23/2002Need Schematics for Zenith and GE
01/23/2002interstage transformer
01/23/2002Philco 51-934
01/24/2002Motorola TS-18 chasis
01/24/2002Simpson 6xlpm
01/24/2002Best type replacement caps?
01/24/2002Majestic Model 180 G2 Speaker/G2 speaker cone
01/24/2002Zenith 6s249 chairside radio
01/24/2002Schematics for a Dayfan 5069
01/24/2002Instructions for tube tester
01/24/2002RCA 9K2 current value?
01/26/2002Capacitor Polarity?
01/27/2002Arvin portable record player
01/27/2002belmont 6d111
01/27/2002Schematics & information wanted for PHILCO transitone (PT-10 ??)
01/27/2002Silvertone R81
01/27/2002Chassis cleaner solution
01/28/2002H500 schematic
01/28/2002Tube placement or schematic
01/28/2002TV-11 information needed!
01/28/2002Need help about Schaub-Lorenz model Goldy 250
01/29/2002RCA radio ident.
01/29/2002Freed Eisemann
01/30/2002Farnsworth ATL-51
01/30/2002I need a genius
01/30/2002Model Number to Year Cross Reference
01/30/2002need schematic of VICTOR RADIO ELECTROLA TYPE RF45RD
01/31/2002Receiving problem
01/31/2002EMC 215 Tube Tester Manuel
01/31/2002Airline chassis #326w
01/31/2002Need value of Philco radio field coil.
01/31/2002Wanted: 845 tubes
01/31/2002replacing old "plate series" resistors
02/01/2002scanner antenna questions (again)
02/02/2002MYSTERY PHILCO!!!
02/02/2002Grundig 960 Schematic
02/03/2002Sonora RCU-208
02/04/2002EF91 or 6AM6 complete datasheet
02/04/2002EICO 232 VTVM
02/05/2002Need Crosley 534 schematic
02/07/2002240V to 120V Radio Conversion?
02/07/2002Need information or schematic for a Philco radio
02/07/2002Jackson-Bell Peter Pan radio-Only one station
02/08/2002Pla-Pal schematics
02/09/2002Schematics and Alignment info for Northern Electric
02/09/2002Philco 38-10
02/10/2002MIRACO ULTRA5/SUPER6 schematic search
02/10/2002Circuit alignment
02/10/2002Battery Eliminator
02/11/2002Help on Oscillator on Philco 40-140
02/12/2002RCA or Mission Bell, Help Identify
02/13/2002Apex Radio 46 (same as a 47)
02/13/2002Zenith 7H820
02/14/2002Radio Alignment?
02/15/200212K5 Theory of Operation
02/15/2002Curves for 6G6G tube
02/15/2002Old tube tester ?
02/15/20026550 for 8417 tube swap
02/16/2002Rewinding Field Coils RCA Radiola Model 66
02/17/2002stromberg carlson
02/17/2002schematic for canadian RCA-Victor model-62
02/17/2002output transformer
02/18/2002Eico 630 Cathode Ray Tube Tester Manual
02/18/2002B & K 1470 Scope
02/19/2002Determining Transformer Values
02/19/2002Collaro motor
02/19/2002300B and 310a setting for Jackson 648a tubes tester
02/19/2002Dial Lamps for Rogers Majestic
02/20/2002Tube Tester = Help Neal and Alan
02/20/2002AM Transmitter
02/20/2002Help w/Zenith T/O oscillator problem, chassis 5G40, 1L6
02/20/2002Help with output transformer (71A tubes in push/pull)
02/20/2002Crosley schematic
02/20/2002Synchrophase 7 Problem
02/21/2002majestic 180 receiver
02/22/2002Zenith 15u269 chassis 1501 question
02/22/2002Philco radio Model 87
02/22/2002Stewart Warner Radio/Phono 9009B
02/23/2002Wavemagnet & case cover for Zenith t/o H500
02/25/2002Stripping Painted Bakelite
02/26/2002Philco shoulder tombstone, chassis 642
02/27/2002RCA X 520 Blowing Rectifiers
02/27/2002GE model 260 4 sale or trade
02/27/2002Local oscillator
02/28/2002Philco 39-55 schematic
02/28/20021505 Musicaire
03/01/2002Colonial Radio Control Box
03/01/2002GE M-81 same as RCA 143-242 Trouble
03/01/2002Quick tips needed for Northern Electric Rainbow
03/02/2002Zenith 6R687 Radio
03/03/2002operator manual for Realistic Tube Testor Model 113
03/04/2002info needed: stormberg-carlson all-wave radio receiver no. 68
03/05/2002GE MT-33a
03/05/2002Heathkit tube tester
03/05/2002IT-17 Tube Tester
03/06/2002abbotware radio
03/06/2002Need Help Matching Coupling Transformer Hammond 332?
03/06/2002Need Help Matching Coupling Transformer Hammond 332?
03/06/2002American Bosch model 444T
03/07/2002Radiola 18 - Can't receive stations
03/07/2002Superior Insturment TD-55 tube tester
03/08/2002Zenith G-503-Y
03/08/2002GE-M-81 Still Burning Hot Field Coil
03/09/2002Zenith Schematic
03/10/2002Old Color TV - TraVler
03/10/2002Philco 38-690 schematic
03/10/20026A8 tube
03/10/2002Crosley 5-50 (1926) and Gormac Radio (1926)
03/10/2002Old Speaker Parts
03/11/2002AC Input Transformer for Bosch 444T
03/11/2002Audio output distortion
03/11/2002Crosley Fiver Jr.
03/12/2002FADA 1000 Streamliner
03/12/2002Hallicrafters Hum
03/12/2002Magnet Wire for Rewinding Coils
03/13/2002Manual for 80 Tube
03/13/2002Philco 77 volume control pot
03/14/2002Schematic for Delco R1174
03/14/2002Atwater Kent model E console speaker needed-help!!!
03/14/2002Crosley Fiver Jr.
03/15/2002Tube tests
03/15/2002Mystery Radio - Help
03/16/20021947 Spiegal radio shematic
03/16/2002Sentinel Schematic
03/17/2002tube Info re: Crosley Fiver
03/18/2002Movie Dial film
03/18/2002Sensitivity Problem
03/18/2002RCA C13-2 Schematic
03/18/2002Need Schematics for Philco 49-905
03/19/2002Regal Ultradyne Help Needed
03/19/2002Amplifier problem
03/21/2002Schematic needed
03/21/20021937 Philco 37-38 Tombstone Battery &Tube
03/22/2002What do you call this?
03/22/2002Polygrid component, what is it?
03/22/2002Northern Electric tube radio model 512
03/22/2002GE transceiver Info Needed
03/23/2002Regal Ultradyne -- Continued
03/23/2002Silvertone 6125 again
03/23/2002Craftsmen tuner
03/24/2002Stromberg Carlson SW/AM console Model #1120
03/24/2002Firestone Air Chief 4-A-30 Console Radio/need Info Please
03/24/2002RCA 3-X-535 Plate Voltage Too High
03/25/2002Capitol Radio Corp. Chicago
03/25/2002HP 410B Schematic
03/25/2002Philco model 38-7 code 121
03/26/2002Radiola 26
03/27/2002Zenith Z-985
03/27/2002RCA 9-T-246
03/29/2002600A settings for the EF86/6267
03/29/2002help identify ge radio
03/31/2002eveready mod.34
03/31/2002AMI jukebox CC amp schematic, or a link to a page online.
03/31/2002Triplett Model 3413-A Tube Tester
03/31/2002Mercury Tube tester Model 202
04/01/2002My First Find - '48 Ward's Airline Radio!
04/01/2002Info on Stancor A-9500 Transformer ?
04/02/2002Fada model 1002
04/02/2002Phono pickup cartridges
04/03/2002You must see!!!
04/03/2002Super old Chevy Radio ID? (help!)
04/03/2002Schematic for Grunow 1067
04/03/2002Is Russian (Svetlana) 6x32pi equivalent to EF86/6267
04/03/2002Deforest Crosley Model 500 Problem
04/04/2002"Voltron" Valve (Tube) c. 1927 - 31.... Info wanted
04/04/2002ge h-116 transformer
04/05/2002Atwater Kent model 46
04/05/2002Eico tube tester 625, need old tube test chart
04/05/2002Philco 41-280
04/06/2002Philco 50-520 Schematic
04/06/2002ME-297/U multimeter battery conversion?
04/08/2002Atwater Kent model 52 problems--help!!!!!
04/09/2002Crosley Model 157
04/09/2002Radiola 17 power supply --> Radiola 18 chassis
04/10/2002require schematic
04/10/2002Re: Radiola 17 power supply --> radiola 18 chassis
04/10/2002Lafayette 224 Stereo Tube Amp?
04/10/2002Could Anyone Start a Tube Manufacturing Company in North America?
04/10/2002Cray turntable
04/10/2002Stromberg-Carlson 935PL
04/11/2002PACO C 20 resistor/condenser bridge
04/11/2002Gray Turntable
04/12/2002Wavemagnet/Triple Hi-Ficiency Switch
04/12/2002Transformer puzzler
04/12/2002Fisher 70az
04/13/2002Single Plate to Push-Pull Interstage Transformer
04/13/2002Blaupunkt-Riveria 2643
04/13/2002Precise Model 111 Tube Tester
04/13/2002Superior Instruments Model 85 tube tester
04/13/2002need copy of Precision 910 tube tester manual
04/14/2002Radiola 17 Volume too LOUD
04/14/2002Hallicrafters s40B Lettering
04/15/2002Admiral 7C62
04/16/2002clairtone G2
04/16/2002Radiola 17 Loud Volume - FIXED
04/17/2002Grundig schematic needed.
04/17/2002Capacitors for old tube radio
04/18/2002Many Thanks To Norm Leal
04/19/20026CA4 tubes for 1950's curtis mathes stereo
04/20/2002'48 Airline 'gurgling' sound (and my thanks to Norman et al!)
04/21/2002An Amsco Vernier Variable Condenser, you say?
04/21/2002Brighten Yellowed Plastic? Year of this Radio? GE P2810A Solid State
04/21/2002Philco differences
04/22/2002RCA Victor Electro cap problem
04/23/2002Bearcat III Scanner
04/23/2002Source for I. F. Transformers
04/24/2002Shadow meter
04/25/2002Knight KG-630 schematic
04/27/2002dial bulb
04/27/2002Request for help in locating a power transformer
04/28/2002Dim panel bulb
04/29/2002Metal detectorist needs ID
04/29/2002Replacement 78 RPM Ceramic Cartridge
04/30/2002Tube Tester Craziness
04/30/2002UX 120 Tube Test
04/30/20021938 RCA 811K
05/01/2002reading capacitor numbers
05/01/2002info on Rogers Majestic
05/05/2002G.E. Radio "Date Code: 5 9 3 2" - decode? interpret?
05/06/2002sorry that was .1mfd and .2mfd how would these be read?
05/07/2002AK40 Power supply problems
05/08/2002AK40 Power Supply Follow-up Questions
05/08/2002National NC-140 Tube layout!!!
05/08/2002RCA Victrola 10K volume fluctuation
05/08/20026V6 cathode bias push pull what mA should I measure
05/09/2002AK40 Power Supply (Additional clarification questions)
05/09/2002PCB's in 1934 Airline Wards transformer???
05/10/2002motorola schematic 68T
05/10/2002Converting Crosley 527 Battery to AC
05/11/2002Philco Jr O'scope, m/n 7019
05/12/2002Hickok 600 tube tester data needed
05/12/2002Emerson battery operated 45 rpm record player
05/13/2002Philco 40-185 &Montgomery Ward 62-192
05/13/2002Identifing 2 old radios, tubes
05/16/2002Identifying Old Emerson Radio
07/24/1997Thanks and love to help out
08/09/1997Westinghouse Radio
08/15/1997RCA Victor radio model 85 BK-1
08/30/1997Need Help Identifying....
09/16/1997Monarch console radio
09/28/1997Thank you, thank you very much once again ( from Pamplona, Spain).
11/29/1997Help! Unable to View Schematics!!!
12/16/1997Hammond Solovox Tone Cabinet, Series A
01/11/1998Westinghouse ColumnAir Jr. WR-12
01/12/1998Manual and/or schematics of Precision Apparatus Company Tube Tester Model 10-54
02/07/1998PSE INFO 8950 TUBES
02/09/1998H.H. Scott Tube amp
03/05/1998Silvertone radio
03/05/1998globe radio
03/11/1998Harmon Kardon Citation III-X
03/14/1998RCA Victor Model 8V91
03/17/1998Stromberg Carlson Telephone
03/25/1998Tube amps by McIntosh
03/25/1998Tube amps by McIntosh
04/10/1998trouble with 6 volt auto radio
05/04/1998Scott 830 stereo generator
06/08/1998Stromberg-Carlson AU-57 tube amp
06/22/1998Hallicrafters s 38 e b
08/02/1998H. H. Scott A436E Stereo Amplifier
08/09/19981946 Scott Console
08/16/1998Klitzen Mod. 525 Superegenerative Radio
09/03/1998Tube amplifier
09/09/1998Unidentified Old Radio.
09/13/1998Zenith ID from Serial #'s
10/08/1998I need help with my Grundig opel SC 303
10/08/1998RCA Victor Model 3 - BX 671
10/16/1998Schematic RCA Victor Model 56X5, Value?
11/02/1998Hickok [Transistor & Diode Tested]
11/23/1998Silvertone 7068
12/02/1998RCA 8-X-541
12/26/1998Crosley Antique Radio
12/27/1998Rider schematic for Crosley model 6615
01/29/1999Unknown RCA
02/08/1999Stromberg Carlson 880
03/01/1999Old Microphone??? or not??
03/11/1999Need Majestic 130-A Radio Parts
03/25/1999Precision tube tester problem
03/28/1999Need Help
04/01/1999Dial String for Westinghouse Seven Seas multiband
04/20/1999RCA Victor / Victorola
04/21/1999Need schematics
04/21/1999Majestic model 92
04/28/1999Stromberg Carlson Switchboard
05/01/1999crosley radio
05/05/1999Rodec Auditorium stereo amp, info needed
05/09/199954 Ford 6 volt car radio
06/11/1999Need old tube chart for EICO 625 tube tester
06/16/1999Hallicrafters sx-42
07/12/1999hammarlund hq 140?
07/27/1999Dial cord RCA 86X
07/31/1999Antique Radio/ Tube appraiser
08/03/1999Hallicrafter S 38 D Receiver
08/16/1999Knight Model KN775 Tube Amp & KN 125B AM-FM Tuner
08/29/1999Tektronik Type 190B
08/29/1999Cossor Limited Twin Beam Osilloscope
09/01/1999Crosley antique radio
09/05/1999Stromberg-Carlson Radio/Phonograph
09/05/1999Re: Answer to stromberg Carlosn
09/09/1999need schematic for a Magestic Isographite MA650 Amplifier
09/19/1999Philco Projection TV 1948 model 48-2500
09/29/1999Silvertone console Model 1967
10/06/1999Schematic for a Scott 222B integrated tube amp
10/06/1999old Harman Kardon stereo amp
10/07/19991934 PFANSTIEHL HAM REC.
10/19/1999scott 399 schematic ?
10/20/1999WTB: Harmon Kardon Citation 16A Power Amp
10/26/1999Grundig Majestic Model SO191U
10/28/1999Radiola 20, Model AR-918
10/28/1999RCA Victor Model 17K
10/30/1999RCA Victor Model U 109
10/31/1999Hickok 6000a
10/31/1999RCA Victor 811K 'superhetrodyne' circa '37
11/04/19995T3 tube
11/05/1999Zenith Radio/Record Player 6R583
11/07/1999Grundig Model 102U
11/16/1999Need tuning belts...
11/16/1999Here's a quick ?...
11/16/1999Television electrolytics
11/16/1999info for harmon kardon 730 receiver
11/21/1999Value of antique
11/23/1999GE radio bezel/schematics
11/23/1999Schematic needed for Hallicrafter sx42 bandswitch & wafers
11/27/1999Zenith 9S-262 troubleshooting...
11/28/1999radiola 18 tube layout
12/06/1999Zenith 9h984 LP
12/06/1999Zenith 9S-262
12/17/1999RCA Victor Cathedral Radio
12/19/1999westinghouse radio model# H-107
12/19/1999Westinghouse # H-166 Radio & Cabinet
12/28/1999Schematic TORN eb
12/29/1999New radio, need info...
01/09/2000Record Player Flutter
01/10/2000Silvertone question...
01/10/2000harman kardon citation 16A
01/12/2000Shortwave/Medium wave antennas...
01/12/2000Kellogg WaveMaster
01/15/2000Parts needed to restore Hickok 534 tube tester.
01/21/2000Philco 46-431
01/25/2000Strombert Carlson Model#874
02/05/2000Freshman Radio... 1920s
02/06/2000Radio Station Equipment?
02/07/2000Schematic for Hickok 6000a needed
02/07/2000silvertone R101 console radio
02/13/200023D4 Tubes
02/13/2000radiola 17 model ar/something
02/16/2000would like value appraisal
02/23/20001950 Philco Television
02/24/2000Delmonico Novum radio?
02/26/2000WTB Stromberg Carlson RV 520 mono console/phono amp
02/28/2000schematics? and question...
03/10/2000Harman Kardon A220
03/11/200012v Auto radio vibrator
04/18/2000double superhet
04/21/2000Harmon Kardon Citation Twelve
04/21/20001929 Stromberg Carlson Phone
04/24/2000Silvertone schematics model 6438 B
04/25/2000need schematics- grundig majestic model 2077
04/25/2000need schematic for rca victor model 95T5
04/26/2000RCA, Collins, or Gates Mixing Console Schematics
04/27/2000Sears and Roebucks Silvestone
05/02/2000emerson table radio
05/02/2000Zenith Long Distance (portable)?
05/10/2000A.C.Dayton Radio
05/17/2000Zenith radio
05/26/2000McIntosh Amp Value??
06/04/2000Cleaning pins
06/12/2000Jackson 648 info
06/14/2000Stromberg-Carlson wall mount magento telephone
06/16/2000Atwater Kent Breadboard, Model 10 (4600)
06/24/2000National Airphone coil 1923
06/29/2000Antique German Radio (Telefunken)
06/30/2000WTB: Yamaha DSP-A1 Prefer Gold but Black will do
07/02/2000replacement knobs
07/04/2000Jenny Wren cathedral
07/09/2000RCA MODEL # 9-K3 (Magic Voice- Magic Brain)
07/10/2000United States Radio & television Company Chassis #33
07/11/2000RCA Victor
07/15/2000RCA Victor Model IVE 07
07/21/2000LE2 jetronic bosch injection
07/21/2000rca victor magic brain 9k2
07/23/2000RCA VICTOR Model 1-RD-40??
07/25/2000RCA Victor Model 7T1
07/29/2000Radiola 18 tunning wheel
07/30/2000HK Citatation 16
08/09/2000Silvertone Model 7108
08/15/2000RCA Victor 26X3
08/21/2000old radio equipment
08/25/2000Bendix 0636C
08/25/2000Gerrard 440M Record Player
08/25/2000RCA Victor Model 3 RH21G
08/26/2000HARMAN KARDON Citation B
08/28/2000Grundig Majestic Model 7068
08/30/2000Stromberg-Carlson Console
09/03/2000Sears Roebuck 101-810
09/03/2000Sears Roebuck 101-810
09/05/2000RCA Victor Model 67V1, 1946 Radio-Phonograph
09/06/2000silvertone model # 64
09/11/2000radiola 18 tunning wheel
09/11/2000can the wood be repaired and refinished?
09/12/2000Korting Radio Stereo Console
09/17/2000stromberg carlson
09/17/2000Silvertone wood console Model 4789 (late 30's?)
09/21/20001937 Buick radio
09/23/2000silvertone model #4485
09/24/2000Identity of radio
09/30/2000Schematic for a 280 tube amplifier
10/02/2000Stromberg Carlson singlebox
10/02/2000RCA Regenoflex
10/05/2000Bone Fone Radio For Sale on E-Bay Item #458802275
10/07/2000Question about Olympic Hi Fi
10/08/2000Philco 37-630 Schematic
10/09/2000Silvertone Shortwave Floor Model, catalog #6106, chassis #101.662-4e
10/10/2000western electric tube
10/13/2000old rca radio VRA57
10/15/2000Grundig schematics
10/18/2000silvertone 1484
10/20/2000SILVERTONE 1590 CATHEDRAL - HELP, HELP !!!!!!!
10/23/2000RCA VICTOR "Nipper IV"
10/26/2000Precision Apparatus Company Tube tester Model No 920
10/27/2000Pioneer MultiPlex SX 800
10/29/2000Super-regen receivers
11/03/2000NOS tubes for anyone
11/06/2000zenith 6-J-357 console
11/06/2000Need help w/ RCA Victor Television!
11/16/2000schmetic for Phillips ac/dc
11/25/2000Zenith 6-s-362
11/25/20001939 RCA model K50 help
11/28/2000Harman Kardon 350i reciever
12/01/2000Radiola 25 parts
12/04/2000Hickok T53
12/11/2000GE FE-82 Schematic
12/13/2000Schematic Coronado model 43-8180
12/13/2000Dial cord for Philco 38-12
12/25/2000RCA Console Radio Model 811K
12/31/2000vacuum tipped tube
01/01/2001Help me Identify this radio and find restorer
01/01/2001Old Records
01/14/2001Rca Little Nipper Radio
01/17/2001parts needed Philco model#89B
01/19/2001montgomery ward Airline Air wave Player/Phono/Shortwave ect...
01/22/2001Delmonico Nivico SW Radio
01/26/2001Westinghouse radio model H-168
02/01/2001in search of tube testers
02/01/2001Is it an antique?
02/04/2001CD adapter for Telefunken
02/04/2001RCA Victor Model 3-X-532
02/12/2001WESTINGHOUSE H-124
02/16/2001Harman Kardon Citation 19 schematic needed
02/18/2001zenith tv doesn't power up immediately
02/19/2001Grundig Musikschrank 7028
02/19/2001Stromberg-Carlson Console HELP
02/26/2001RCA Victrola Model U44 Table Top "Globe Trotter"
02/26/2001RCA Victrola Model U44 Table Top "Globe Trotter"
02/28/2001rca victor-any info?
03/11/2001Philco Knobs
03/13/2001RCA Victor Model PR-21
03/13/2001Stereo Power Amplifier PHILIPS Type 22AH578/00
03/13/2001Need biasing info for sansui 1000 uses 25e5/pl36
03/14/2001Silvertone Victrola
03/15/2001Essbee Radio Information
03/20/2001RCA Parts
03/20/2001Gundig Majestic 3035
03/26/2001Trouble with schematics
03/27/2001Motorola Radio model 62X11 Need Help
03/27/2001Hallicrafters SX-71
03/28/2001RCA Victor Model K82 Console
03/30/2001Need Marconi M49 Radio schematic
04/01/2001Grundig Schematic Needed
04/07/2001NOS Vacuum Tubes
04/11/2001replacement cartridge
04/11/2001schematic for Philco 46-1226-122
04/12/2001Looking for flyback trans. for old RCA TV
04/14/2001Zenith Transoceanic
04/17/2001Sears, Silvertone, Guitar Amps
04/25/2001Cossor Oscilloscope
04/26/2001Schematic request
04/27/2001knobs for predicta pedestal
04/28/2001DUAL Record player question ?
04/30/2001Magnavox Amp Chassis Restoration
05/05/2001Silvertone TV-101
05/05/2001Parts for old turntable
05/05/2001RCA Victrola Model V - 215 Console
05/08/2001RCA Victrola Model VHT-33 W
05/12/2001Harmon Kardon 730 volume control
05/17/2001Value of a SX-99
05/18/2001old parts
05/20/2001Atwater Kent amp draw
05/29/2001Hallicrafter sx-71
05/30/2001Spiegal Inc. (Ai-rCastle)
06/05/2001I need an AF transformer for Philco mod 46-1226
06/07/2001Telefunken EL156 - EL34 Metal Base - GZ34 Metal Base - AVO Tube Testers
06/13/2001recone speaker
06/16/2001Dual 1229
06/18/2001Rogers-Majestic #R268
06/18/2001philco model 51-1733
06/20/2001Tech discussion Forum
06/23/20011936 RCA Victor Console Radio (please help)
06/24/2001tech forum posting broke??
06/24/2001Crosley Model X
07/02/2001RCA Victor 811k
07/04/2001Harmon Kardon Citation Twelve For Sale
07/07/2001silvertone 1484 amp.
07/11/2001parts id on schematic
07/16/2001atwater kent system-type k
07/20/2001RCA Victrola V-215 power transformer
07/22/2001RCA Victor VRA-56
07/25/2001Info. on my Tatro radio?
08/12/2001Clarion Jr. Cabinet
08/15/2001Mantola (B.F. Goodrich) radios?
08/24/2001Flocking On Philco Turn Table
08/25/2001Sears silvertone model 7076 phonograph console...HELP !
08/28/2001Crosley radio model j819 year??
08/29/2001Zenith 27" problem
09/02/2001free switches/bosch radio
09/05/2001Philco 46-1226
09/20/2001Hallicrafter 5R-40
09/24/2001Searching for 1936 Buick radio
10/01/2001Zenith radio
10/05/20011976 Curtis Mathes TV
10/06/2001General Motors Radio Corp
10/08/2001RCA On Air Warning Light (looking for parts)
10/13/2001Silvertone powrshifter #6686 1948 power converter?
10/15/2001RCA Victor Model SHF-8
10/26/2001I need a audio transformer for a 38-7 Philco radio
10/27/2001Philco Model 38-10 Floorstanding model: What are the Dials?
11/02/2001Hallicrafter SX 71
11/02/2001Old Coin-Op RCA Radio
11/07/2001Year of manufacture
11/11/2001Grundig SC 303 D (C)
11/28/2001Sears Silvertone 5016 -- HELP??
12/02/2001RCA Victor Tape Recorder
12/09/2001Volume Control reading
12/12/2001Sears Silvertone Gutar Amp model 1464
12/16/2001Need info about Hallicrafters SX-71 receiver
12/17/2001COSSOR 333 A TDR
12/18/2001Reverb on a 1484 Silvertone Guitar Amp
12/19/2001LG 4210
12/24/2001sears silvertone stereo phonograph
12/31/20011932 Stromberg-Carlson Stand up radio - piece of furniture
01/01/2002Silvertone 1481 amplifier from sears
01/03/2002value of antique radios
01/07/2002Grundig SSB schematic
01/12/2002silvertone radio wire recorder and phonograph
01/14/2002GE clock radio tube
01/15/2002Westinghouse WR 214
01/29/2002RCA Victor New Orthophonic label
02/01/2002Zenith Resistor? 63-992-ET
02/05/2002Need info about GE K-126 console Radio
02/05/2002RCA consolette 76b2
02/10/2002Sears Silvertone PhonoGraph
02/10/2002Hickok Tube Testers (HICKOKTUBETESTERS.COM)
02/11/2002silvertone amp mo.1464
02/16/2002Philpis console scematic #EX997A/63
02/18/2002Tektronix 222 digital storage oscilloscope
02/20/2002G.E. " Dr. Pepper Cooler Radio"
02/21/2002Harmon Kardon Citation V
02/22/2002phillips ga-212 turntable motor needed
02/23/2002Year of Radio
02/24/2002Wards Airline 62-197
03/06/2002I´m looking for Schematic TV Grundig CUC 3800
03/08/2002Stromberg-Carolson Radio 1121-L
03/09/2002RCA 11717 "ON AIR" or "RECORDING" light
03/10/2002Zenith radio-record player stereo unit
03/16/2002Needle for RCA Orthosonic...
03/19/2002Andrea Radio
03/24/2002Stromberg Carlson model 1120
03/26/2002trouble with schematic
03/27/2002Testing 01A Tubes on Heathkit TC-3 Tubechecker
03/27/2002Philips 7951 receiver - looking for info
04/09/2002PACO C 20 resistor/condenser bridge
04/13/2002zenith sw radio /turntable
04/16/2002clairtone G2
04/17/2002GRUNDIG 9072
04/17/2002Removing a broken knob spring... help! ; )
04/27/2002Need to know info on Victrola RCA Victor
04/28/2002Crosley 25AW Schematics?
05/05/2002DECCA Model 30
05/14/2002Philco Car Radio
05/17/2002RCA Victor Model 19K
07/03/1997Tube Substitution Updates!
08/10/1997Schematic & Technical Information Updates
08/13/1997German made Emud" brand radios from 50's. (?)60's (?)
09/14/1997Stewart-Warner 9009-B
09/23/1997Looking for info on a radio
09/23/1997Looking for info on a radio
10/18/1997Sharp FV-1710 Shortwave Radio
12/21/1997T21 Tube
12/21/1997T21 taylor tube
01/25/1998Wurlitzer radio
03/25/1998Frank Lloyd Wright
04/23/1998Aircraft Band Receiver
04/23/1998Aircraft Band Receiver
04/23/1998Aircraft Band Receiver
05/16/1998R1155A military communication receive
05/21/1998Magnavox Chairside
05/23/1998value of Emud stereophonic
06/25/1998Majestic 1928 Model 72
07/04/1998Rider's preWWII radio schematics & test equip for sale
07/07/1998philco 20-a revival
08/10/1998WW-II Military AM BC/SW Receiver R-100/URR
10/05/1998WANTED 1L6 TUBE
10/10/1998Philco 38-8
10/14/1998motorola rf amp
11/24/1998looking for info on old radio
11/25/1998philco 42-335
01/15/1999Schematics needed Siltronix 1011c
01/27/1999Beckley-Ralston TRF Receiver
01/28/1999Identify Howard
02/04/1999Stromberg - Carlson 880... Info please???
02/04/1999Stromberg - Carlson 880... Info please???
03/15/1999mcmurdo silver
05/16/1999Montgomery Ward Airline Model GEN 1479A Radio
05/18/1999selenium rectifiers
05/24/1999Grundig SO 172 PX
05/27/1999New AWA Website Announcement
06/03/1999need info on my PYE radio!
06/23/1999Old Radios, tubes, and parts available
06/23/1999Old Radios, tubes, and parts available
06/23/1999Old radios, tubes and parts available
06/28/1999Zenith 7-S-232A
07/03/1999watterson model 51
08/14/1999Airline super hetfrodyne
09/03/1999Montgomery Wards "Airline Ampitheater"
09/15/1999jackson tube tester
09/15/1999tube tester
09/19/1999The Philco Repair Bench - Updated again . . .
09/28/1999galena radio
10/09/1999Superior Instruments TD 55 Tube tester
10/09/1999Superior Instruments TD 55 Tube tester
10/13/1999philco 37-33 pilot light
10/14/1999Raytheon Vacuum Tube 6414
10/24/1999Philco antenna site in Abington Twp. PA
10/26/1999Tripplet Tube tester
10/30/1999Tubes For Sale
11/07/1999RPC 7G
11/12/1999Silvertone model ?
11/13/1999QTR-8 Valve CB transceiver
11/13/1999old capacitors
11/20/1999re:Lafayette to D-104 schematics
11/21/1999Radiola III capacitors
11/27/199916mm movie camera
11/27/1999parts and info
11/28/1999radiola 18 tube layout (shown incorrectly on schematic)
12/05/1999Crosley TV Chassis
12/06/1999peerless speaker
12/11/1999Radiola 60 Cabinet Veneer
12/25/1999Monroe type D-7
12/27/1999WW2 prison radio's
12/27/1999WW2 prison radio's
01/05/2000admiral phonograph model AS1900
01/24/2000Zenith Transoceanic
02/02/2000Majestic model 90A filter info
02/05/2000HICKOK 538A
02/14/2000Anyone want a Stromberg-Carlson 440M
02/16/2000Zenith 4B313 voltage
02/21/2000AN/PRC-10 Battery or power suply
02/23/200020s era tubes
02/27/2000Need National NC-88 schematic & service info
03/07/2000We lose a Friend
03/11/2000wanted - basket case Fender guitar amps (tube type)
04/06/2000Dictaphone Shaver
04/09/2000schematic Blaupunkt4w76.
04/17/2000Rca Radiola 80
04/24/2000Sparton Floor Model 99
05/07/2000midland 77-102
05/15/2000RCA crystal-calibrated marker generator wr-99a
05/16/2000KFC N1554-2 Schematic
05/22/2000Stewart Warner 1261-A Magic Dial
05/24/2000Silvertone 800 Mod 222
05/26/2000McIntosh Amp Value??
05/28/2000walkie talkie
06/07/2000Liberty Supreme
06/23/2000philco 42-335
06/25/2000Johnson Messenger I Mods?
07/01/2000radio backs
07/03/2000looking for triplicator
07/03/2000browning "mark" series cb radios
07/05/2000Printer repair forums??
07/07/2000Re: Browning "Mark" C.B. Radios
07/07/2000Re: Browning "Mark" C.B. Radios
07/17/2000RCA VICTOR BX6 Superheterodyne AM Radio
07/19/2000Sony STR 6055
07/22/2000Victor RE-57
07/25/2000old radios
07/28/2000Barclay Radio Set
07/30/2000RCA T-60
07/30/2000Model TV-II
07/30/2000Crosley 515 schematics
07/31/2000TIR2000 TI chip(infrared hi speed controller)
08/04/2000Radiola 60
08/04/2000Teraphone Radio need info!!!!!!!!!!
08/06/2000crystal cartridge rebuilding
08/07/2000Tube Tester help.
08/08/2000philco radio
08/09/2000Wards Airline Superheterodyne
08/09/2000tube data listings
08/15/2000RCA 262 dial glass retaining ring
08/15/2000Instruction Manual for Tektronix Oscilloscope
08/16/2000JVC nivico 70's globe tv
08/18/2000Tube type Robyn 23ch CB for sale
08/21/2000Telefunken Princess Console ..Free to a good home!
08/24/2000Craig CB Radio
08/27/2000RE: Hallicrafters 4 band Radios
08/30/2000Stewart-Warner 9004-G
08/31/2000Wards Airline wanted
09/12/2000Korting Radio Stereo Console
09/14/2000Airline Model AE 10 ANY info needed.
09/17/2000Dictaphone (Type A, Model 12, patented 1917)
09/17/2000Delmonico Nivico Model 234 Cabinet/Stereo
09/18/2000MINIX HF-1001
09/19/2000old equipment??
09/23/2000QMAX Receiver of Communications
10/04/2000HELP ME !!!
10/04/2000RCA 143 Schematic
10/09/2000Info on old radio/receiver
10/13/2000schematic for SONY CPD 1791
10/14/2000SCHEMATIC FOR FH-150R
10/18/2000NEEDED ** hp8640A,3478A,5445B manuals
10/18/2000Emerson #609 Television
10/19/2000back to RCA 143 schematic
10/21/2000RCA Victor model 5T superheterodyne
10/25/2000ARC R35A Schematics
10/31/2000old rca victor
11/03/2000A.C. Dayton XL-20-6
11/04/2000Philco 47-1230
11/11/2000if transformer
11/12/2000need schematic for CTX 1792UA
11/14/2000schematic Grundig color 1500 (CTV)
11/15/2000silvertone guitar and amplifier by Sears
11/16/2000Howard Model 40
11/17/2000Siltronix LA-600
11/19/2000Reproduction Power Cord Plugs
11/20/2000Information on a Freed Radio
11/25/2000Schematics for an old radio Marconi A-277
12/04/20005A6 and 1V6 electron tube data sheets
12/04/2000RCA radiola 80 and Radiomarelli Coribante prices
12/04/2000FM Pilotuner Setup
12/08/2000tube 78 player is dead
12/10/2000Recommend a Good Tube Tester Midel and Brand
12/16/2000Need schematic for 1937 Buick radio
12/20/2000MIL RX R19-TRC1 (NATO)
12/20/2000Need a Sony Schematic for FH-B511
12/21/2000Zenith royal 1000 push pull stage transistors
12/22/2000Wollensak 3M model T-1500 schematic needed...
12/27/2000Philco help?
01/01/2001crosley radio headphones
01/02/2001Need a schamatics for a marshall amp model # 8040
01/03/2001Info on a RCA Victor Model K80
01/07/2001Schematic for Zenith Model 6S527 Chasis 6A02
01/20/2001crystal cartridge for 1949 philco radio/phono
01/24/2001Searchig for Grundig Satellit and other multi wave receiver
01/24/2001Tube location in Emud Rekord Jr 196
01/24/2001One-half normal plate voltage on Crosley Fiver
01/25/2001SOS! need schematic of Color 1500 Grundig CTV!
01/30/2001Record Maker . Wards Airline (1940?)
02/02/2001Schematic for a Zenith Model 4-V-31
02/07/2001565 and 566 what are they worth and will 100 MHZ ?
02/07/2001Identification of Belmont Radio
02/08/2001Zenith TV schematic needed
02/10/2001WHat have I found
02/17/2001Mathes Hi-FI record player/console
02/24/2001need sony schematic
02/26/2001SONY FH-7 OR FH-15 Photo needed
03/11/2001Blaupunkt stereo/shortwave console
03/17/2001Atwater Kent MODEL H Horn Speaker Driver
03/18/2001emud record senior 60 radio
03/24/2001How to turn $6 into $6,000!
03/26/2001NANAO F550i monitor schematic needed
04/01/2001NOS TUBES Mullard Telefunken EL34,EL84,GZ32,GZ34,E88CC,EF86 ...
04/03/2001BC603-(683) schematic-tube complement
04/03/2001Wards Airline Superheterodyne schematic and power supply.
04/05/2001tv and antique radio tubes
04/05/2001RCA Aircraft Radio Reciever info and schematic wantet
04/07/2001cartridge needles
04/09/2001wards airline identification?
04/14/2001old parts=bargains 4 you
04/22/2001__FAST CASH WITH ONLY 6$ (CLICK HERE) !!!!
04/28/2001settings to test ux201a
05/13/2001Sprague Cap/Resistor Tester Info ?
05/23/2001Ekko Stamp email list
05/25/2001rca model 143-worth?
05/26/2001tektronix 545 oscilloscope
05/27/20011948 Admiral tv and phono console
05/27/2001Sentinel and 49A tube
05/29/2001Wanted: Delmomnico/Nivco record player & radio consolette
05/29/2001Schematic and Info on Heathkit AA32
06/01/2001Stark tube tester settings
06/03/2001IF Transformers
06/03/2001Easy Money Turn $6 into $50,000
06/06/2001Atwater Kent Model 976
06/07/2001Tons of Free Pictures
06/07/2001capacitor identification
06/11/2001Philco 53-658
06/12/2001NRI 69 manual and schematic needed
06/12/2001date my tv
06/13/2001Zenith Royal 7000 Case Removal
06/13/2001RCA Victrola 65u
06/18/2001Horn reproducer coils
06/20/2001Victor Radio
06/20/2001Horn Reproducer coils
06/26/2001Antique Antenna
06/27/2001northern electric problem
07/01/2001Any Pye radio experts able to help with identifying a model please?
07/04/2001Victrola RCA console stereo
07/07/2001Supreme Model 585 Diagnometer
07/08/2001RCA Victor 55u
07/13/2001Help identifying old tube VT-127A
07/13/2001need zenith cobramatic phono/radio schemo 6j02
07/15/2001Cleaning Bakelite Radio's
07/17/2001goldstar studioworks 45 i schematic
07/18/2001AirCastle schematic
07/20/2001Look at http://www.cb-radio-museum.com
07/22/2001telefunken schematics
07/23/2001Magnavox horn disassembly help needed
07/25/2001for sale mark III
07/28/2001Blaupunkt LAS VEGAS CDM147 SCHEMATIC
08/05/2001home based business ideas,work at home opportunity,make money online
08/07/2001Can I put new stereo components in a GE stereo?
08/07/2001am superhetrodyne reciever
08/09/2001SILVERTONE MODEL # 4714 Organ
08/11/2001REKORD SENIOR 60 (EMUD) of (then) Western German
08/14/20011924 Radiola III Tubes?
08/14/2001Crosley 52-TH
08/23/2001ZENITH MODEL H88O
08/26/2001Montgomery Ward Airline 94B
08/30/2001SONY FH 150R
09/07/2001Zenith Cobra-Matic H880R
09/08/2001Victor Micro synchronous Radio
09/12/2001Search engine ranking, search engine placement, search engine optimization
09/16/2001hello of FRANCE Help-me please schematics Arvin 702
09/26/2001lafayette comstat 25
09/26/2001Hi, need schematics Grundig P37-040!!!
09/29/2001Admiral A-10 Console Shortwave/phono/radio
10/10/2001Need Schematics for Airline guitar amp
10/10/2001Crosley Power Transformer Value
10/11/2001Help Identify Emerson Wooden Radio-Phono 40's ???
10/13/2001Montgomery Wards 1940 Airline Radio FOR SALE
10/16/2001crosley radio-record player consol
11/05/2001RCA Model 9-40 Electrola
11/12/2001How can I tell what model EMUD I have ????
11/24/2001MW Airline Radio Record Player 1940 - M:04BR-620A HELP
11/24/2001admiral model 6A22
11/25/2001Blaupunkt Miami
11/28/2001siltronix 1011c
12/02/2001Knight Rf Sweep Generator
12/03/2001Old Magnavox console Model ISTG04R with FM radio problem
12/10/2001Blaupunkt manual for tv-set is 70-78 VT
12/17/2001Pathe Schematic Needed
12/19/2001COSSOR 333A TDR
12/19/2001Help Info RCA Victor New Orthophonic High Fidelity
12/23/2001Storage unit full of antique radios
12/26/20011921 Kennedy Type 281 "Short Wave" Receiver
01/04/2002Grundig CTV - CUC 2600 (2606/9)
01/11/2002Does anyone know what the value on a RCA New Vista Victrola is these days?
01/14/2002Philips Sagitta 431 model B4D31A
01/24/2002old radios
01/29/2002Need schematic for FH-B7CD (HCD-H7)
01/31/2002WTB: old 845 tubes
01/31/2002Tv Record Model#RC-4029 PS
02/01/2002B&K "DynaJet" tube selector
02/03/2002Cabinet Radio
02/05/2002Radiola 25 schematic
02/10/2002electronics support
02/19/2002radio tube
02/26/2002sony xru500rds back
03/05/2002transoceanic hum zenith model h-500
03/06/2002Zenith model 8H20Z
03/12/2002Indy 480 car amplifier schematics
03/24/2002Stromberg Carlson model 1120
03/27/2002Zenith T/O H500 door & loop antenna
04/06/2002old tubes
04/08/2002RCA VICTOR TOMBSTONE - Model 76-1 (Mid 30's)
04/14/2002Eizo F56
04/14/2002Stewart Warner
04/17/2002Philco 46-350. Please help!
04/20/2002Motorola 69X
04/21/2002philco 51-1730
04/24/2002RCA BP-10
04/24/2002Crosley new buddy
04/28/2002Telefunken hifi Stereo Console Model 5306 MX
04/28/2002philco & other vintage televisions 1940,s 50,s
04/30/2002EMC 213 Tube tester
04/30/2002Knight Kit KG-670 manual
05/02/2002capacitors!! whats the rule on replacement
05/04/2002RCA RADIOLA 41
05/09/2002vintage picture tube rebuilts
05/11/2002New Replacement Meters for Hickok Tubetesters.
05/11/2002IF COILS
05/15/2002Tektronix modelo R 564 R storage oscilloscopio
05/17/2002shematics echophone ec-1A for a French friend !
05/17/2002Replacement Needle for RCA New Vista Victrola
05/21/2002Peerless Reproducers of Rochester New York
05/22/2002sub for a 35a5
05/22/2002Tube Types
05/22/2002Tuning eye response
05/23/2002Schematic 9-BX-56 radio
05/23/2002I am restoring a moviedial film...
05/23/2002AK44 Power Supply in a AK40 chassis
05/23/2002AK44 Tube Layout
05/23/2002Need help on US radio model 5A
05/24/2002Stark & Mercury Tube testers
05/25/2002 philco 48-1284
05/25/2002Is my Philco worth anything?
05/25/2002Philco Model 84 Restoration
05/26/2002Telefunken Electrovox 3-T Cartridge Needed
05/26/2002Hot 5U4GB
05/26/2002Silvertone Model 1954 Radio
05/27/2002tube UX121
05/27/2002Philco 46-1226
05/28/2002speaker cone
05/28/2002RCA Model 87T
05/28/2002RCA C13-2 console radio
05/28/2002Silvertone console schematic
05/28/2002 Car radio Philco Model C-4908 or Mopar model 805
05/28/2002Radiobar Mystery Radio
05/29/2002weak batttery set
05/29/2002Ballpark value on Philco 625?
05/29/2002Hopalong Cassidy Arvin Radio 441t
05/30/2002tele-tone tv-149
05/30/2002Silvertone Console Model 7071
05/31/2002Heathkit Programmable Freq. Counter SM-110B
05/31/2002How to fix a TV screen blue, yellow, and red spots????
05/31/2002Model 45-EY-3 RCA RECORD PLAYER
06/01/2002Old Willard Glass-cased Battery
06/02/2002Pioneer dust cover
06/02/2002Silvertone 1914 Console Radio
06/02/2002EMC 209 tube tester manual
06/02/2002Galaxy -40 help please
06/03/2002Wilcox-Gay Recordio
06/03/2002Console radio
06/03/2002Zenith 6-S-321
06/04/2002Chrome Majestic radio
06/04/2002Sleeper Monotrol
06/04/2002Atwater-Kent Model 21 Compact
06/06/2002clairtone project G speaker dent repair?
06/07/2002stuck tuning slug
06/07/2002Forum Problems
06/07/2002sub for 12z3?
06/09/2002RCA Victrola
06/09/2002silvertone 4593
06/09/2002Silvertone 4587
06/09/2002Schematic for Philco 41-300
06/09/2002Zenith Tran-Oceanic Battery
06/10/2002Sound distortion on Clarinette 96
06/10/2002American Beauty autoamtic iron
06/10/2002Silvertone (Sears) Organ 4788
06/10/2002Tube tester for 26, 27, 71A, and 80 tubes
06/10/2002Aircastle radio
06/10/2002Silvertone Stereo
06/11/2002Radiola 25 Test
06/11/2002Where have all the capacitors gone?
06/12/2002Removing paint from Bakelite knobs???
06/12/2002Simpson 260-8 VOM
06/12/2002RCA New Vista Victrola
06/13/2002Manual for Westinghouse model KS-15750-L1
06/13/2002Radiola 25 Doggone Dogbone Resistor
06/13/2002Cap values for Philco model 96
06/14/2002Superior Instruments 82A tube tester chart needed
06/14/2002Blaupunkt model New York
06/17/2002Crosley Model 11-101U
06/17/2002RCA Victor 220/222
06/18/2002Zenith 12-5=232
06/20/2002Setings for 6550/KT88 for Hickok 600
06/20/2002Philco condensers
06/20/2002Test Equipment schematics
06/20/2002Hickok 600A schematic
06/21/2002FADA RW - electrodynamic speaker
06/21/2002Triplett All Radio Servicer
06/21/2002Need help for Trav-ler radio-clock #5170
06/23/2002RCA 66x2
06/23/2002RCA PORTABLE RADIO/Model BP-10
06/23/2002Fender amp, model 5F4
06/24/2002Zenith 12-S-265 Electrical Question.
06/25/2002Wards Airline knobs
06/26/2002Sparton 782 PA
06/26/2002Superior TV 11 tube tester help please
06/26/2002Atwater Kent model 70,L chassis what tubes go in it?
06/26/2002Have old zenith
06/27/2002Simpson Model 415A Signal Generator
06/28/2002How to clean a (old!) tube socket
06/28/2002Philco Model 46-1226
06/28/2002drive belt
06/29/2002RCA Radiola 18
06/30/2002How to read tube chart on Heathkit TC-1 (TC-2)
06/30/2002H-500 Zenith Transoceanic 5 tube portable schematics
07/01/2002Shorted tubes
07/02/2002US R & T Apex Model 712
07/02/2002Selenium rectifiers
07/02/2002Airline Schematic
07/02/2002Burgess A15 Battery Specs
07/02/2002NOS Resistors Question
07/02/2002western electric telephone.
07/02/2002Zeith Armstrong table top
07/04/2002a western auto truetone stratoscope model D 1240
07/04/2002Thorola airgaps
07/05/2002Stewart Warner 9000 B
07/05/2002Antenna Question
07/05/2002Stromberg Carlson 520PL
07/06/2002Yale B-Battery Eliminator Resistor Values?
07/07/2002Hickock 533A- Line Voltage Adjustment Question
07/07/2002Firestone R-1661
07/08/2002Mica capacitor?
07/08/2002Stromberg Carlson RF-487 Speaker Question
07/09/2002philco 38-60
07/09/2002no high voltage or raster
07/09/2002Harmon Kardon 430... sound out of left but no right
07/10/2002Hum in radio output
07/10/2002RCA QU62
07/11/2002Silvertone 4587A
07/12/2002Detrola Radio
07/12/2002Sansui R-30 schematic
07/12/2002GE K85
07/13/2002Atwater kent model 70 with L chassis,speaker help
07/13/2002Montgomery Ward's Airline Radio
07/13/2002Need a schematic for Sparton 6-36-SX and help
07/14/2002Tubes and layout for A.K 83
07/15/2002Pla-Pal Radio
07/15/2002Colonial model 601 Radio
07/15/2002Chassis work
07/15/2002wards airline chairside radio-phonograph
07/15/2002Cleaning Grille Cloth
07/16/2002Northern Electric wood tubes radio model 610
07/17/2002Bendix Clock Radio Model 753
07/17/2002Magnavox Tube Radio
07/17/2002Bad Selenium Rectifier
07/18/2002Capacitor value?
07/18/2002Ever-Best AM Receiver??
07/19/2002Sivertone assistance
07/19/2002Admiral standing console info
07/19/2002Weird Crosley Model Number
07/19/2002AA5 conversion to shortwave
07/20/2002Precision 912 Tube Tester Question
07/20/2002Blue Glow in RCA 6L6G tubes
07/21/2002RCA Victola strange noise when tuning
07/21/2002RCA Victor Model 110K
07/21/2002Philco Radiobar
07/21/2002Speaker Cone Repair
07/22/2002Need help on a superior instruments 670-a tester
07/22/2002Transformer and #80 tube
07/22/2002European power vs USA power
07/22/2002No Subject
07/23/2002B+ Voltage Check Assistance
07/23/2002Power Supply for Crosley Trirdyn
07/23/2002old battery set
07/24/2002Majestic Model 91
07/24/2002Magnificient Crosley
07/24/2002New power cord & grounding help
07/24/2002Emerson TC 4352
07/25/2002Philco Refrigerator
07/25/2002Guide book for tubes (learn about tubes and fonctions)
07/25/2002Pal/Siltronix VFO's
07/26/2002value of emud stereophonic
07/26/2002emud stereophonic
07/26/2002electrodynamic speaker (old kind of speaker)
07/27/2002Need help identifying and schematic for Setchell-Carlson
07/27/2002Schematic for Grunow Model 571
07/27/2002RCA Radiola 17's schematic.
07/28/2002Philco 41-608 Output Transformer
07/28/2002battery set problem with high end of dial
07/29/2002Philco console 51-1732
07/29/2002Door for Zenith 1000-D
07/30/2002Admiral 6Q12
07/30/2002Atwater Kent 80
07/30/2002What is "hum" on an oscilloscope?
07/30/2002Victor (RCA) R-32
07/31/2002Chassis for Philco 40-180 or 40-185
08/01/2002Marconi wood radio model 156 (AM & SW)
08/01/2002Tranformer Help for Philco Model 90
08/01/2002Pioneer Receiver sx-850
08/01/2002"Boy's First Book of Radio"
08/02/2002Zenith 6D510 E-D 4" Speaker
08/02/2002airline model 84kr2510a
08/02/2002RCA New Vista Record Player part needed.
08/02/2002General Model 250
08/03/2002Stewart-Warner Model 02-428 or battery info
08/05/2002Need PHILCO 42-395 schematic
08/05/2002How does this cartridge stay in the tonearm??
08/06/2002Heathkit IM 4100 Counter
08/07/20021925 radio
08/07/2002Where can I get tuning slugs for a Fisher 500c anyone?
08/07/2002James Millen Dip Meter
08/08/2002standup aerial to replace long wire aerial
08/09/20028-16 ohm speakers
08/09/2002Radio w/o power transformer = dangerous?
08/09/2002Hickok 6000/ 6000A Tube Tester
08/10/2002Converting 8-track tapes to cassette
08/11/2002Philco 48-250
08/11/2002Lloyds 7S43B
08/12/20021928 Kolster Model 20
08/12/2002Truetone D1752
08/12/2002GE H-51 using an RCA 82 radio chassis
08/13/2002RCA 87T Tuning Belt
08/13/2002Firestone Air Chief Console info needed
08/13/2002Firestone Air Chief Console info needed
08/14/2002grundig / philips record changer early 1970's
08/14/2002parts for rca 45j record player
08/14/2002zenith schematics
08/14/2002Weird Oscillation
08/14/2002Replacing audio transformer on a speaker
08/14/2002Alignment of Philco 41-280
08/15/2002Crosley Identification
08/15/2002Heathkit AA-151 Integrated Amplifier
08/15/2002Philips B5X43A
08/16/2002M.W. Airline ch.#326W
08/16/2002Radiola III Capacitor Values
08/17/2002ZENITH 10s567 Help!!! First project (With something this old)
08/17/2002ZENITH 10s567 Help!!! First project (With something this old)
08/17/2002OA2 tube test on EICO 635
08/17/2002Stromberg-Carlson 1210PG
08/18/2002M.W. Airline Ch.#326w
08/18/2002how old
08/18/2002Silvertone Identification (Help!)
08/18/2002Loose Tube Caps and Bases
08/18/200245 rpm changer needed
08/19/2002Philco Model 60 Schematic
08/20/2002can you help identify this speaker
08/20/2002MAJESTIC 13OA
08/21/2002GE Model 860 problem
08/21/2002can you help identify this Admiral Radio
08/21/2002Philco 42-PT95 Schematic needed
08/22/2002Line resistance cord
08/22/2002Battery info Burgess
08/22/2002Anyone have an image of a Tempest radio for a 1961 Pontiac Tempest?
08/22/20026005 Tetrode Application
08/23/20021R4 tube characteristics
08/23/2002Mopar 805 (Philco C-4908)
08/24/2002Telefunken concertino,problem with AM
08/24/2002RCA Victor Radio Model 16K
08/24/2002Magnavox Solid State Stereo - Astrosonic 2RP628
08/25/2002HELP ON Testing Tubes
08/27/2002errors in 'Replacing Defective Resistance Line Cords -Followup'
08/28/2002Capehart stereo in cabinet
08/30/2002output transformer
08/30/20025-tube alignment
08/30/2002Magnavox Astro-Sonic Series 30 Stereo Console
08/31/2002Marconi 130
08/31/2002No Subject
08/31/2002Unidentified Admiral Radio
09/01/2002RCA Model R90
09/01/2002Admiral JSJ12777
09/01/2002Help RCA Victor Stereo-Orthophonic High Fidelity
09/01/2002Zenith long range radio
09/03/2002Philco 41-300 audio
09/03/2002Mysterious switch on a Northern Electric radio
09/03/2002Philco 46-480
09/04/2002Hickok 533A 600A 605A Tube Tester
09/04/2002Mohawk Lyric?????
09/05/2002I need a radio identified!
09/05/2002Philco 41-260 schematic
09/05/2002radio stations in 1923
09/05/2002General Electric Model XP 335
09/06/20021950's TV/Radio/Phono combo Model 52-T1882
09/06/2002Dial Lamp Reference
09/07/2002rca to din
09/07/2002RCA Victor New Orthophonic High Fidelity
09/07/2002Crosley Floor Model #164
09/08/2002Magnet recharging
09/08/2002Old Airline Battery set
09/08/2002admiral console
09/09/2002Burgess battery
09/10/2002RME 45 comunications reciever
09/11/2002Crosley Radio/Phono
09/11/2002Philco 38-4 audio output transformer
09/11/2002westinghouse h310t5 chassis v-2161
09/11/20021949 Philco
09/11/2002cap for emerson 659B radio
09/12/2002Emerson 659B schematic II / attn: John McPherson
09/12/2002Dump Find
09/14/2002Shorts test lamp for Heathkit TC-2 Tube Checker
09/14/2002equivalent transistor
09/14/2002Just recapped philco 40-130...
09/14/2002Schematics for Bremer-Tully 6-37 Counterphase
09/14/2002Silvertone Consoles 10 tube vs. 7 tube
09/15/2002Philco radio
09/15/2002zenith 8h20 stereo
09/16/2002grundig majestic model 7061 w/3d
09/16/2002Northern Electric model PA-14A amplifier
09/16/2002Question for Norm about 40-130...
09/17/2002Grundig Majestic Identification
09/18/2002harmon kardon t300x tube receiver
09/18/2002philco 38-4 speaker...
09/18/2002Wards Airline Cabinet Radio.
09/18/2002Simpson Model 1000 Tube Tester
09/19/2002Schematic of Grundig needed
09/19/2002Capacitor value
09/19/2002Elektra 56 Daata
09/20/2002Eye Tube Problem
09/21/2002United American Bosch Corp.
09/21/2002Philco model 54 code 121
09/21/2002Hickok 605A Manuals
09/22/2002Zenith console Model 4B355
09/22/2002Firestone 4A-21
09/22/2002Zenith model 6G038R
09/23/2002Rehabbed HK 730
09/23/2002telefunken gavotte 55
09/24/2002grundig 7061w3d drawing too much power
09/24/20021L6 Tube for Trans-Oceanic
09/25/2002TV on an O-scope
09/25/2002Cleaner for switches and sockets
09/26/2002Stromberg-Carlson turntable
09/26/2002Philco 70 Wire colors
09/26/2002Bendix opinion needed
09/27/2002Airline 04BR-720A schematics
09/28/2002White Westinghouse WTV 1903 V-Chip Lockout
09/29/2002Crosley 515 "Fiver" power transformer
09/29/2002GE J-805 Part's needed, and info on what year it is please.
09/29/2002RCA 45X13
09/29/2002Winding cord diagram
09/30/2002I need info on victol
09/30/2002Monitoradio 30mc-50mc
10/01/2002Philco Model 84 Restoration Continued
10/01/2002Emud T-7 Schematic
10/02/2002solding iron
10/02/2002Burgess A15 battery
10/02/2002RCA 9W22A
10/02/2002Crosley 515, converting to diode rect.
10/02/2002Selenium Rectifier to Diode Conversion
10/02/2002parts for Technics SA-303
10/03/2002Car Record (LP) player
10/03/2002A Philips 2510 schematics needed
10/03/2002Tape Recorder Belts
10/03/2002CRC 38064 tube
10/04/2002Zenith Radio/Record Player
10/06/2002Problems reading a Stromberg-Carlson schematic!!!
10/07/2002schematics of RCA VICTOR 3-bx-671
10/08/2002Jackson Tube tester 648
10/08/2002Dark Paneling
10/08/20026F6G tubes
10/08/2002rca 45-ey=3
10/09/20021T4 Microphonics
10/09/2002 schematic for a montgomery wards airline
10/09/2002gas filled tubes
10/10/2002Schematic for Zenith R510Y
10/10/2002rogers majestic radio
10/10/2002selenium rectifiers
10/10/2002philco 50-1720 code 121 schematic
10/10/2002wood radio refinishing
10/11/2002Can't read Silvertone schematic
10/11/2002Cossor 1058
10/12/2002Ferret modle 721 test speaker
10/12/2002schematics for saba-meersburg stereo MOD. ME19
10/12/2002EICO tube tester MOD 666
10/13/2002Zenith Chasis 5808
10/13/2002short wave reception
10/14/2002Delco R1254 Schematic
10/14/2002reel to reel tape recorders
10/14/2002Schematic for Stewart Warner 950 Series
10/15/2002Zenith 9S367
10/15/2002What is a "matched pair" tubes?
10/15/2002Admiral radio
10/17/2002philco radio-phonograph
10/17/2002voltage drop
10/17/2002Zenith 9S367 Tuning Belt
10/17/2002linear or audio taper pots for volume control?
10/17/2002silvertone radio
10/18/2002Crosley Fiver
10/18/2002antik radios
10/19/2002 15k Volume control with switch for mont. wards 62-104
10/19/2002wet caps?
10/20/2002Stewart-Warner Model 010-8A1X
10/20/2002What kind of caps for a tube amp?
10/21/2002Stewart Warner Speakers
10/21/2002Zenith Shortwave Radio 7S657R
10/21/2002weak tubes
10/21/2002triplet and precision tube testers
10/22/2002tube socket adapters
10/22/2002Cleanin Zenith Chasis
10/22/2002very weak tube
10/22/2002Philco 49-1076 TV-AM/Fm Radio? Record Player
10/22/2002132 KC Transformers
10/22/2002precision mod 10-60
10/23/2002Triplett Tubetester
10/23/2002Zenith drive belt
10/23/2002Radio Question
10/23/20026D6,6C6 substitutes
10/23/2002airline still gets only one station
10/25/2002superior tube tester model 82
10/25/2002Atwater Kent 52 Power Supply
10/26/2002new tube 6c6 test
10/26/2002getting a radio station twice
10/26/2002811A setup on Jackson 648a tubes tester
10/26/2002Westinghouse H-104 resistor value
10/26/2002Conorado radio model 43 8576
10/26/2002Silvertone Powr Shitfr 139.151
10/27/2002Schematic for the Zenith J402Y Radio
10/27/2002Zenith TV Schmetic Needed
10/27/2002Heathkit TC-3 tube checker roll chart
10/27/2002Knight 600C Rectifier
10/27/2002Atwater Kent 40 Power Supply Removing Tar?
10/27/2002Infos for a "Standard Audio Product" tube output transformer
10/28/2002Atwater Kent 55
10/28/2002Kolster escutcheon
10/28/200242 tube and volume
10/28/2002battery operated radio philco 38-123
10/28/2002Koronette stereo
10/29/2002zenith chasis 5808
10/29/2002philco 80..good buy or not
10/29/2002Stromberg - Carlson
10/29/2002Vibrator Theory?
10/30/2002Zenith 420 help
10/30/2002'01A Tubes
10/30/2002Dial Cord Zenith 10S669
10/30/2002Airline 1920's battery set
10/30/2002Radio volume fluctuates
10/30/2002Rogers majestic
10/30/2002Philco 40-120 & Philco 48-1201
10/30/2002cap voltage ratings
10/30/2002Focus coil question on older tv's
10/31/2002GE Model H78
10/31/2002Teledyne Packard Bell Stereo Console
10/31/2002Pullman 10 tube console radio -no model number
10/31/2002Speaker sensitivity - AK Model E vs RCA 100A
10/31/2002unidentified radio/phono combination unit
10/31/2002humming on my airline
10/31/2002Philco 42-380 code 121
11/01/2002RE: Circle Rainbow of Colors On Screen
11/01/2002Atwater Kent Model 42 Schematic
11/01/2002 Driver transformer
11/01/2002IF coilreplacement in Sparton 6AM06
11/01/2002Need your Help!
11/01/2002westinghouse console model H-M 1801
11/02/2002Unidentified radio
11/02/2002Zenith Trans-Oceanic G-500 series schematic
11/02/2002Motorola Console Radio
11/02/2002volume on airline
11/03/2002Zenith television schematic
11/03/2002Mitsubishi v5043 Projection Big Screen
11/03/2002tuning eye
11/03/2002tuning eye
11/03/2002Trans-Oceanic troubles
11/04/2002Boy's First Book of Radio
11/04/2002BH Tube
11/04/2002Merola and Mershon
11/04/2002Philco Floor Model
11/04/2002HELP ME PLEASE, for AK 755 schematic
11/04/2002Old Cathedral
11/05/2002SAE A14 Amplifier
11/05/2002For Sale WorldStar MG-6000. Any ideas on its worth?
11/05/2002Schematic for Farnsworth ET-060
11/05/2002Crosley Model - D-25-E
11/05/2002I too am in need of schemstics & manual for TV-11
11/05/2002antique zenith radio
11/06/2002tube blues
11/06/2002Trying to locate a fuse
11/06/2002Another Canadian Radio question...
11/07/2002Zenith 7H820 (7E01) Chassis
11/07/2002philco 38-4 plasma on 6k5g help?
11/07/2002Grundig 2540U
11/07/2002philco 80 just quit working
11/07/2002volume distortion
11/07/2002recapping a philco 80
11/08/2002Zenith 10-S-567 raido & 1232 tube (9 pins?)
11/08/2002RCA VICTROLIA 45-E7OR EY-7
11/08/2002new bakelite bracelets
11/08/2002Bail me out again Norm (Zenith Model Y723)
11/08/2002CAPS...HOW close do they have to be
11/08/2002philco mdl 46-200 sams 1-24
11/09/2002Setchell Carlson 32VDC Table Schematic
11/09/2002need info
11/09/2002types of caps
11/10/2002Recapping Stromberg-Carlson tubes amp
11/10/2002Airline Radio
11/10/2002Tube tester data for a HeathKit TT-1
11/10/2002Echophone S-5 info please
11/10/2002Fish paper
11/10/2002caps...how can you tell what the circuit is using them as
11/10/2002Silvertone 6435 restoration
11/10/2002NOS CAPS
11/10/2002Philco 46-131 code 121
11/10/2002Admiral RC 200
11/10/2002Admiral RC 200
11/11/2002zenith porthole tv - parts list
11/11/2002Silvertone 7031A Chassis 100.364-1
11/12/2002value of caps for a detrola
11/13/2002Heathkit C-2 Capacitor Tester Schematic Needed
11/13/2002schematic for detrola 106
11/13/2002help with power transformer...overheating?, crackling noise
11/14/2002Accurate Model 257 Tube Tester Schematic Needed
11/14/2002Detrola ??
11/15/2002AM-FM Sparton Howling after Recap
11/15/2002Stereo I have - any info on when it may have been made?
11/15/2002Zenith 7s260 - Chasis 5709
11/15/2002Running and Maintaining a Dynamotor
11/15/2002OUTput transformer problems
11/16/20026BQ5 (7189A) increase grid voltage for max outpout.
11/16/2002philco cap 3793-R info
11/17/2002fuse lamp
11/17/2002radios with no back
11/17/2002Tubes for sale
11/17/2002Philco 40-135 Tube Question
11/17/2002motorboating on philco 80
11/18/2002Thanks to Norm.. and another question
11/18/2002Diode Ratings What Do They Mean
11/19/2002Restoring wrinkled/crackled/aligatored finish.
11/19/2002stains on finish
11/19/2002Radiola model 80 restoration notes & question
11/20/2002antenna wires....where do they go
11/20/2002Electrolytic Cap Replacment - What to use?
11/20/200263 impala am radio
11/21/2002Search option
11/21/2002Old Sparton Radio
11/22/2002philco 3793-R cap value...how close
11/22/2002Klitzen Radio
11/22/2002Westinghouse 622-a-x+y
11/23/2002cant turn up volume on my airline 62-104
11/23/2002speaker paper vibrating/rattling noise
11/23/2002how do you fix a loose ST tube(separated from bakelite base)
11/23/2002makes noise but won't play
11/24/2002Hum in GE GD-60
11/24/20021963 or '64 RCA Console Stereo
11/24/2002Monarch 6 tube tombstone
11/24/2002Schematic needed for G.E. model F-96....crackling power transformer
11/24/2002resistor opening up?
11/24/2002thanks again norm for schematic...I have riders on cd. How did you get a clear scan
11/25/2002RF coil for Philco 37-630
11/25/2002RF coil for Philco 37-630
11/25/2002No Subject
11/25/2002Crosley F-25
11/26/2002Hickok 533DM
11/26/2002American Bosch, Model 360. Schematic needed
11/26/2002Capacitor Value.
11/26/2002Radiola 60 speaker
11/26/2002Eye closure on Zenith 8s463
11/27/2002tuning eye and low volume
11/27/2002T7 - Radio
11/27/2002RCA Colortrak input1?
11/27/2002Philco Model 87 Lowboy tuning cable
11/29/2002Bell and Howell Schools 5Mhz Oscilloscope (Heathkit)
11/29/2002 readable schematic for delco 1127
11/29/2002No Modulation
11/29/2002Silverton Needles for models 4087 - 4089
11/30/2002Philco 48-1256 Schematic
11/30/20029-y-510 rca victor radio and phonograph
11/30/2002A Christmas Story Movie Question
11/30/2002cleaning radio cabinets
12/01/2002output transformer..use it or take it back....
12/01/2002Philco Table
12/01/2002weltsuper 59 Schaub Lorenz
12/01/2002Antique radio site
12/01/2002dropping resistor for my transformer?
12/01/2002RCA Radiola 25 coil question.
12/01/2002RCA 13-K
12/02/2002Canadian Westinghouse 622 tube subs
12/02/2002Detrola works, but for how long.....pulls 90 m.a.
12/02/2002Dynaco ST 70 Power Transformer gets very HOT
12/02/2002Remote Control for Mitsubishi VCR HS-U48
12/02/2002Philco model 49-1607 AM/FM/Turntable #11 62 5
12/03/2002universal radio....schematic and model number
12/03/2002connect dvd to tv
12/03/2002National radio co. model NC21 schematic needed
12/03/2002Radiola III-A
12/03/2002Zenith Tip-Top Holiday (4F40 Chassis) problem...
12/04/2002television schematic
12/05/2002Vintage tube
12/05/2002g-47 tube
12/05/2002Please Need Help AC-DC Radio or ideas
12/05/2002Philips o-scope
12/05/2002RCA Victor Model 46X24
12/05/2002Tuning Condenser Woes
12/05/2002RCA Strato-world vs. Strato-world II
12/06/2002universal radio schematec. should I redo the whole radio?
12/06/2002Radiomarelli mod.9a55
12/06/2002I just inherited a Koronette VESUV 2 or RIO
12/07/2002Battery Set-What is this thing?
12/07/2002Babe ruth abbotware clock
12/08/2002RCA 910KG Novice needs advice
12/08/2002antenna coil in a can
12/08/2002No Subject
12/08/2002tube pin identification
12/08/2002tube pin identification
12/09/2002sears silvertone radio
12/09/2002noise on my philco 80
12/09/2002crosley model 56tv(0) radio schematic
12/09/2002Marconi 156 power transformer infos needed
12/10/2002universal radio plays, but doesnt sound clear
12/10/2002speaker alignment
12/11/2002No Subject
12/11/2002aerovox cap..cant tell value
12/11/2002tuner condenser needs lubricant
12/11/2002veneer replacement
12/11/2002speaker field coil,...how hot are they supposed to get
12/11/2002RCA Model6-EY-2 45rpm record player
12/12/2002Triplett 630apl meter repair and battery leakage cleanup
12/12/2002BRAUN 99UKW service manual.
12/12/2002Crosley Model 5M3 Reception
12/13/2002Travler Model 5015
12/14/2002help identify stewart warner tube radio
12/14/2002rogers majestic filter capacitor
12/15/2002Rogers Majestic
12/15/200245-J-2 Parts
12/15/2002Schematic for Thorola Islodyne 50 or 55
12/15/2002Packard Bell Radio 10 tube
12/16/2002detrola knobs
12/16/2002(Sears) Meteor model H radio schematics
12/16/2002Sig gen question
12/16/2002Grundig ks740 info
12/16/2002Mont Wards 14WG-469 Need A & B Batteries or Substitute
12/16/2002silvertone 6424 (3424) tuning eye
12/17/2002Sparton schematic needed
12/19/2002voltage in and out ?
12/19/2002conversion 6B5 to 12AT7 or 12AU7
12/19/2002Anyone heard of a "His masters Voice" 28V???
12/20/2002philips dsx5350 schematics
12/20/2002Montgomery Ward TV Set
12/20/2002Radio identification
12/21/2002Radio I.D.
12/21/2002explanation of old radio
12/21/2002Airline 83WG-363B Schematic Needed
12/23/2002Cap question
12/23/2002Radiola 60 Escutheons
12/23/2002Zenith Model 7H920 Schematic, Boomy Bass
12/23/2002How much more capitance?
12/26/2002Magnavox Astro-Sonic
12/27/2002RF Generator
12/27/2002RCA model 110
12/27/2002Jewel 960U
12/28/2002deforest crosley
12/28/2002Help! need copy of page 386-B of Riders 1931 edition.
12/29/2002Philco Portable Model 53-642
12/29/2002Radiola 33
12/29/2002Schematic for H350T7 Westinghouse 1951
12/29/2002No Subject
12/30/2002Telefunken Magnetephone 97 Reel to Reel Motor Hot!!!
12/30/2002gilfillan 3 band radio 58X ?
12/31/2002Motorola TV VT71 Vert Linearity HV Paper Caps Question
12/31/2002Air King mod. 723
12/31/2002Simpson 383A and RCA 2x61
01/01/2003How and Where to Grease or oil or Lubricate Electric Motor
01/01/2003Elecrtric Motor Lubrication?
01/01/2003"Aliens" or "chipmunks" voices in all bands!
01/02/2003I am looking for a power supply for an RCA 308B Field Meter
01/02/2003Caps in power supply (Filter Caps?)
01/03/2003Intermitten noise in a Philco Model 60
01/03/2003Hickok 533 tube tester
01/05/2003Zenith Model 5G537
01/05/2003List of new vacuum tubes or tubes manufacturer
01/05/2003Deforest Crosley 6d731
01/06/2003Zenith radio knob
01/06/2003BC-342 BC-348
01/06/2003Speaker choke impedance
01/06/2003Starkit Tube tester
01/06/2003JEWELL RADIO
01/07/2003Srcratching sound ending in a pop now and then
01/07/2003Mallory battery
01/07/2003REVOX Tape Record
01/08/2003Philips radio B1X95U/19K
01/08/2003Radiola 33 Schematic
01/09/2003crosley 66tc electrolitic capacitor values
01/09/2003Tubes: CX299 and UX199
01/09/2003Meissner 9 1065 Phono Recorder
01/09/2003Schematic for Hickok Model 288X Signal Generator
01/10/2003What do I use to pour a mold?
01/10/2003Olympic 6a-501
01/10/2003Westinghouse Pop when heating up
01/10/2003Shelton Radio
01/11/20031952 Admiral Television
01/11/2003Electrolytic Capacitor
01/12/2003Silvertone Radio Model 1704
01/12/2003Radiola 26 Catacomb
01/12/2003The audio trasformer N.66 for my Federal 61
01/12/2003Capacitors? Kinds, Brands, Different types question??
01/12/2003record player
01/12/2003Old Coronado Radio
01/13/2003Montgomery Ward Guitar Amp
01/14/2003RCA Radiola 46 Model AR 596
01/14/2003Schematic for RCA VICTOR mod: 875-MX
01/14/2003Stancor P-6123
01/14/2003Radio Dealers
01/14/2003Old TV's
01/15/2003RCA Victor model 121
01/16/2003Zenith Console 1936 ? Battery operated
01/17/2003Harman Kardon Citation 22 Geeks - have a little problem...
01/19/2003Stewart-Warner R-146-a
01/19/2003Simpson 260XLP & 229
01/19/2003Can You Identify this One?
01/20/2003Simpson VOM 260 series 7
01/20/2003Another unknown radio
01/21/2003stromberg carlson console info
01/22/2003Need Needle/Cartridge for Sears 17096 Childs Record Player - 60's
01/22/2003Heath AR-3 alignment
01/22/2003Crosley tombstone sixer
01/22/2003No Subject
01/22/2003Philco Socketpower
01/23/2003Tone Shaping (More Hi end Definition)
01/23/2003Tubes for sale
01/24/2003Motor for Sansui Tape deck
01/24/2003Tube Radio: Multiple stations playing at same time!
01/25/2003What is the price of
01/25/2003Emerson Phonoradio w Webcor Turntable
01/25/2003Packard Bell Stereo-RPC 19S
01/25/2003Crosley trans
01/26/2003Emerson Phonoradio Webcor Turntable
01/26/2003Garod R A F neutrodyne schematic, 1923.
01/26/2003Philco 84
01/27/2003Alternative Tuning Techniques
01/27/2003Zenith 6s249
01/27/2003equipment list for rca t6-1
01/28/2003Need help with 1980 Sony record player
01/28/2003transformer voltages
01/28/2003Zenith Trans Oceanic H500 Selenium Rectifier Testing?
01/29/2003Mercury 1101C
01/30/2003Output transformer for 01A :
01/30/2003Majestic 7P420 chassis 4705
01/30/2003Need dial cord info
01/30/2003hard to find part
01/31/2003G.E. Clock Radio Model 50
02/01/2003201A Tube Replacement - Solid State
02/01/2003projection screen
02/02/2003Magnavox Astro Sonic and Thomas Repro Schmatics
02/03/2003Design a single sideband superheterodyne FM radio receiver
02/03/2003idler wheel skipping
02/03/2003superzenith model x
02/03/2003What is the function of the plate resistor?
02/04/2003checking value
02/04/2003majestic radio 460a
02/05/2003Philco 37-690 dial info
02/05/2003Philco Phonograph Cartridge
02/06/2003AMI MODEL D-40 JUKE BOX
02/06/2003Phillips radio
02/07/2003Green Eye closing too much and overlapping
02/07/2003Re: antique wood howard shortwave floor model 808 w/ phono
02/07/2003schematic four-tube
02/07/2003Philco Identification
02/08/2003dial belt
02/09/2003Wurlitzer SA-5
02/09/2003Philco 40-150 question
02/10/2003Music master 100
02/10/2003Pocket Transistor Radios
02/10/2003Wards Airline Radio
02/11/2003Zenith Trans Oceanic H500 SE Rectifier Replacement
02/11/2003Zenith Chasis 7F04
02/12/2003BK Precision Portable Oscilloscope Model 1420
02/12/2003Zenith Schematic 6S832
02/14/2003simpson vom
02/14/2003David Grimes
02/14/2003Super Pee Wee Schematic
02/14/2003audiotronics Radio
02/14/2003When turn on radio POP
02/15/2003detrola radio #71178
02/15/2003Silvertone transformer
02/15/2003Marconi 305 Radio
02/16/2003Help with very old radio
02/16/2003Mercury 2000 Tube Tester
02/16/2003Arkay Schematic ??
02/17/2003Triplett 3414 Tube Tester
02/17/2003Good alignment test devices
02/17/2003Dumont Model 123 'scope
02/17/2003Philco 41-231
02/17/2003Philco 41-231
02/17/2003silvertone model 4789
02/18/2003Tube for Rodgers Majestic
02/18/2003Zenith H724
02/19/2003idler wheel skipping
02/19/2003Schematic for Amplifier Scott A457
02/19/2003Schematic for Warwick (Clarian) Radio
02/20/2003EMUD 923 floor model
02/20/2003hallicrafters S-120
02/20/2003Zenith Trans Oceanic Capacitor Question
02/21/2003testing the tester
02/21/2003screen going dark
02/21/2003Nordmende Turandot schematic
02/22/2003Bearcat IV won't scan
02/22/2003rca institutes oscilloscope
02/22/2003Weston 981Type 3 Calibration
02/23/2003Airline Model 14BR-730A / BRC 62 730A
02/23/2003Philco 49-1401 info needed
02/23/2003turning USA radio to Europe
02/23/2003Philco Stereo/Turntable Console
02/23/2003Diode Replacement for 35Y4 Regulator
02/24/2003Need tube extenders
02/24/2003silvertone model 7111
02/24/2003Philco 42-321 Schematic
02/25/2003yagi antenna on scanner
02/25/2003Proper way to re lubricate an electric motor?
02/26/2003RCA VHT-10W Record Changer Speed Drops from 78 to 45
02/26/2003airline series 470?
02/26/2003Silvertone Power Shifter Model 6685
02/26/2003Marconi 156 power transformer change
02/27/2003Sencore TC-109 tube tester.
02/27/2003Sound is chopped/garbled
02/28/2003power supply - RCA model 29k
03/01/2003TV Part
03/04/2003Heathkit IG-102 Manual
03/04/2003Philco 42-345 and 7Y4
03/04/2003Home Theater Setup
03/04/2003Kemper Radio info
03/04/2003BT Power Six
03/05/2003General Television/Hazeltine Radio
03/06/2003Ellsworth radio
03/07/2003Who rebuilds old ceramic phono cartridges?
03/07/2003Zenith Transoceanic Model 7000
03/07/2003tenma oscope
03/07/2003Sentinel radio
03/08/2003Need help figuring out if speaker can be restored
03/08/2003Battery connections and voltage on Crosley Radio
03/09/2003Screaching Grinding noise from my RCA 10K
03/09/2003testing western electric 205d
03/09/2003No Subject
03/09/2003Speaker Reconing and positioning Questions please...
03/09/2003wet TV
03/10/2003NRI Model 71 tube tester for sale
03/10/2003faceplate for astrosonic
03/10/2003faceplate for astrosonic
03/10/2003Resistor Wattage
03/10/2003BIRCH WOOD
03/11/2003HRO Coil compatiability
03/11/2003Need FBT (T4) for Philco Predicta UH3410L Part# 32-8899-1
03/11/2003bear cat bc 101 programing
03/11/2003Philco 38-116 Hi Fidelity
03/12/2003Superior Instruments TW-11 Tube Tester
03/12/2003bad potentiometer (volume control?)
03/13/2003problem with my Zenith Transoceanic 11 band radio
03/13/2003Philco 84
03/13/2003Wards Airline Radio model # 24BR-914A
03/13/2003UV-199 tubes and the AR-812
03/14/2003Help in locating electrolytic cap.
03/14/2003Help in locating electrolytic cap.
03/14/2003JC Penney Model 6661
03/15/2003wiring diagraham
03/15/2003Emerson tuning eye
03/16/2003A Mullard R 1200 U schematics needed
03/16/2003Radial Leads Electrolytic Capacitor
03/17/2003B&K 667 transitor tube tester
03/17/2003Help ID'ing Minerva Radio
03/17/2003Help getting started...
03/17/2003white- westinghouse TV 1997
03/17/2003Transformer Voltage Ratings
03/17/2003record player/hi-fi stereo
03/18/2003RCA R-75
03/18/2003Push-Pull output theory?
03/19/2003conar color pattern generator
03/19/2003zenith radio model K725 Chassis 7K01 august 26 1953
03/19/2003Questions about a restored amp (my restoration)
03/19/2003replacement cartridge
03/20/2003120 volt versus 115 volt
03/20/2003120 volt versus 115 volt
03/21/2003Precision transistor tester, model 520, require manual.
03/22/2003TV problem
03/23/2003Precision VOM
03/24/2003600 knight tube tester
03/25/2003Need source for Blaupunkt schematic
03/25/2003philco hi-fi
03/25/2003No Subject
03/26/2003HV power supply troubles
03/26/2003HV power supply troubles
03/26/2003Combo Xformer for Tram Titan II
03/26/2003tube substitutions
03/26/2003panasonic vcr pv 9451 PLEASE HELP
03/27/2003Stromberg Carlson 120???
03/28/2003Function of Grid resistor and cathode resistor
03/28/2003National Carbon Model 54
03/29/2003wave magnet antenna for G-500 Zenith Trans-Oceanic radio
03/29/2003Old Radio Program Listins
03/29/2003Manual/Schematic for RCA wv97A vtvm
03/29/2003Kent radio
03/30/2003Resistance values
03/30/2003A.H. Grebe cap values
03/30/2003Capacitors in German radios...Please Help !
03/31/2003Radio restorer in PA area
03/31/2003Station drift
04/01/2003Zenith resistor wattage
04/01/2003Calculation of coil inductance of a sweep generator
04/01/2003precision apparatus company series 910
04/01/2003forum messages
04/01/2003Player arm floating
04/02/2003Variable Capacitor Fleetwood 53/53 question, Schem?
04/02/2003Crosley Model 1016
04/02/2003philco 48-200 schem
04/03/2003Variable Condensor Question
04/03/2003Tinkling T/O
04/03/2003Looking for information on antique RCA Victor Radio Phonograph
04/03/2003Scham Grundig 1088 need to know power tube type + Elec Cap Values
04/04/2003best tool and technique to straighten fins on the variable condensor
04/04/2003stromberg-carlson schematic
04/04/2003Need schematic for Northern Electric 5404 "Panda"
04/04/2003IN 453
04/05/2003Need info about Blaupunkt ACR910 tapedeck
04/06/2003Grundig 1088 part identification help?
04/06/2003Replace a 12AT6 with 12AV6 ?
04/06/2003fh-7 sony
04/06/2003Westinghouse Model #440 Power supply? and need schematic..
04/07/2003crosley jc-8bk
04/07/2003Hickok 600A Tube Tester
04/07/2003Are this radios worth it? Please help with value
04/08/2003Radiola AR-812 Question
04/08/2003Univeral Electronics model 425A power supply
04/09/2003Philco part id.
04/09/2003substituting 6SL7’s for the 12AX7’s
04/10/2003only average volume output, 6f6 tubes hot when speaker plugged in
04/10/2003wiper spring on variable capacitor
04/10/2003Anyone have access to Canadian Viking Schematics?
04/10/2003Transoceanic Cord
04/11/2003Grundig 1088 Cap life on the cream paper coated?
04/11/2003not sure on radio manufacture of chassis......
04/11/2003Modifying the sonority of a tube amplifier
04/12/2003Philco 46-1203-122 Record player Data
04/12/2003scott all band
04/12/2003Success in rewinding a flyback?
04/12/2003Grundig Majestic model 1088 USA schematic
04/13/2003BIAS CELL
04/14/2003speaker field coils
04/14/2003How do you clean a variable condensor?
04/14/2003Help I .D. ing Phillips 1958 "All Transistor" Radio Need Model
04/15/2003TUBE 12AJ8 -HCH81-12E4
04/15/200375 TUBE? IS IT REALLY A 75
04/15/2003ceramic disk caps from radio shack
04/15/2003Fisher CA880
04/15/2003TO fil volts
04/15/2003Speaker re-cone
04/15/2003plastic material, where do you get a local replacement
04/16/2003zenith 10s464 transformer gets very hot
04/16/2003resister value
04/17/2003Need Schematic for Philips L3X80T
04/17/2003battery for Arvin
04/17/2003Old Coronado Radio Schematic
04/17/2003Rider Schematics for Old TV's
04/17/2003stromberg-carlson speaker coil rewind
04/18/2003Radiola III voltages
04/18/2003Stewart-Warner R-110 field coil
04/18/2003speaker field coil and voltage
04/18/2003radio identification?
04/18/2003Unidentified Arvin Radio . . .
04/19/2003Schematic for Bose 1801 and Harman Kardon Cit.
04/19/2003The best way to "Safety Proof" a power chord on an AC-DC Radio
04/19/2003A weired problem with a Philips CMB41L
04/20/2003Franklin Radio Corp. Model C-101?
04/20/2003replacing capacitors
04/21/2003speaker field coil
04/21/2003Antique radio Forum
04/21/2003damaged transformer preservation
04/21/2003Uniden Bearcat Scanner
04/21/2003stromberg carlson 520l electrolitycs
04/22/2003Royal 3000-1 Drop-out
04/22/2003Verifying Filter Cap Values Grundig 1088??
04/22/2003No Subject
04/22/2003bias cell voltage
04/23/2003Need Electrohome/Viking EMU61-417 Schematic
04/23/2003main belt philips n4308
04/23/20036F6 Audio Output Tube
04/23/2003Zenith Model 8S661
04/23/2003Replacing Selenium Rectifiers
04/23/2003Eveready 54
04/23/2003Pontiac (Delco?) Model 984248
04/24/2003Philco 46-1203 Record 78 Player Hum when touch the Turntable
04/24/2003philco speaker cone repair in center
04/24/2003Silvertone 1781 fading
04/24/2003do I need a shield on my 6k5 tube? philco 38-4
04/24/2003Philips schematics
04/24/2003Need cleaner copy of schematic Zenith 4B04
04/24/2003Philco 84 help needed...
04/25/2003marantz model 240 aqmplifier
04/26/2003Grundig 1088 LW or MW pressed I can still hear AM Stations
04/26/2003It's a radio forum, but maybe someone can help me...
04/26/2003Silvertone Radio
04/27/2003AK-20 Transformer replacement
04/27/2003rca sig gen doesnt work
04/27/2003line voltage in the old days was 107volts?
04/27/2003adjusting I.F frequency
04/27/2003B supply
04/27/2003Tube Operating Characteristics
04/27/2003Operator/Tech Service Manual
04/28/2003Hum and Shhh in pre-amp, not in amp!?
04/28/2003Zenith T/O 3000-1
04/29/2003Value of RCA stereo console
04/29/20031957 RCA Victor model SHF-4 speaker question...
04/29/2003Philco 39-31 Pushbuttons
04/30/2003Bakelite versus Catalin Radios
04/30/2003AK-9 Question
05/02/2003Internal Antenna Design Calculations
05/02/2003TO oscillator beat frequency
05/02/2003grunow model 580
05/02/2003can anybody help me?
05/02/2003Normnde Elektra 56 Tube Info
05/03/2003Hickok OZ-1 / 550X schematic tube chart needed
05/03/2003No Subject
05/05/2003Farnsworth K-262
05/05/2003Zenith 5R135 Howels
05/05/2003G.E. 516F Clock Radio 1950-51
05/05/2003zenith 10s464 resistor value
05/06/2003Sears Silverstone Radio Model #8076
05/06/2003Radio --Whsltle--Squeal-Howl
05/07/2003Philco 41-231 tuning
05/07/2003G.E 516F Clock Radio ---Stripping question!
05/08/2003Grundig portable TV set (P37-930 text/GB / CUC 7303)
05/08/2003imperial radio
05/08/2003Testing Restored Electrostatic Speaker Question?
05/09/2003Sylvania X6090 Tube
05/09/2003zenith 10s464 no stations received
05/09/2003RCA Victor Radio Super-Heterodyne model 80 schematic please
05/09/2003philco transitone 53-560 schematic and cleaner to use
05/11/2003Philco D10 Turntable Operation
05/11/2003Superior Instruments TD-55 manual page 9
05/12/2003philco 53-560 gets staticy after a while
05/13/2003White Westinghouse TV model # WTV-1205
05/14/2003rca Model 7 ?
05/14/2003Radio Speaker Rattle
05/14/2003RCA SCH-461 AM/Phono Console
05/14/2003just how much is this philco 53-560 worth?...a dollar?
05/14/2003FM superhet
05/15/2003Looking for a manual or info on an EICO 221 VTVM
05/16/2003Parts for a graphophone
05/16/2003Ge radio model 548
05/17/2003Telefunken Reel to Reel tape path smoking part??
05/17/2003Lost Again - Bowers?
05/18/2003Manual Knight Model 600A Tubetester
05/19/2003Speaker squeal
05/21/2003Need cheap distributor for ceramic cart. fc-160
05/21/2003Switch between 2A3 -> 45 or 45 -> 2A3??
05/22/2003United Engine model 30
05/22/2003Philips model: CM50A6
05/22/2003Instruction book
05/22/2003Did Zenith Goof? 6G501 Filter Cap
05/22/2003Price guide recommendation
05/22/2003Telfunken Tape Machine Signal fading when play is pressed only?
05/23/2003console radio problems
05/23/2003Sony Vidimagic FP-60 and 62-Beta Projectors
05/24/2003Zenith Y600 Transoceanic case touch-up help.
05/24/2003Are these postings searchable?
05/24/2003Zenith Model 5G003ZZ Chassis 5C40ZZ Burnt R13
05/24/2003Symbols & Resistors
05/25/2003mica capacitor testing
05/26/2003Jackson 648
05/26/2003Atwater Kent Model 37
05/26/2003radiotrope powersupply hi/low switch
05/26/2003unknown radio
05/26/2003Half schematics on this site Crosley 03CP
05/27/2003Wards Airline Model 14WG-740A Radio/Phonograph
05/27/2003Sparton Console Model 766
05/27/2003G.E. Table radio Model H-73
05/27/2003Wards Airline Model 14WG-740A Radio/Phonograph
05/27/2003High Voltage Supply Problem
05/28/2003design of a superheterodyne radio receiver on short wave band and medium wave band
05/28/2003old resistors
05/28/2003Choke rewinding help please!
05/28/2003FM bandwidth and parts purchase
05/29/2003AIR KING 66
05/29/2003sparton console radio @ turn table ?
05/30/2003GE Model 400 white radio knobs, color?
05/30/2003radiotrope neutrodyne speaker
05/31/2003Remler Model 17
06/01/2003Detrola 6 volt radio scehmatic needed
06/01/2003Schematic for Zenith chasis 5644
06/01/2003Grunow 588 Schematic
06/01/2003Radiola Model 61-5
06/01/2003radiotrope antenna...how long should it be
06/01/2003radiotrope motorboats when the power supply is set to hi
06/01/2003Radiotrope speaker how do you figure out the right speaker to get
06/01/2003Emerson Ingraham
06/01/2003Zenith Black Dial Radio Schematic
06/01/2003Zenith y600 Transoceanic ballast tube
06/01/2003Philco Model 42-1008 Plays on beam of light ??
06/01/2003Stewart-Warner model 91-51
06/01/2003radiotrope.....adjusting the dial ...dial freq reads less than freq recieved
06/01/2003Tuning eyes 6U5 vs 6E5
06/02/2003tubes required in Zenith 8-s-463
06/02/2003G. E. Table Radio Model H-73
06/02/2003Radiotrope B+ low
06/02/2003RCA problem
06/02/2003Help about triode tube...
06/03/2003cross reference for transistors
06/03/2003radiotrope power supply black stuff.....its not tar what is it and how do you remove it?
06/03/2003us radio model 80 power supply how much heat to apply?
06/04/2003attn: norm
06/04/2003antique radio forum
06/04/2003Grebe AC6 Radio
06/04/2003Philco 57C
06/04/2003Trying to ID an RCA Radio
06/05/2003radiotrope netrodyne....speakers....which one would produce the best sound
06/05/2003Radiotrope capacitor box.......its not tar filled....white stuff?!
06/06/2003radiotrope........are these power transformers filled with oil?
06/06/2003radiotrope capacitor box update
06/06/2003Help with Philco 48-460
06/06/2003TV High Voltage Supply Capacitors
06/06/2003Any Best HK CD
06/07/2003Radio HUM?
06/07/2003Need TV Schematic
06/07/2003vibrator problems
06/08/2003Radiola 18 parts list
06/08/2003Philco 610
06/08/2003transoceanic 3000-1
06/08/2003SAP & select language
06/08/2003Dial light Problem
06/08/2003Philco Model 38-116 Tele Dial
06/08/2003Programming buttons on Zenith 10s669
06/08/2003radiotrope power supply caps replaced....too much voltage now
06/09/2003RADIOTROPE original speaker connection
06/09/2003Radiola 18 - Power Supply - Resistor question
06/09/2003Freed-Eisemann NR7
06/09/2003Zenith radio Identification
06/09/2003GE Model 202 Alignment Instructions
06/10/2003Trav-ler radio Model 5049
06/10/2003Why different pricing?
06/10/2003radiotrope hissing noise?
06/10/2003Philco 610 (cont'd)
06/11/2003zenith 1000-7000 transistors
06/11/2003Speaker Replacement
06/11/2003Silvertone model 18 - poor performance on FM
06/11/2003advice on a PHILCO 37-670
06/11/2003June Finds???
06/11/2003AK 82
06/12/2003American Bosch 660T
06/12/2003Ward Movie Dial Radio...
06/13/2003Bach-Simpson Scope
06/13/2003Philco 53-950 Repair Help
06/14/2003Audio Transformer Replacement.
06/14/2003rca p52923
06/14/2003Emerson model 34 Schematic needed
06/14/2003High-Fidelity tuner AM, FM, MPX
06/14/2003Simple DIY MPX to stereo adaptor needed
06/14/2003Wilcox-Gay Schematic needed
06/15/2003PYE Mains Floor Model PE201
06/15/2003Zenith Royal 20
06/15/2003Freshman Masters radio
06/15/2003Schaub Lorenz
06/15/2003Schaub Lorenz
06/15/2003Motorola 1964 cabinet TV
06/15/2003Atwater Kent E Speaker
06/15/2003Schematic Needed
06/16/2003Silvertone Volume Pot
06/16/2003RCA model 110 Alignment
06/16/2003Stewart-Warner Ferrodyne model R-145 Beginner need help restoring
06/16/2003Philco 53-950
06/17/2003Admiral B&W Console
06/17/2003Philco 38-2
06/17/2003Radiotrope(no model #) Chassis #46
06/18/2003Sparton 7149 schematics
06/18/2003power supply for rogers majestic 6m531
06/19/2003Admiral TV code for Zenith remote
06/19/2003Philco Refrigerator gaskets
06/19/2003TRF Bat Set Voltages
06/20/2003zenith chasis 5807
06/20/2003Victor Model R-15
06/20/2003 Schamatic Viking mod 6851-e
06/21/2003i need an b10u ups sschematic
06/22/2003Airline ch.#326w Schematic
06/23/2003need help with GE Model 250?
06/23/2003Tuning control string
06/24/2003Need Silvertone 132.40200 Schematic & alignment instructions and date of manufacture.
06/24/2003TV-7 */U Settings and Tube Datasheets Database
06/24/2003Transoceanic R600 parts
06/24/2003Majestic 310a Schematic
06/25/2003Magnavox 78 sapphire needle for 1960s Magnavox stereo
06/25/2003needle/cartridge for a GE solid state stereo
06/25/2003dial lamp rca 5 Q21 ?
06/25/2003RCA Model 29K - HELP!
06/26/2003Stromberg-Carlson Telephone
06/26/2003Philco Model 60 Speaker
06/26/2003AVC Puzzle?
06/26/2003RCA C13-2
06/27/2003needle info
06/27/2003re: speaker impedance on 10s668 zenith
06/27/2003Source for Black Cabinet Cloth
06/27/2003RCA Super heterodyne
06/27/2003Tube tester
06/28/2003Stewart Warner B92CR1
06/28/2003old 260 VOM
06/28/2003nordmende arabella 56
06/29/2003schematic rca 5Q21
06/29/2003IF transformer repair
06/29/2003found radios
06/30/2003Shadow Meter
06/30/2003Emerson Model BD-197 "Mae West"
06/30/2003Mystery Philco
06/30/2003Grundig Majestic Model 3095
06/30/2003old RCA Victor radio
06/30/2003Firestone S7404-5 Schematic
07/01/2003lafayette telsat ssb-100
07/01/2003schematic for zenith 10s669
07/01/2003Weston D. C. Ammeter, Model 45
07/01/2003The radio that just won't and Mica Capacitors
07/01/2003Attn: John McPherson
07/02/2003Philco Model 60 Capacitors voltage
07/02/2003Tube radio kits
07/02/2003atwater kent model 30
07/03/2003Eico 324 Signal Generator
07/03/2003Atwater Kent chassis for Kiel?
07/03/2003RCA RAE-84 Transformer
07/03/2003the simpson 260 sp vom accuracy
07/04/2003source needed for Transoceanic Wave magnets
07/04/2003record player cartridge
07/05/2003Zenith Schematic
07/06/2003Airline 62-198 Schematic
07/06/2003Stewart Warner Radio
07/07/2003VOX Grillcloth
07/07/2003Philips 1970s Amplifier
07/07/2003his masters voice
07/07/2003Philco 48-1262
07/08/2003No Subject
07/08/2003esquema radio sharp
07/08/2003No Subject
07/09/2003Dayton Battery charger
07/09/2003Old TV Problem-I'm Stuck
07/09/2003Schematic for Radio Shack Digital MultiMeter
07/10/2003G.E radio model 50
07/10/2003Simpson 269
07/10/2003Motorola Metrum ll
07/10/2003emerson tv
07/11/2003Zenith mod 10S669 floor type radio
07/11/2003Stewart Warner 300A
07/12/2003Crosley D-25ce
07/12/2003tuning control for baklite radio
07/13/2003Day-Fan Radio???????????????
07/13/2003Firestone Air Chief Model #7404-1
07/14/2003speaker distorted
07/15/2003 Need CopyMagnavox Schematic
07/16/2003Tube Radio Repair/ Los Angeles
07/16/2003Grigsby Grunow MainTransformer
07/17/2003Using Scope with Zenith Transoceanics
07/17/2003remote for tv
07/17/2003Philco Refrigerator-wiring diagram
07/18/2003United American Bosch 444T
07/18/2003Philco refrigerator........date unknown....
07/18/2003Silvertone Organ Model 4754
07/19/2003Stark Tube Tester
07/19/2003Need Assistance With Television
07/19/2003Switch EL84 for EL86? (6CW5 for 6BQ5)
07/19/2003tv schematic
07/19/2003RCA Victor Model 128 - Replacment Knobs
07/20/2003RCA Victor Radio Phonograph Console Model 67V1
07/20/2003All American Mohawk Corporation/Lyric
07/21/2003Precision Apparatus Co, Inc, Model# 640
07/23/2003info needed
07/23/2003Delmonico stereo
07/23/2003RCA 9x641
07/23/2003infromation for a ""nc sixties speical,
07/23/2003Philco 70 cone kit needed...
07/24/2003I have Hoffman TV for sale - Model 610
07/24/2003Tube Checker Precision 920
07/25/2003Philco 38-4 distortion
07/25/2003Westinghouse schematics
07/25/2003German Made Stereo
07/25/2003Philco Tube Tester model 7050
07/25/2003Grundig ST 63-725
07/25/2003Old radio parts
07/25/2003Wire Recorder and Recordings
07/26/20031948 Ford Radio
07/26/2003Wards Airline Radio Phono Combination
07/26/200312 volts tube for replacement of a 6 volts tube?
07/27/2003Grunow Super teledial radio
07/27/2003Owner's Manual
07/27/2003AR-812 Restoration
07/28/2003Airline radio-phonograph combination
07/28/2003RCA AM RADIO RGA12Y
07/28/2003GE Model A-70 Volume Control
07/29/2003Crosley D-25 electrolytic symbols and MFD ratings
07/29/2003another crosley question
07/29/2003Magnavox Consoles
07/31/2003crosley D-25
08/01/2003Schematic for ESI Model 250-B1 Impedance Bridge
08/01/2003Schmatic for Crosley F-5CE
08/01/2003Knight 600C Settings for 50A1 Tube Test?
08/02/2003Zenith R512R
08/02/2003Mercury 1100A tube tester!!!
08/02/2003Zenith Model MPS 90W Hi Fi Record Player
08/02/2003looking for replacement transformer
08/02/2003MAJESTIC 100 B Radio Receiver
08/02/2003schematic for Marconi 156
08/03/2003Vintage Tube Cartons
08/03/2003Atwater Kent 55
08/03/2003Good Single ended preamp for recording?
08/04/2003RCA Victor Victrola Model PR-21
08/05/2003Can I send my vocal preamp to someone here to critique?
08/05/2003Reciever insensitivity
08/05/2003American Bosch Model 28 Speaker?
08/05/2003Vintage Radio Ads
08/06/2003REKORD table top radio
08/06/2003RCA victor am/fm record player
08/07/2003Montgomery Ward
08/07/2003RCA Victor television in cabinet
08/07/2003Help identify radio / RCA ? Grundig ?
08/07/2003Steward Warner
08/07/2003RCA Victor Model IVE 08
08/07/2003What to do with my old Victrolla Radio... is it worth anything? Where can I sell it?
08/07/2003Precision 10-40 Supplemental Data
08/07/2003wilcox-gay recordio
08/07/2003Removing Nicotine
08/08/2003Radiola 18 (Brunswick 3KR0) question
08/08/2003Sterling and Airline
08/08/2003Freshman Masterpiece 5-f-5 and phono plug adaptor
08/09/2003Old Zenith
08/09/2003Philco Model 89 code 121 filter caps
08/10/2003RCA VICTOR CONSOLE 1960 ? VGT75W
08/10/2003When a tube is not listed on the roll chart, how to create a setting to test it?
08/11/2003Letters "PLN" on capacitor can Jewel clock radio
08/11/2003Help on info for Stewart-Warner AM radio
08/11/2003Jackson 648S Tube Tester
08/11/2003Crosley 02CA - Page 13-1 in Riders
08/12/2003Zenith identification
08/12/2003Admiral TV/VCR Combination
08/12/2003Paper cap .0002 two wrapped together in parallel
08/12/2003Alignment probs
08/12/2003Admiral Console Radio, Need Help to Identify Model ????
08/13/2003Schematic for Michigan Midget (Klitzen)
08/13/2003Is any of this worth anything?
08/14/2003Lectrotech V-7 Vector scope
08/14/2003What's you best method for chassis punching?
08/14/2003Majestic Model 90
08/15/2003General Motors Radio
08/16/2003philco radio bar glasses
08/16/2003RCA VICTOR
08/16/2003Zenith X920
08/17/2003Schematic for Delco Model 1106
08/19/2003Output transformer for RCA K60 Chassis RC415B
08/20/2003Philco refrigerator
08/20/2003stewart-warner radio
08/20/2003Problem with Push Pull and Tuning Eye
08/21/2003Zentih 5808 Dial cord
08/21/2003Zenith 511 consoltone 4 prong ceramic part
08/22/2003static when adjusting volume control
08/22/2003Information on shortwave radio
08/23/2003Windsor Table Radio
08/23/20036V6 amp from Bell & Howell DES 385 projector
08/23/2003technical advice
08/25/2003Seeking some history
08/25/2003' The Sparks Ensemble'
08/25/2003Fisher CA-880
08/25/2003Bell & Howell Schools Model 34 Oscilloscope Manual
08/26/2003O1A`s & 71A`s
08/26/2003Packard Bell 46D
08/26/2003acorn tube
08/28/2003Philco 37-630 volume instability.
08/29/2003westinghouse N202 schematic
08/29/2003What Have I here?
08/30/2003coronado radio model 970 won't play
08/30/2003Sterling Model V (5)
08/30/2003Silvertone Radio
08/30/2003Weatinghouse H-126
08/31/2003Stromberg-Carlson 846
08/31/2003Specs for L49C Ballast Tube
08/31/2003loop antennas
09/01/2003Sterling model V (5)
09/02/2003Setchell Carlson 458 R Need Help Please !
09/03/2003Receiver sensitivity of manual vs preset mode
09/03/2003PHILCO 46 1203
09/03/2003RCA Radiola 18 dial cord stringing and missing hood.
09/03/2003Speaker inductor replacement.
09/05/2003Sparton model 121 schematic
09/05/2003atwater kent mod 55C
09/06/2003Dokorder double deck
09/06/2003Wards Airline Superheterodyne
09/07/2003Hallicrafters S120 Receiver
09/08/2003Value of Victrola....
09/08/2003RCA 6-T-86
09/08/2003NRI 1175A Test Set
09/08/2003Philco model 46-350-121
09/08/2003Hammerlund HQ-110
09/09/2003Audio Distortion Problem From FADA Radio
09/10/2003Tube Testers for sale.
09/10/2003Electro-Voice model 12TRX speaker cabinet contents ?
09/11/2003Dry wires in a power transformer
09/11/2003Radiola 20 schematics
09/12/2003capacitor replacement 25MFD
09/12/2003ID a Philco capacitor
09/12/2003antique crosley (grand father like) radio and clock pat#1,713,805
09/12/2003Help identifying model & value
09/13/2003Atwater Kent 32
09/13/2003Choice between Triode, Pentode or Ultra-linear??
09/13/2003Marshall Radio??
09/14/2003Adler-Royal Neutrodyne 199
09/14/2003Sparton radio info needed
09/14/2003Triplett 630 NA #D 'no$charge' Manual/Download etc.
09/15/20038 Ohm Speaker using 4 Ohm Amp
09/17/2003GE television
09/17/2003Stancor A-3878
09/18/2003Aircastle Model 1200 info??
09/20/2003Hallicrafters S-40B information needed
09/20/2003Farnsworth ET 061 recap & resistor problem
09/20/2003station frequencies reversed on dial
09/20/2003Neutrowound schematic
09/21/2003Bosworth radio
09/21/2003RCA 140P024U TV
09/22/2003Crosley 9-105
09/22/2003Crosley 11-120U with bad reception
09/22/2003Crosley 11-120U with bad reception
09/23/2003PHILCO 38-10
09/23/2003converting a 6A8 application to use a 6SA7
09/24/2003Info Wanted: Eico 147 Signal Tracer
09/25/2003ID boat capasitor plus
09/26/2003Motorboating Noise
09/27/2003Identification of Emerson Radiogram circa 1932
09/28/2003rca 1947 radio no stations come
09/28/2003Philco Tube
09/30/20031936 Philco
09/30/2003Help with RCA Victor 26X4
09/30/2003Big old tube
10/01/2003westinghouse model wr-205
10/01/2003Philco 660 output transformer
10/01/2003Stromberg-carlson no.20 amplifier
10/02/2003Best way to slow down the motor on a space echo
10/05/2003RCA 100A speaker
10/05/2003RCA Victrola radio-phonograph combo
10/06/200360's and 70's tubes
10/07/2003Philco Model 16
10/08/2003Hammarlund SW reciever restore?
10/08/2003Monkey Wards ~1930s Airline
10/09/2003RCA marine radio
10/09/2003Information about PATTERSON radios
10/11/2003silvertone 6135 chassis 101.527
10/12/2003Paint Removal
10/12/2003Silvertone cat# 7095 chasis#101-826
10/13/2003Replacing 1uF non polarised caps in power supply
10/13/2003radio alignment
10/13/2003Type of speaker
10/14/2003what's the difference between 26 and 226, 27 and 227, 80 and 280?
10/16/2003Zenith chasis 5808 - model 8s463
10/16/2003No Subject
10/16/2003RCA 9K schematic needed
10/18/2003Back Online!
10/24/2003American Bosch Mod. 478 SCHEMATICS
10/24/2003spare part for Philips radio
10/24/2003Radio I.D.
10/25/2003Zenith R-511W chassis 50L6
10/25/2003Pye Radio
10/27/2003HELP Epiphone Century Amp Schem-- Rider's PA Manual, '40
10/28/2003RCA Model VC-17 Phono
10/30/2003grunow teledial
10/30/2003Zenith K731... Sorry about previous post!
10/31/2003Western Air Patro Short Wave radio
11/01/2003Philco 19 Input Transformer
11/01/2003philco transformer needed
11/02/2003Stewart Warner model#01-521
11/02/2003design help
11/03/2003GE K-60-P?
11/03/2003Found, now what?
11/04/2003Amperite K1-75
11/05/2003#27 vs #56
11/05/2003Sears Silvertone radio
11/05/2003Sears Silvertone Radio
11/07/2003RCA QU62
11/09/2003Airmaster radio
11/10/2003Harman Kardon Citation 16 circuit schematis
11/10/20031934 Philco Model 84B - Tuning Dial
11/10/2003Rubber idlers for old phono/wire recorder
11/12/2003crosley 63ta victory model x-former very hot
11/13/2003Need parts list for Philco 39-25(121) chassis
11/13/2003G.E. Model 409 am fm
11/14/20031 8950 TUBE NEEDED
11/14/2003Packard-Bell Model 651
11/14/2003Tube Tester Settings
11/16/2003Silvertone Model E
11/16/2003Silvertone Radio
11/18/2003EICO capacitor tester
11/19/2003Pye transistor model Q4
11/19/2003Identifying manufacturer's name
11/20/2003Normally, how hot does 6F6 get?
11/21/2003What to do ?
11/21/2003T600 With removablae rear door
11/21/2003Sears/Silvertone Model 9005
11/23/2003General Electric 201
11/26/2003viking console information 1954-55
11/27/2003setchell carlson 416
11/28/2003cathedral radio
11/29/2003RCA Radiola 66
11/30/200312SA7 and 12SA7GT
12/01/2003Dial for AK
12/01/2003RCA AM-FM Model RHC81W-K (mid-60's)
12/01/2003Philco 38 Restoration
12/01/2003Philco Model 16B Cathedral
12/01/2003Unknown radio
12/02/2003Case Electric circa 1925
12/03/2003General electric 201
12/04/2003Westinghouse WR-224
12/05/2003E H Scott Laureate questions
12/05/2003Bendix Model 676B
12/06/2003General Electric Super Consolette S-42
12/08/2003Zenith 7S682 console component numbering scheme
12/09/2003RCA C13-2
12/09/2003Info about Grigsby-Grunow Model 101 radio-phonograph
12/09/2003dumb ques re: silvertone model 9005
12/11/2003Biasing resistor
12/11/2003Jewell 444 Analizer
12/11/2003Need Pushbuttons for Belmont 636 or 6D111
12/12/2003Can Anyone Help Me Idenify This Radio !
12/12/2003GE record changer does not shut off.
12/12/2003FADA line cord?
12/13/2003Philco 49-601 portable tube radio
12/13/2003Philco 421013
12/13/2003Philco 42-295 Floor Console
12/16/2003zenith chassis #5B10 Electrolytic capacitors
12/16/2003Radiola Superheterodyne AR-813 Console???
12/16/2003Sparton Chassis 8L9 Schematic SAMS 57-19
12/19/2003Distorted "Short wave only"
12/21/2003Motorboating at the lower end of tuning numbers
12/22/2003Crosley tuning knob
12/25/2003Emerson Model 560
12/25/2003Holiday Greetings
12/25/2003silvertone 8005 positive end for 30mfd
12/27/2003Need tubes 01A
12/28/2003ground connection for new power cord
12/28/2003Telefunken Hymnus HiFi Stereo
12/29/2003Dial Glass Repair
12/31/2003Truetone Console
01/01/2004Schematic for Stromberg-Carlson Model E854 Chassi 82450
01/03/2004Need help
01/03/2004Pot for Australian-madeTasma radio.
01/03/2004silvertone 8005
01/04/2004Simpson 303 Vacuum Tube Voltmeter
01/05/2004Troubleshooting help
01/07/2004CROSLEY MODEL 124
01/08/2004Truetone Console
01/09/2004Ecco 625
01/09/2004Radiola 60 power supply
01/09/2004CROSLEY MODEL 124
01/10/2004what city was detrola made in
01/11/2004"B" Battery
01/11/2004RCA AM-FM Model RHC81W-K
01/11/2004Philco Phonograph/Radio
01/11/2004emersom radio/phonograph....very low sound playing records
01/12/2004Units of capacitance
01/14/2004STROMBERG CARLSON 228 H or HB
01/15/20041935-36 Freshman Masterpiece tombstone cap replacement
01/15/2004Philco 11 Tube Chassis circa late 30's
01/16/2004RCA 46x3 AM AC/DC Radio
01/16/2004Stromberg Carlson model 863
01/16/2004zenith transoceanic
01/17/2004Printing From Nostalgiaair
01/17/2004Need Schematic/ Manual for Eico 147A
01/17/2004Identify old floor model radio
01/17/2004GE Model 202 Motorboating
01/18/2004Question for Poston Drake re Philco 46-1203 code 125
01/19/2004how much is a PHILCO 48-1270 worth?
01/19/2004Where can I found russian tubes data sheets?
01/19/2004Determine Air King radio model number?
01/19/2004Electrohome Console; Seeking Special Bulb
01/19/2004Detrola 571 - Troubleshooting - need 2nd opinion
01/19/2004Silvertone Tuning Eye
01/19/2004David Bogen Model 501
01/20/2004re: hinges on Westinghouse RC set
01/21/2004Found Philco Transitone 49-500
01/22/2004Zenith R-7000-1
01/22/2004Victor Electrola RE 45
01/24/2004capacitors - wvdc, vdc, tv
01/25/2004Phono-radio deforest-crosley1931 trouble
01/25/2004Truetone Stereo System
01/25/2004Capactor analyzer
01/25/2004admiral S125 MAD (super 125)
01/26/2004Capacitor labels Question
01/26/2004Application to open .djvu files
01/26/2004SORRY! ZENITH model X323 Chassis # 7n09
01/26/2004philco 42-380
01/27/2004zenith 6S361
01/27/2004How to repair a phono coil ?
01/28/2004Anyone have details on making coil set for Pilot Super Wasp?
01/28/2004MECK TRAIL BLAZER CG500 OR 5C5-P-12
01/29/20041200 tv capacitors
01/30/2004Unknown Zenith
01/31/2004unknown Victor device
01/31/2004Philco 38-62
01/31/2004Pioneer TH-30 8-Track Stereo Deck
01/31/2004Schematic for Philco 38-93
01/31/2004crosley power supply for model 5579
02/01/2004GE Model G-86 Wood Console Tube Radio
02/02/2004Any information on American Bosch 855L
02/02/2004Looking for Zenith chassis 7M07 schematic
02/02/2004Weston 8009 Moisture Meter
02/03/2004Graymark 510 schematic
02/03/2004GE Model F-81
02/03/2004Precision 10-12 tube tester
02/04/2004In desperate need of a triplett 3413/b tube tester chart?!?!
02/05/2004TREGO 5 TUBE
02/05/2004Radiola 18
02/05/200401-A and 00-A settings for Jackson 648 tube tester
02/06/2004New Find: GE C-404B
02/06/2004Sparton Radio Model 5A116
02/06/2004RCA 45-EY-3 Record Player Idler Wheels
02/07/2004Precision E-200-C RF Signal Generator
02/07/2004GE Model H53 Radio Schematic
02/07/2004Eico 753 Transceiver
02/07/2004Philco Phonograph/Radio Parts
02/08/2004Zenith Y511r
02/08/2004substituting 6L6 tubes for 7027A
02/08/2004just starting
02/09/2004RCA T4-10 - Circa mid 30s TRF Radio
02/09/2004AF Transformer. Relation 1:3
02/09/2004Musicaire 100X
02/10/2004Silver Marshall coils Type 131-M,N,O,P and Q
02/11/2004PHILCO Model 37-600
02/11/2004Admiral Television '72-'74 (just starting)
02/12/2004Knight 600-B
02/13/2004If you're looking for Sams or Rider schematics, you might try . . .
02/13/2004Schematic/Operation RCA Model 6BT6
02/13/2004Rogers Majestic 4521
02/14/2004philco floor model#A-361
02/15/2004Old guitar amp
02/16/2004Mercury tube tester model 300
02/16/2004Tube Storage
02/17/2004Bell & Howell Model 34 maual
02/19/2004Radiola 18
02/19/2004sparton 987
02/21/2004ZENITH Long Distance model 10-S-567 Radio
02/21/2004RCA Victor model 612V3
02/21/2004ERLA radio model 265 schematic
02/21/2004Majestic 2C60
02/22/2004Knob for Montgomery Wards All Wave 62-194 Radio
02/22/2004mercury model 101 tube tester
02/22/2004Firestone Air Chief Chassis cross reference help needed
02/22/2004Zenith H615
02/23/2004Problems with Stromberg Carlson 126H
02/23/2004Philco 42-1010 schematic for phonograph
02/23/2004Radio Products Corp. & Zenith project (schematic)
02/24/2004Coronado 550
02/24/2004Need Schematic for B&H Design Console
02/24/2004HP 428B current meter
02/24/2004schematic needed for Philco 42-380 code 121
02/25/2004rca model 15K
02/25/2004dual cap?
02/25/2004ARBORPHONE 45
02/26/2004Majestic model # 92
02/26/2004Crosley 515
02/26/2004Philco 90 Where to begin?
02/27/2004odd molded mica capacitor code
02/27/2004stewart warner model???
02/27/2004Lear Dynatrope
02/27/2004International model 86 - Electrolytic
02/28/2004How do I add a 1.5 volt filament winding to a transformer?
02/29/2004ARBORPHONE RADIO #45
02/29/2004General Electric Model E-62
03/01/2004How do you fix "heater voltage hum"
03/01/2004galaxy pluto problem
03/01/2004us radio&television condensors
03/01/2004silvertone console model#?????
03/01/2004silvertone console model#?????
03/02/2004Philco Model 90 Chassis
03/02/2004relay chatter
03/02/2004EMC/Lafayette tube transistor tester
03/02/2004RCA Record Player
03/02/2004ballast tube
03/02/2004philco 40-190 magnetized chassis
03/03/2004Jackson 648S Tube Tester
03/03/2004Silvertone clock radio model 2095 Motor
03/03/2004Link radio corp.
03/03/2004PHILCO 48-230 "wedgie"
03/04/2004Help - Need Original Service Info for RCA 67QR77M from about 1959
03/04/2004ZENITH FARM RADIO 4-V-31
03/04/2004Sam's Photofact set # for Hallicrafters S-120
03/04/2004A-B block power supply for S,R&CO 6359
03/04/2004RCA Victor Model 17-S-351
03/05/2004info on old sylvania
03/05/2004Stromberg Carlson tuning flywheel--dial cord stringing
03/06/2004Atwater Kent Speakers Type E
03/07/2004air king radio
03/08/2004Repairing volume, tone controls on 1939 Philco
03/09/2004Philco Signal Generator
03/09/2004help identifying a zenith radio
03/10/2004Farm Type Radios
03/10/2004Kennedy 42 coronet
03/10/2004radio publications
03/10/2004Philco radio Shematic (car)
03/11/2004heathkit manual
03/11/2004Zenith D-7000-1 part
03/13/2004Paging Norm!
03/16/2004Crosley 515 problem
03/17/20047B7 tube emissions check
03/17/2004Reeves Manuafactoring
03/17/2004Crosley D-25; clock running at 50Hz
03/17/2004Jackson 648 tube tester
03/18/2004DUMONT model:DL1320WH chassis:E20-10
03/18/2004stromberg carlson asr-433 op. manual/schematic
03/21/2004Sentinel 293T runs hot
03/21/2004speaker help
03/22/2004Server Issues
03/22/2004Philco 40-150 Pushbuttons
03/22/2004Supplement Chart for Heathkit tube tester model 1T-3117
03/22/2004Silvertone 7071
03/23/2004Have Manual for NRI model 71 tube tester
03/23/2004Have Manual for NRI model 71 tube tester
03/23/2004EF40 Tube
03/24/2004need schematic for webster elec. ekotape mod. 230
03/26/2004Info on RCA Victor Model 14X
03/26/2004Majestic 8JL885
03/27/2004Silvertone 9057A?
03/27/2004Phico 37-84 tube substitution
03/28/2004what year is my fridge
03/28/2004What year is my V-M 565A 'Fidelis' console?
03/29/2004tone control
03/29/2004Using a diode to replace a resistor line cord
03/30/20046 MF Capacitor for Philco Radio Model 70A
03/31/2004What year was magnavox console model#1p3663 made?
03/31/2004ge radio e61 6h6 tube bad
03/31/2004RCA stereo console
03/31/2004Precision Apparatus S-55 O-Scope - DC to 5 mc
03/31/2004Wireless record player, Silvertone 7063
03/31/2004zenith 6--S-632 power transformer
04/01/2004Zenith m723 schematic
04/01/20046U5 Tuning Eye replacements
04/02/2004Unknown Magnavox?
04/02/2004superior tube tester
04/02/2004Atwater Kent 10C
04/02/2004Capehart 412M
04/03/2004ge radio model E 61transformer bad
04/04/2004Need schematic for RCA International
04/04/2004G.E radio E61 schematic needed
04/04/2004ERLA Radio (Electrical Research Lab Inc. Chicago)
04/04/2004Philco 39-25 audio low
04/05/20041939 Zenith questions
04/07/2004PHILCO 52-942 table radio SPEAKER PROBLEM
04/07/2004A Fix for Geared Down Tuning Mechanisms?
04/07/2004Supreme AAA-1 Diagnometer
04/08/2004GE Model C-407
04/08/2004echophone model EC-113 speaker problem
04/08/2004Realistic DX-300 Receiver
04/09/2004Delco Radio Div 989127 What does this fit? Oldsmobile?
04/09/2004Need to identify "regulating" electrolytic for Sears 7241
04/09/2004Philco 50-992 Resistor replacement
04/09/2004Possible "farm" radio
04/09/2004tube substitute
04/09/2004Atwater Kent 84 Field Coil
04/09/2004Philco 50 922 - 122
04/10/2004Anyone know when the ARF will be back online?
04/10/2004Radiola 25
04/11/2004Hallicrafters SX-100 tube question
04/11/2004audio interstage transformers going bad
04/11/2004Variac parts.
04/11/2004Philco model 38-7
04/11/2004Philco 37-630 code 121 Knobs
04/11/2004philco model 20 capacitor metal case?
04/11/2004dial scale for RCA 96K
04/12/2004245 tube sub.
04/12/2004HeathKit Tube AMP Tuner
04/12/2004Howard AVH 1931
04/12/2004Philco 51-537 Radio plays OK but I have mild HUM
04/12/2004Full Wave AM Detectors
04/13/2004antique radio forum
04/13/20041946 Midland
04/13/2004Need "Original" (circa 1937) 6U5 Tuning Eye Tube
04/13/2004Kemper Radio
04/14/2004century tube tester fc-2 manual
04/14/2004PHILCO MODEL 20 71a tube burned out
04/14/2004audio interstage or push pull transformer?philco model 20
04/14/2004WTB Leatheroid or Fabricoid
04/15/2004Bremer-Tully Model 6 Counterphase Radio
04/16/2004Crosley 515 problem
04/16/2004Zenith mod. "X323"
04/16/2004Zenith schematics
04/17/2004Sony ICF SW1
04/18/2004et-066 farnsworth burning resistor
04/18/2004Tube Tester
04/18/2004AM and SW bands near dead (RCA)
04/19/2004RF Amp / Cat's Whisker/AF Amp Architecture
04/19/2004Pathe Cathedral - information wanted.
04/19/2004Erla Model S-11 Service information
04/20/2004Help identify - National Airphone Raido?
04/20/2004Sprague Capacitor
04/20/2004General Electric 830 Television Scematic (TV)
04/20/2004Sparton radio/phonograph 1947
04/21/2004PHILCO 37-600
04/21/2004philco 52-542 switch capacitor
04/21/2004g.e. model 548 noise problems
04/22/2004ge 548 If transformer bad, can it be replaced or fixed
04/23/2004Hum RCA 4QR64X
04/23/2004tc-2 tube tester chart
04/23/2004replacing electrolytic capacitors on farnsworth
04/23/2004Mystery switch on Rogers RM503 Radio
04/24/2004ge model 548 still hums
04/25/2004zenith transoceanic r 7000 12 band
04/25/2004philco model 20 filter cap values
04/26/2004Speaker For My '33 Patteron PR-10
04/26/2004ge 548 wont play even with new if transformer
04/26/2004antenna problem
04/27/2004Philco 95 parts
04/28/2004RCA Victor A-108 Console
04/30/2004L Tatro console radio
04/30/2004difference bet ween audio and linear pots
04/30/2004Power tube that test low...
05/01/2004Conar 223 tube tester
05/01/2004Regency TurboScan 800 (TS-2) radio
05/01/2004Radiola 60 alignment data
05/01/2004philco model 20 bakelite cap....wirewound resistor?
05/01/2004triplett tube tester manual?
05/02/2004Need some help please!!
05/02/2004philco 20 tube voltages...the radio works but is distorted
05/02/2004RCA Manual Needed Model #6-HF-1
05/03/2004Electronic load
05/03/200435W4 heater woes
05/04/2004Supreme 504-A tube tester
05/04/2004how to find the model of my T.O.
05/05/2004RCA model 87T2
05/05/2004Orpheus Cabinet
05/05/2004G.E model 548 plays well but has fluctuating volume...avc?
05/06/2004Zenith console 12H090 mystery tube 7F7?
05/07/2004zenith schematic
05/08/2004Antique Zenith phonographs
05/08/2004Sparton 7-36 Reception Problem
05/08/2004GRUNDIG MODEL 4670
05/08/2004Type 22 Radio Tube Mystery
05/09/2004Silvertone choke question
05/10/2004RCA WO-33A O'scope manual/schematic
05/10/2004Westinghouse RC schematics.
05/11/2004Philco 60 Motorboating
05/11/2004need help
05/11/2004Fada 115 zero reception between 620 and 1300Khz
05/13/2004Sentinel 33B Operating Voltages
05/13/2004Old German Radio
05/13/2004FIeld Coil Speaker Question
05/14/2004RCA AM band gone haywire
05/14/2004Sprague TO-3 manual
05/15/2004Adler-Royal Neutrodyne 199
05/15/2004I.F. cap replacement
05/15/2004philco bakelite block cap
05/15/2004Have manual, can't email to nostalgaair.org
05/16/2004Eico 666 Tube Tester
05/17/2004philco 84 wont work tube voltages wrong?
05/18/2004Old Panasonic RE 7700
05/19/2004Can some one help identify Stromberg Carlson car radio
05/19/2004need help identifying a tube help!
05/19/2004zenith radio problem
05/19/2004Crosley radio, console, model # 26 BB
05/21/2004Majestic Radio, portable
05/21/2004My First Restoring Project -- need help!
05/21/2004How do I test the resistors?
05/22/2004RCA bakelite radio id
05/22/2004Fada 115 still "Refuses" to receive correctly.
05/23/2004philco model 50. which values go to which cap in square multicap under chassis with wires coming out of it
05/24/2004Small metal cap that sits upon pre war radio tubes.
05/24/2004FLUKE 803B
05/24/2004Zenith T/O 3000
05/24/2004zenith 9s367 transformer gets hot
05/25/2004Zenith 6mf490 restoration
05/25/2004EICO 666 tube testing
05/25/2004Zenith 5-S-127
05/26/2004Hickock 533A settings for 717A pentode
05/26/2004Philco big block caps
05/27/2004Tesla 308U talisman
05/27/2004Mercury 1100 Tube Tester
05/27/2004Philco 90...canadian...?
05/28/2004How do I test a bh tube
05/29/2004Simpson model 479 fm tv generator
05/29/2004dynamotor maintenance
05/31/2004Stromberg-Carlson 1400
06/01/2004Auto Radio Positive /negative ground question.
06/01/2004Murphy Radio
06/02/2004philco 90.........labels on front??
06/02/2004PHILCO 90, which complement of tubes has the most value?
06/02/2004philco 90 ....any difference in the variations of model 90 playng wise?
06/03/2004PHILCO 90...volume drops a lot
06/03/2004Recap gone bad/squeal or hum at certain volume - help!
06/03/2004Zenith Model 8H034Z
06/04/20045M3 Schematic Q
06/04/2004philco 90 antenna coils, ...are they needed ?
06/05/2004Clear plastic "bubble" dial cover
06/05/2004Victrola Model 8V90
06/05/2004Philco 90 coil rewinding services? does anybody do this anymore
06/07/2004RCA "Master Nipper"
06/07/2004Sears Silvertone Model 6021 Maple
06/08/2004TC-2 Setting for 572-B
06/08/2004RCA model 87T2 RF woes
06/08/2004There is no 37-630 on the Philco page
06/09/2004GE H-53 schematic ????
06/09/2004GE H-53 schematic ????
06/09/2004Sony Reel to Reel Model TC-558
06/09/2004DC to AC conversion
06/09/200412ZE8 Eye Tube
06/09/20047868 conversion to 6GM5
06/09/2004Northern Electric 743a
06/10/2004Dial Glass for RCA 34X
06/10/2004Replaceing Speakers with Field Coils
06/11/2004Looking for schematic for Delco R-1117
06/12/2004Console victrola
06/12/2004philco 90, still cant find information on multi caps
06/12/2004Sparton 1567
06/12/2004EICO Model P Battery Eliminator
06/13/2004Link to the Radio Catalogue with 71,500 radios displayed
06/13/20043\4 square I.F. transformer recaping, where is the cap?
06/13/2004Philco 52-942 six tube
06/13/2004Silvertone Console
06/14/2004Philco Radio Model 90 with 1-47
06/14/2004National Co. Sixty Special NC-60 (ShortWave)
06/14/2004silver mica caps, should I use these in radios ?
06/14/2004Mystery Components Coil, Cap or Resistor?
06/14/2004philco 90 capacitor 40 how close do I have to get
06/15/2004Zenith 10S464 replacement dial lamp
06/16/2004Problems with 1967 Mustang Radio Model F7TBZ
06/16/2004Rebasing Tubes
06/16/2004Victrola Model 612V1
06/16/2004Freed Eisemann Radio
06/17/2004Need 01A settings for 539C and/or 752A
06/19/2004Montgomery Ward & Co. , Dictator Radio, pre 1932
06/19/2004Zenith 10-s-567
06/20/2004Transformers specifications, need help...
06/20/2004g.e. model m-106 schematic
06/20/2004antenna problem RCA table radio 65X2 five tube
06/20/2004A M transmitter. what kind is good
06/21/2004Coronado console Mdl ??
06/21/2004ge 548 I.F. cap values
06/22/2004Crosley 51s
06/22/2004Northern electric transformer info
06/23/2004Philco 3610 speaker reconing
06/24/2004capacitor confusion???
06/24/2004Need info on how to align stages of Lafayette HA-230 General Coverage Receiver
06/24/2004Capacitor Values of Radiola III question
06/24/2004RCA model 87T2/87K1
06/27/20046BZ6 replacement for 6BA6 ?
06/27/2004Aes am transmitter not as clear as regular radio broadcast
06/27/2004what interstage transformer goes in a Crosley 124
06/27/2004Federal Radio
06/28/2004Canadian Westinghouse RA810
06/28/2004field coil resistance for Zenith 4-v-31
06/28/2004Canadian Westinghouse model 785
06/29/2004GE H87 - Riders page 11-7
06/30/2004Sears Com/Trek Clock Radio (aprox 1977?) Need some service
06/30/2004Westinghouse H-161 Plate Voltage
06/30/2004need info on georgian magnivox record player
07/01/2004volume control w/switch
07/01/2004columaire 8 Whestinghouse 801
07/03/2004Freed-Eisemann Educator
07/05/2004unknown Graybar
07/05/2004EMERSON 30 AW 1930' clasic radio
07/05/2004TC-55 tester schematics, manual, tube charts needed badly!
07/05/2004Canadian Marconi Company Ltd. Model 67 Schematics
07/06/2004RCA T-64 Info
07/07/2004SW or AM transceivers
07/07/2004RCA 7-HF-3
07/07/2004Sears/Silvertone Model 7164
07/07/2004Knight Model 11A
07/08/2004GE RADIO
07/08/200484 6z4 rectifier
07/09/2004Superior Instrument 670-A Super-Meter
07/09/2004GE Model E-105 tuning lights
07/09/2004Philco radio/phonograph
07/09/2004Philco Model 884 Radio
07/10/2004GM Signal Seeker mechanism
07/10/2004Majestic 194 Cathedral
07/10/2004Zenith 10s464
07/12/2004old car radios
07/12/2004automatic radio echo-mate under dash reverb rvb-6782
07/12/200441-280 philco
07/13/2004i just attained a magnavox astro sonic radio with lp
07/13/20047b7 tube sub
07/14/2004Zenith G844
07/14/2004Stromberg-Carlson 941-H
07/14/2004Defective Resistance Line Cords
07/14/2004Cosmopolitan Five Phusiformer Schematic
07/15/2004effective capacitor shorts tester
07/16/20041939 PHILCO Pushbuttons
07/16/2004re-soldering the base back on a 3KP4
07/16/2004substitution for EM85 eye tube
07/17/2004old silvertone wire recorder
07/17/2004What model rado do I have.
07/18/20046dl5 settings for heathkit tc-2
07/18/2004Tube asing E1148
07/18/2004Philco 38-116 driver transformer
07/18/2004more infor on Georgian Magnavox record player/radio console
07/18/2004RCA H-51 Console
07/18/2004Waltron/PYGMY Portable Radio
07/18/2004Homebrew B Voltages
07/19/2004Zenith Model 10S464
07/19/20046021 twin triode as substitute for 01A
07/20/2004General Electric Rsdio H634
07/21/2004Philco 46-420
07/21/2004Schematic for viking SC 5805
07/21/2004Philco 46-420
07/21/2004line cord with built in resistance
07/21/2004Selenium rectifier substitute.
07/22/2004Atwater Kent model 456 schematics
07/22/2004dumont hi-fi with audio problems
07/22/2004Sencore PS-127 Oscilloscope
07/23/2004bogen amplifier NTS-1125
07/23/2004Philco 46-420
07/24/2004Airline Model 2800
07/24/20041Q5 regen radio
07/24/2004EICO 950B
07/24/2004GE H634
07/24/2004Unknown radio
07/25/2004Philco AM portable
07/25/2004echo-mate under dash reverb-to edd if you are still out there
07/25/2004Zenith Royal 3000-1
07/25/2004Interstage transformer for GE H31, H51 radio
07/25/2004Need NE Midge radio schematic
07/25/2004Sony SW1 problem
07/26/2004Jackson 648 tester
07/26/2004Ronette Stereo 106 Phono Cartridge + Needles
07/26/2004Philco 41-608 power transformer
07/27/2004Stanrad Radio Information
07/27/2004General Electric K-43 Recap
07/27/2004Figuring out Power transformer Amps required?
07/27/20041920's Stanrad T.R.F. radio problems
07/28/2004Dial cord replacement for zenith console
07/28/2004Getting schematic number for Hop-along-cassidy radio.
07/28/2004Silvertone Neutrodyne Radio
07/29/2004Philco model 71
07/30/2004Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal 1000-D Schematic
07/31/2004Philco model 89 I.F. problem
07/31/2004rca victor radio
08/01/2004Philco modle 38-4
08/02/2004Circuit diagram for a ZANEY- GILL Music Box
08/02/2004age of a sears silvertone
08/03/2004Where did the shortwave go
08/03/2004Need Westinghouse I.F. or Sub
08/03/2004record player
08/04/2004Zenith Coils Needed
08/04/2004Ugly Short story
08/04/2004Power transfo burned
08/05/2004Farnsworth GK-086
08/05/2004bose 1801 ic # MC1456CG
08/05/2004Tech info for Zentih Trans-Oceanic Royal 1000-D
08/05/2004Radio General Electric H634
08/05/2004RCA Radio ( Westinghouse)
08/07/2004RCA Victor Model 211
08/07/2004capacitor shorts tester (I call them condensors)
08/07/2004RCA Wavetrap
08/08/2004Type 30 History
08/08/2004Rekord Junior 196
08/08/2004RCA Model 8-X-8N
08/08/2004Philco 37-660 now dead
08/09/2004Is it normal for rectifier plates to glow red with no load?
08/09/2004Westinghouse WR-48
08/09/20045U4 revisited
08/10/2004Radio General Electric H634
08/10/2004Tube 101D
08/10/2004Admiral 5RP42C 5RP41B
08/10/20045 tube Montola (B.F.Goodrich) radio
08/10/2004looking for information
08/10/2004Philco 40-145
08/10/2004Help with a Lear ADF-12E schematic
08/11/2004Hammond Screen ultra linear tap question
08/11/2004Zenith Saturn Dial Radio