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Tips and Training

Cabinets & Chassis
Refinishing Bezel/Escutcheons

Replacing Wet Electrolytics and High Surge Dry Eelectrolytics
Series Connection of Electrolytics
Testing Transformers

RCA 1939 Glossary

Power Supplies
Replacing Defective Resistance Line Cords
Replacing Defective Resistance Line Cords - Followup
Those pesky negative-filtered power supplies
Bah - Hum Bug(s)!
Grid Bias Resistor Calculations

Restoration Stories
The Philco 60 Repair That Almost Wasn't

Shop Notes
RADIOLA 18 Electrical Restoration
RADIOLA 18 Overhauling the Tuning Condenser
Emerson FU427 Howls
RCA BT-42 Subsituting GT for G Tubes
Stromberg Carlson 10 and 11 Interstage Audio Transformer Replacement
Zenith 10B1; 10B2 Dead on Manual Broadcast
Noisy and Fading Auto Radios

Replacing Early Paper Speaker Cones
Remagnetizing Early Horn and Paper Speakers

Technical History
"8-in-line", Codename for Superhet?
Buckwalter Supertone, a Colorado Radio?
Radio on the Telephone

Rejuvination and Repair
Subsituting GT for G Types
Substitution 'Eye' Tubes

NRI's 1931 Certified Radio-Trician's Course
Principles of Signal Tracing
Radio News' Trouble Finder and Service Manual © 1930
Building a Radio Collector's Library - Part I
Building a Radio Collector's Library - Part II

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