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Grundig Majestic 4090

Posted by Edd on 08/10/2011 18:59

Sr Minel Torres. . . . .

(O . . . en otra palabras . . . .ehhhhhhhhhhh hoooooooombre . . . .que paaaaaaaaaaaaaaasa ? )

You certainly are making it hard on a person . . . . as that is very hard to find, privvy information . . . if you aren't finding it labeled within the cabinetry proper or on the bottom.

Now I have no idea if your tube techno expertise lets you distinguish between a EAA91 (6AL5) or a 5U4 tubes. . . . . both are dual diodes.

I can nail the majority of the tubes positions initially and give you linking to that sets BIG brothers schematic diagram placed below which was used in helping out someone here within the past eons.

Looking at the pic of the chassis, the EL95 audio output tubes go where shown, just to their left is the mentioned EAA91 FM detector tube for the FM section.

Now just in front of that last tube and up towards the dial scale is the ECC83 driver tube for the pair 'o '95's just covered.

In the corner between the IF transformers would be the EBF89 IF amplifier tube.

Over to the left of the mechanical tuning condenser would be the ECH81 mixer tube.

Over to the left (not included within this photo) would be the FM tuner "box" with its recessed 9 pin tube socket and probably a 1/2 metal shield protruding out . . . . the ECC85 goes down in there.

Most likely the front dial panel mounted EM34 tuning eye tube will be easy to locate , if not being left in place and there already.

My mystery tube is the small single triode EC92 which has 7 pins and do confirm that is the size of socket fpund within my 'yaller highlighted mark-up. . . . plus I do believe that the EAA91 is the sole other 7 pin tube being used in the set . . . . with all of the rest of the tubes being 9 pin miniatures.

Your positive back-up is my provided schematic , so that you could find a resistor tied into a tube pin and confirm that tube has that value of part wired into it.

Thassit . . . .

73's de Edd

. . . . . Icht bin der Grundig Schematic:. . . . .

::I need the tube layout for a Grundig Majestic Model 4090.
::It is a 9 tube radio, I know the tube numbers but they are out of the chassis and I don't know where they go.
::Thanks for your help.

:If you go to this web site they have the schematic that will let you know which tube goes in which part of the circuit.

Grundig Majestic 4090 
Minel Torres 08/10/2011 12:54 
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Edd 08/10/2011 18:59 

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