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Tenma 72-040 Digital Capacitance Meter

Posted by Job on 11/03/2006 15:49

::I just purchased a Tenma 72-040 Digital Capacitance Meter on Ebay but don't have a manual. This will be my first experience using a capacitor meter so I'm wondering if I need instructions to operate it properly. Can anyone advise me where I may be able to downlood a manual for this instrument?
:Job, Operation is simple and straight forward:
:Operating Instructions
:To avoid electrical hazards, discharge the capacitor before measuring.
:1. For capacitance measurement less than 200nF, use zero adjust to subtract the stray capacitance.
:2. Set the range switch to the desired range.
:3. Never apply an external voltage to the input terminals.
:Damage to the meter may result.
:4. Observe polarity when measuring polarized capacitors.
:5. Insert the capacitor leads into the receptacle socket or directly connect
:the test clip to the capacitor leads as required.
:6. Read the capacitance direct from the display

Thanks Carl.

Tenma 72-040 Digital Capacitance Meter 
Job Goudie 10/29/2006 00:10 
Carl 10/30/2006 16:30 
Job 11/03/2006 15:49 

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