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Help keep Nostalgia Air Online and Growing!

Nostalgia Air requires significant resources to stay online. To date the site has been primarily sponsored by myself and a few small donations from some of the great Antique Radio enthusiasts out there. It is my intent that Nostalgia Air shall remain both free to use and free of commercial content.

In an effort to offset the growing costs of providing this service I've made a few tough decisions. First I have added a "Garage Sale" area where Antique Radio related items, ranging from Radio's to Test Equipment to Parts to Manuals and Reprints will be available. The proceeds from the Garage Sale will help fund Nostalgia Air's continued growth.

Secondly I have made the decision to accept contributions to help defray the expenses. It should be noted that any contributions are not tax deductible, Nostalgia Air is not a charitible organization, it is a personal hobby site. Donations may be made via PayPal or sent via mail.

Via Paypal:

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