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Replacing Wet Electrolytics and High Surge Dry Eelectrolytics
From "radio service dealer"
Solar Capacitor Sales Corp.9/44

Back      Properly installed miniature size capacitors can replace wet and high surge voltage dry electrolytics in practically all receivers. To insure satisfactory operation, the circuit surge voltage must not exceed the surge peak voltage of the replacement capacitor (525 volts for 450 volts working). In many cases this means series connection of replacement capacitors.

     To determine the circuit surge voltage, temporarily replace the faulty unit by a 1 or 2 mfd., 600 or 1000-volt paper capacitor. Then connect a 1000 ohms/volt or higher reistance voltmenter across the capacitor. Watch the meter pointer as you snap the set switch. The surge voltage is the voltage at which the pointer hesitates after its first swing before begining a relatively slow decrease to operating voltage as the set warms up. This test should be made with the highest line voltage which may occur in the location where the set will be used.

     If the surge voltage is too high for a single miniature unit, connect units of the proper capacitance and voltage rating in series to serve as the replacement.

     Dry electrolytics with a capacitance as low as two-thirds of the original capacitance will usually be found satisfactory when replacing wet electrolytics.

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