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Vintage Radio Links
Ron Ramirez's Philco Radio
Ron Ramirez, Philco collector and historian maintains PhilcoRadio.com. Ron's passion for Philco radio's is echoed through out his entire informative and educational Philco Radio web site. Ron's site is an essential place to visit for anyone interested in Philco history and radios.

The first virtual antique radio museum in Russia
Maintained by Vitaly Brousnikin. Vitaly brings us a rare and wonderful glimpse at antique radio's of Russia. This site is a superb addition for collectors worldwide, offering a rare glimpse at radios from Russia. Vitaly's passion for vintage radio's brings the site to life, an absolutely wonderful beginning. Return to his site often, it promises to grow, providing the world with even more wonders and technical information. This is a definate must see site for any radio collector or even the curious. Thank you Vitaly for sharing your collection and your time! (благодарность)

Jim's Crosley Antique Radio Page
Maintained by Jim Watson of Pensacola Florida. Provides information on Crosley Radio's. Including a Photo Gallery, Radio Names, Manuals, Schematics, Artwork, Advertising and a Swap Shop. This is a must see site for anyone interested in Crosley Radios.

Padgett Peterson's Zenith Trans-Oceanic and Hickok Pages
Maintained by Padgett Peterson of Orlando Florida. This site offers a wealth of information on the elusive 1L6 tube, Zenith Trans-Oceanic Radios, and Hickok tube testers. Features include technical information, historical information, pictures and more. This is a must see site for anyone interested in Zenith Trans-Oceanic's or Hickok tube testers.

Chuck Schwark's Antique Radio Resource Page
Maintained by Chuck Schwark of Chicago Illinois. Chucks's site offers a wealth of information on Philco Radio restoration. He also provides articles on other restoration topics. The site offers a wealth of links and contacts for parts and supplies for the restorer. Chuck also lists numerous useful Internet resources, construction projects, and information about himself and his collection. This is an excellent site well worth a visit.

The On Line Radio Trader
Provides computer-searchable antique radio ads for collectors. If you enjoy collecting antique radios as much as we do, but your schedule doesn't allow time for reading hundreds of printed ads every month, then this site is for you.

Classic Radio Gallery
Maintained by Merrill Mabbs. A showcase of some highlights in the history of radio design. Merrill has an affinity for the Belmont Radio line, which is a prime example of the art incorporated into radios.

Michigan Antique Radio Club Home Page
Maintained by Robert Murrell. In the ten years since its founding by Jim Clark the club membership has grown to nearly 700 individuals. While most MARC members live within the Great Lakes region of the U.S. the organization also is represented throughout this country as well as Canada, Europe and Australia. The site contains an online newsletter, information on the organization, and links to related sites.

New Jersey Antique Radio Club's Home Page
Maintained by John Dilks. You will find articles, pictures from members collections, club information and news here. Plans for the future are to provide a radio history through articles, old documents and research. A smattering of club news and radio meet information (before and after). Restoration articles by members and friends.

Radiohistorical Society of Finland
Suomen Radiohistoriallinen Seura ry

Maintained by Pentti Haka. Devoted to preserving the tradition of old-time radio in Finland - from the days of spark telegraphy to transistorized vintage equipment. Activities include publication of related articles in the society magazine, database of radiohistorical information and distribution of components and parts for vintage radios. SRHS also works in close co-operation with Finnish radio museums and displays.

SRHS (Suomen Radiohistoriallinen Seura ry) kerää, tutkii ja tallentaa radiohistoriallista esineistöä ja tietoa. SRHS avustaa keräilijöitä ja museoita sekä julkaisee tutkimustuloksia ja jäsentiedotteita sekä ylläpitää laitetietokantaa. SRHS järjestää myös tapaamisia, museovierailuja, esittelyjä ja yleisöluentoja. Seuran jäsenlehti ilmestyy neljä kertaa vuodessa.

Surfing the Aether
Maintained by Bruce Christopherson. Provides a history of radio technology and radio companies. This is a wonderful site filled with information on the development of radio. I cannot recommend this site enough to anyone remotely interested in antique radios.

This WebSite, though under construction, provides invaluable references for those interested in Hammarlunds. Much of the site currently is commercial in nature, however, it provides a single stop for information on Hammarlund sets.

Phils Old Radios
Phils Old Radios is one of the oldest WWW antique radio sites, with over 160 antique radios in the gallery complete with color photos and commentary; extensive information and resources for collectors; construction projects and free want-ads.

Lin Robertson's Old-Time Radio Page
The only place on the Web where you can actually HEAR the radios you're looking at!

Radio Relics Homepage
Radio Relics has been operating in Orlando for about fifteen years, and Dennis has been messing with vintage radios for more than twice that. They are in the business of repairing, restoring, buying and selling antique radios and other vacuum tube equipment such as audio amps, early TVs, juke box amps, phonographs, etc.

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Primarily Canadian Interests
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John's Jukes Ltd. Home Page
John's Jukes Ltd specialize in jukeboxes, video games, pinballs and slot machines. They sell, service and carry parts for them. If you have a unit that needs repair or want to purchase one, this is a great place to start.

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