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Unknown Lafayette Console Radio

Posted by Bob Lijewski on 04/10/2009 20:29

I am restoring a Lafayette console radio for my neighbor. The only number I found was 10706 stamped on a riveted metal label on the back of the chassis. I am trying to get a schematic of this radio and can't find any reference to it anywhere.

The console has legs and sliding double doors. The chassis looks like an upside down cookie tin less than 1" thick. There are 2 large metal boxes at the front of the chassis. One holds the power supply and the other the tuner. It has 8 tubes and 2 knobs. It is BC only. The tube complement from left to right from the rear is: 80, 45, 45, 27, 27, 24A, 24A and 24A. The speaker is an 8" Utah speaker.

Can anyone help me locate a schematic or at least tell me what the model number is?

bob lijewski

Unknown Lafayette Console Radio 
Bob Lijewski 04/10/2009 20:29 
Carl T 04/10/2009 21:17 
bob lijewski 04/11/2009 21:27 
bob lijewski 04/11/2009 21:38 

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