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Wanted: spring clips for knobs

Posted by Blacksmith on 04/10/2009 18:20

::::I need as many of these steel springs that I can get. If you have a stash of them, or know of someone who does, I'd appreciate an opportunity to buy them.
::::http://www.wowway.com/~blacksmith1/wanted/springs.jpg : : :Hi! If you Google (Baby Champ)then click on (Welcome to Baby Champ)then click on (What's New) then click on the word (Knob) you'll find a tutorial on making your own knobs and at the very bottom they show how to make your own flat springs for knobs.Another option is to contact Larry Bordonaro at (Antique Radio Knobs.Com) since he uses springs in his reproduction knobs he might be able to supply you with some. Bob Masse
::Thanks Bob,
::I can cut them out, but the two I show in the picture are difficult to make and I didn't want to spend that much time making them for dozens of knobs.
::I can't ask Larry as I'm in competition with him. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------:Hi! You say your in competition with Larry. Do you have a web site? I'm always interested in new suppliers of radio parts. TkS.Bob Masse


Wanted: spring clips for knobs 
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