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Antique Radio Technical Forum
A Capacitor Question?

Posted by Warren on 04/08/2009 16:30

::::Hey all,
::::I have a requirement for a .003ufd 1000volt capacitor,Non-electrolytic. I don't have one. Can I substitute a 3900pf 1000v ceramic disc cap in its place? I have one of these.
::::Thanks, Johnny
:::What is the job of the cap? What is it in? Need more info.
:::Sorry Lewis, In too much of a rush today. The radio is a Philco 41-285 and the cap is #49 coming off of the tone pot.
::Little more info. It's the #49 cap on the schematic (.003) that connects from the tone control to the plate of the 7C6 tube.

A 3900 PF would be .0039 MFD. For a tone compensation circuit that should be close enough. Can't hurt, give it a try and see if the tone works as well as you think it should.

A Capacitor Question? 
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