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operating a 25 hz AK55fc on 60 hz mains

Posted by Lewis L on 04/08/2009 11:59

::A 25-Hz xfmr will work fine on 60-Hz. The 25-Hz xfmr will have a beefier core to keep it from saturating at the lower frequency. At 60 Hz, it will run cooler and have greater design margin.
:Thanks Doug. I appreciate the feedback.

:I am a retired Delta Air Lines avionic mechanic. We used sixty Hertz epuipment on a regular basis, including vacuum cleaners, on the 400 Hz aircraft busses. No problem going up in frequency, just watch using 400 Hz on sixty.

operating a 25 hz AK55fc on 60 hz mains 
Elo 04/07/2009 17:23 
Doug Criner 04/07/2009 18:42 
Elo 04/07/2009 18:45 
Lewis L 04/08/2009 11:59 
Doug Criner 04/08/2009 18:42 

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