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Mystery item...Gen. Radio Frequency Meter type 558-P

Posted by Peter G. Bal;azsy on 04/08/2009 04:19

General Radio Wavemeter, Type 558-P

This beautifully made equipment, dating from 1929, was built for use by Radio Amateurs by General Radio in the USA

The pine box accommodates the wavemeter with its five plug-in coils, one of which, for low VHF, is merely a metal loop and its calibration chart.


The wavemeter with one of the coils fitted

In order to use the wavemeter one must be able to detect its effect, either on a receiver or a transmitter.

In conjunction with the chart one can then ascertain the frequency being measured.

This is a passive device and works by absorbing energy at the frequency to which it is tuned. If adjusted when closely coupled to an antenna, signal will be sucked away as it were, leaving a dead spot. If positioned next to an oscillator coil it may stop oscillations.

A similar useful device is called a "Grid-dip meter". This is an active device employing an oscillator and a small meter. When brought close to a tuned circuit, resonance is shown by a dip or kick in the meter

Mystery item...Gen. Radio Frequency Meter type 558-P 
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