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operating a 25 hz AK55fc on 60 hz mains

Posted by Elo on 04/07/2009 17:23

I am preparing to restore a Model 55FC in a Pooley cabinet for operation on 60HZ mains supply. What changes, if any, would be required to operate a 25HZ set on 60HZ mains. I suspect that the added laminations in the power transformer would only allow additional current for the set; the filter chokes and capacitors for the B+ although determined for ripple suppression for 25 HZ should be adequate for 60 HZ? Is this assumption correct?

Also I am also looking for someone that could re cone or repair a cone for this fine radio set. I am a retired power electronics technician from the utilities industry and radios are quite different from turbine generator controls and excitation systems. Although I have lots of experience trouble shooting and repairing RF carrier protective relay systems at 138KV and below. Any advice that could be provided would be greatly appreciated.

operating a 25 hz AK55fc on 60 hz mains 
Elo 04/07/2009 17:23 
Doug Criner 04/07/2009 18:42 
Elo 04/07/2009 18:45 
Lewis L 04/08/2009 11:59 
Doug Criner 04/08/2009 18:42 

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