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Philco 89B pin voltage, or lack there of

Posted by phil on 04/06/2009 22:40

check the electrolytics for proper polarity. the feild coil will get warm but should not get hot.

:O.K., as some of you may know, Iím not the brightest bulb on the tree when it comes to electronics. I love my radios, but Iím a machinist by trade. I test and replace tubes and enjoy recapping, cleaning the chassis and switches, dial cords cabinets ext. But if the radio doesnít work when I done Iím pretty well lost. Case in point; after doing all of the above to my Philco 89B it still doesnít work. The light comes on the tubes light up and I had static come through the speaker. I no longer get anything through the speaker and the electromagnet gets hot. I checked pin voltages and most are below 1 volt some are negative. The only readings even close are my A.C. at the 80 rectifier tube they are 225V & 223V a little lower than the 250V called for. I suspect the transformer but I donít understand the magnet getting hot. If it is the transformer, where can I get another? Any ideas on what this could be?

Philco 89B pin voltage, or lack there of 
Brett 04/06/2009 18:57 
phil 04/06/2009 22:40 
Warren 04/06/2009 22:51 

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