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A leetle off topic

Posted by Google on 04/06/2009 02:15

Try a global search. If that doesn't turn up a vendor, try the search functions on Mouser or DigiKey. Mouser gives access to data sheets for most of the parts they carry.

:That # has a familar ring, but no cigar. Is it an op amp, audio power amp, regulator, how many pins etc? Is mfr known? Have you Googled the p/n?
::I know that this is a forum for tubes, but I need info on an IC chip called PST524D. Any idea where I can find it?

A leetle off topic 
Lewis L 04/06/2009 00:05 
Marv Nuce 04/06/2009 00:53 
Google  04/06/2009 02:15 
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