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The reasons behind my opinions

Posted by Lewis L on 04/05/2009 17:21

::Interesting. Sounds like they're going to try to keep the building original or something. Old motors and generators are always better, though. There was a bit more thought put into their looks, as well as their function.
::I used to work at Select Sound Service in downtown Milwaukee, and they had this huge motor-generator in the dark basement that was used to convert AC to DC for the elevator. They replaced it with a solid state rectifier in the 1950s, upstairs, but the motor could still be run should the rectifier ever fail, and it was awesome to see running!
: Hey Tom. I am with you all the way. Your story brought back all those memories from my childhood. I also am from the Milwaukee area. My father had a radio & TV service and sales business in the 1950s that operated out of our house. We had a radio in every room of the house. My grandfather in his 90s lived with us and would often be found sitting next to the Philco console in the evening while my grandmother watched the big TV console with the little 12" round screen. Now that I am 63 and semi retired I have a renewed interest in old radios. My father died when I was 17 so I try to remember some of the technical things from when I helped him fix an old radio or TV. Reading posts on this forum helps spark some of those memories and I am slowly increasing my electronics ability. Thanks to all you radio veterans.

When i worked for AT&T we had generators for 24, 48, and 130 Volts. They slowly replaced them with solid state, but kept the gens for emergency use. We ran them about once a month, and it was really intersesting to hear the way the office sounded in the "old days."

The reasons behind my opinions 
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