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Antique Radio Technical Forum
Zenith 12S568

Posted by joeinri on 04/03/2009 07:06

Hi all,
I have Zenith 12S568 shutterdial that I've just finished a re-cap/resistor/wiring on. The set is playing BUT....have a broken dial cord. In trying to repair...I've run into a snag. I can't get a full swing of the dial from 550KHZ to 1500. Gets about 1/2 way and hits the "stop". Originally, with the tuning plates fully meshed, the dial pointer was at about 1100KHZ...after I pulled a drive gear away from another ..I was able to set the pointer to 500KHZ, fully meshed...but will only go as high as about 7-800KHZ before it will hit the stop.

Any ideas out there??
Puzzled in Rhode Island,

Zenith 12S568 
joeinri 04/03/2009 07:06 
Edd 04/03/2009 14:46 

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