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Antique Radio Technical Forum
6AU6A instead of 6BA6?

Posted by J-F on 04/02/2009 21:41

Cool thank you.

:The tube will work fine. I did the same in a Lafayette AM/FM stereo tuner a couple of years ago that suddenly had a hard time picking up any FM radio stations. It worked with no re-alignment. I have a tube substitution book from 1977 that lists them as excellent subs for one another. Use it in the FM IF and you should be fine.

6AU6A instead of 6BA6? 
J-F 04/02/2009 20:51 
Anthony  04/02/2009 21:05 
Anthony Bitetto 04/02/2009 21:11 
J-F 04/02/2009 21:41 

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