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Powering a King 10K1 Neutrodyne

Posted by Lewis L on 04/02/2009 12:29

:One more coat of clear lacquer and a light buffing will finish my complete(and ridicuously expensive, thanks the price of known-good O1A tubes) restoration of a beautiful Silvertone-branded King 10K1 Neutrodyne receiver.
:Okay, I do have to finish building my battery eliminator power supply, but that should be the work of a couple of hours at most. At any rate, I need a question answered before I power this thing up. We have the expected "A" battery connectors, plus 90V and 45V binding posts AND a mysterious (to me) pair of posts for + and - 4.5V. These are jumpered together with cotton covered wire that looks original. What were these for?

My guess would be they are for the "C" battery, the one for grid bias. Will check more and let you know.

Powering a King 10K1 Neutrodyne 
Craig Roberts 04/02/2009 12:17 
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