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Dial light size

Posted by nyt on 04/02/2009 09:06

:Well, thanks for comments and searches. I mainly order from RadioDaze and AntiqueElectronics and noticed they don't have any 1490's so didn't look further but now notice that PTOP has them maybe. DO YOU KNOW WHY THOMAS SAYS NOT TO RUN THIS SET W/O THE LAMPS?? I assume it has to do with current drain but not sure about the specifics.
::I'm not trying to be a smart-ass but do you know how to use an internet search engine? I use Altavista and when I typed in "1490+lamp" I got lots of hits and the first one was from Donsbulbs.com. The specs were given right there.
:::Where do you guys see a diagram for this set? I know possibly on "techpreservation" but I can't seem to get on that site. Where does Edd get the specs on a 1490 light??
::::Norm and possibly Peter know where to get them. Temporarily you can put a #47 in its place.
::::Do not operate the radio without pilot lamps.

because the lamps supply current to the plate of the rectifier tube. with no bulbs the tube heater filament must pass all the current and probably blow out in short order

Dial light size 
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