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RCA 56X OR 56X2

Posted by Edd on 04/01/2009 21:52

Look at this sites referencing for that chassis and refer to its The Riders Volume 17 changes 17-7 and then refer to the,
Riders Volume 18 changes 18-8 located just below it and you will see a couple of references to some resistor and capacitor
changes, along with the use of a different oscillator coil. Then there is the difference in possible use of a different tube type in
the oscillator mixer portion.

Also there is referencing to the RC-1011 chassis and itís A and B versions.
All in all I donít think that it would make a hill of beans on consulting the general 56X chassis schematic, unless you then found
a specific difference in those areas, and were wondering about those parts / changes being different.

The most proper solution would be the consulting of the actual RCA service info for those chassis, and some further involved
researching on it, while I find the availability of any of those older RCA manuals ( actually sheets) as RARE as the extra fingers
coming off from my elbow. . . .lol.

73's de Edd

RCA 56X OR 56X2 
louie 04/01/2009 20:12 
Edd 04/01/2009 21:52 

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