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1970ish Zenith radio volume problem.

Posted by Lewis L on 04/01/2009 20:10

:I have an amazing performing and sounding 1970ish Zenith table top model S-42505. The problem is I cannot adjust the volume on it. It stays pretty constant at a little bit above a normal level. I can adjust the the tone and "loudness" but not the volume. Now here is the thing. I cleaned all pots with cleaner. I checked associated volume resistors and capacitors and they test well. This radio has a 19T8 tube that is connected in some way with the volume control. The schematic for this radio is not on this web site but I did find a radio almost exactly alike in layout and tubes. That schematic shows the volume going through 19T8. The 19T8 tube I have tests bad in my heathkit tube tester but the radio still performs great. My first question is does this radio have a volume control? The two part Knob is labeled Off, Tone, Loudness. Is loudness volume? The other knob is Am or FM. My second question is my testing bad 19T8 tube the culprit with my non adjusting volume problem? I hate throughing parts at a radio. I believe the tube is the problem but don't have a spare to try it. Or, the radio just doesn't have a volume control to begin with. Thank you for your time and help. -radio Joe

Volume controls the audio output of the radio. Loudness does the same, but adds bass at low levels to compensate with the ear's poorer response to bass notes at lower levels.

1970ish Zenith radio volume problem. 
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