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Howard 626 shortwave

Posted by Dave on 04/01/2009 18:31

Hi everyone! I've just acquired a Howard 626 shortwave from 1938 I believe. I know absolutely nothing about tube radios. I've downloaded the schematics from this site...and I can understand the pictures, but not much else. My question is, there is a wire connected to what I think is the oscillator, but it doesn't connect to anything else, it's just dangling. Should that be connected to something? There is a wire running from the R.F. to the top of the 6A7 Mixer tube, which I think is correct. There's also 2 wires coming out of the base, 1 I think is the antenna..the other is maybe a ground? And that's not attached to anything...should it be? My A.M. works, but nothing else. All the tubes lite up. It's pretty cool! :-) Thanks for any help!


Howard 626 shortwave 
Dave 04/01/2009 18:31 
Edd 04/01/2009 22:44 
Walt 04/02/2009 13:24 
Dave 04/02/2009 18:48 

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