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Victor/RCA 52 power pack

Posted by G. Berg........Chris..TUBES and more on 04/30/2009 19:41

Chris ..yes I have lots of early globe tubes 201s brass base and later versions..245(s) 280(s) etc... I also just "cracked open a can" on my 1929 Victor 52 amp section. I am replacing all the filter caps....OHHH GEEZ I do not have a oven to heat up these cans to get tar out..so I tried a heat gun and tried to pull whole mess out in one chunk...Well...with larger cans this does not work ..just could not get hott enough...SOOOOO I took my Dremmel and a cut off disk and cut can along two of the seams where u would not see when put back together..and pulled whole thing out...MESSY job..but kind-a fun...All caps go to chassie ground so easily replace ...i put new caps back into old cleaned out can...

::Ok forget it...I said some day I am going to force myself to learn how to read a schematic...Well the day has come...After 3 hrs of studying the schematic I figured it out and taught myself...Yoo hoo...Guess there is some satifaction in that...
:::Hello all...I am looking for someone who has restored the power pack (amp) section for this radio. I have looked at the schematic and am a bit confused as to what is in each of the 5 cans..Of course the cans are filled with taht lovely tar...I would like to replace the filter caps for safe operation....I am trying to figure out which cans have the caps....It is hard to follow the wires because they are inside of harneses and i really don't wana break the cotton covering if i can help it...Hello Mr Berg.Are you the gentleman who has a bunch of UX globe tubes that you would like to part with.I would be interested.Also I am just getting into restoration and have bought a Deforest-Crosley(Canadian) High boy(late 1920's or early 30's).It is being shipped to me from Toronto soon.And I would imagine that it has those cans with the tar or pitch and I want to replace caps as you do yours.I am not sure what model it is or what tubes it uses but probably 45's 71's or maybe 47's.I am very excited about this one.Most of my other radios are mid 1930's - 1960's.with later tube types like 42's 6v6's 6BQ5's 6K6's etc. so this is really interesting and I absolutely love huge globe tubes.Get back to me if you wish or send email even to just talk about restoration etc.

Victor/RCA 52 power pack 
G. Berg 04/29/2009 16:14 
G.Berg 04/30/2009 01:33 
Chris 04/30/2009 11:35 
G. Berg........Chris..TUBES and more 04/30/2009 19:41 
Chris 04/30/2009 20:19 
G. Berg 04/30/2009 23:30 

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