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Antique Radio Technical Forum

Posted by Mike C. on 03/29/2009 18:19

Hi Vinny,I have 1/4 pound roll of "Cell-phone Shack" .032 60/40 solder that I have been working on.I have used it for everything that could possibly be soldered.It seems to be very good quality which is more than I can say for most anything else they sell.However,just before pound rolls went through the roof,I made sure I picked one up at a small dealer(not R.S.) nearby for $10.00.
I recently broke down and bought a soldering station.If you are worried about overheating things and really want quality solder joints,put away the pencil and get a temperature controlled station.You won't believe how quickly your skill level will improve and you will gain much confidence in tackling the tougher jobs.

Vinny 03/29/2009 13:19 
Lewis L 03/29/2009 17:00 
Lewis L 03/29/2009 18:16 
Mike C. 03/29/2009 18:19 
Vinny-Thank you guys! 03/30/2009 08:27 
Lou 03/30/2009 08:51 
vinny 04/01/2009 14:45 
Anthony Bitetto 04/01/2009 17:15 
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