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How To Preserve Chassis Labels?

Posted by Marv Nuce on 04/28/2009 11:52

Here is what I've done successfuly a few times. Overlay the label with wide clear packing tape, making sure its bonded well to the paper. Cut the tape around the label, just outside its border. Using a sharp razor blade scraper, remove the label from the chassis still intact, and attached to the tape. Lightly attach one or more labels to a sheet of paper, and scan them into your PC. Now you have the original and a copy with all the age stains etc. If the shiny tape overlay is unsuited for the new restored chassis, print out a copy from your PC, which you can manipulate any way you want, with several applications such as Adobe Photoshop. After the ink is dry, overcoat with a matt or satin lacquer. Several light misting coats will protect the dry ink, but heavy coats may partially dissolve the ink. I recommend a soft plyable white glue for reinstallation vs the hard brittle stuff on the original. Keep in mind any water based glue will soften the paper label or soak thru the paper and affect the ink, when reinstalling, so be gentle and let the glue partially dry before application to chassis. Good luck


:Hi all,
:My Stromberg Carlson 340H chassis is pretty dirty and I want to clean it and repaint it. It has all the original labels on the back that I want to preserve. I made the mistake on my first chassis of putting a low adhesion masking tape over them and that even pulled the outer layer of paper off the label rendering the label destroyed.
:Is there a trick to putting something over these labels that won't destroy them? I thought of putting a decoupage on first, letting that dry and then I should be able to mask over them without the tape pulling the label off.
:Any thoughts on this?

How To Preserve Chassis Labels? 
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