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Potentiometer Replacement

Posted by planigan on 04/27/2009 18:05

::Sorry for the lack of info - it's a Grunow 660. This is for the volume control and not the tone because the radio already has a separate tone control. Ed's right - I need to determine if this is indeed a linear taper or an audio taper. I assumed it was linear but could very well be wrong. But it sounds like planigan's idea would be worth trying. I am getting a fixed resistance from that tap of about 230k from the 0 ohm terminal.
:Now that I've seen the schematic, I can tell you that the tap is for loudness control, that is, the ear hears frequencies at different volume levels. You will need a log pot, and if there is not a tap, you probably will not ever notice the difference. But if you are like me, you will want a one meg pot with a loudness tap. Not an uncommon animal.

Steve, the Achille's heel to my method is the solder terminal, after you soldered lead to it in circuit make sure you didn't burn away the conductive paint. You may have to touch up. I used the automotive product for rear window defrostors. The printed circuit board stuff is most likely a better product but you need so little and I believe that stuff is expensive. PL

Potentiometer Replacement 
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