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Radio Parts....

Posted by Sam Martin on 04/27/2009 15:16

I am refurbishing two radios I've had for a long time:

A) I need an escutcheon for a Silvertone 6436 console. The bezel is plastic: mine is warped and broken in one corner. Go to the Portland radio web site, click on the escutcheon section: the bezel I need is the eighth down on the right (I bought this bezel, but it is too warped).

B) I need a complete propeller dial pointer for a Zenith Y-825 portable. This radio type was built by Zenith from about 1951 to 1956, under several model numbers. They are a very common and outwardly look the same. The pointers, however, are not the same--the shafts vary in length. I need one with a 1 1/4 inch shaft.
same. The propeller pointers

Radio Parts.... 
Sam Martin 04/27/2009 15:16 
Mmakazoo 04/27/2009 20:23 
nom 04/29/2009 21:32 

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