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Hickok 6000A Tube Tester

Posted by Sam Martin on 04/26/2009 02:42

:Well Sam, this hobby of restoring/repairing old radios is not for everyone. I don't think I have ever given more than $40 for any radio. Some I was just given, others I traded for. I have been to swap meets before, not just for radios but everything you could think of. It is most times someones junk. I gave $5 for a Hallicrafters SX model. Looked inside it was all there. Took it home, checked out the basic, brought it up slow.
:Came to life and works after just minor repairs. Good deal. Bought another Hallcrafters S-38 for $10 .. It's so bad off it's not even good for many parts. Never know.

I have nine radios. One is a family heirloom, a 1934 Philco console, given to me by my Dad, who, in turn, inherited it from one of his uncles: the radio works and sounds great. I bought four others from antique dealers about twenty years ago. They were cosmetic messes,
but all worked, and still do. I used a lot of elbow grease to make them presentable. I also have three small metal "midgets"--a Silvertone 6002, an Arvin 444, and an Arvin 540T. All three are excellent cosmetically: the Arvins need to be electronically restored. I have a maroon Emerson 707B "sunburst" radio--beautiful, a wooden Truetone table radio (1942), which is very nice, and a 1959 Arvin transistor radio. I bought the latter two radios on e-bay for very decent prices. My goal is to electronically restore all of the radios I
now have and to train myself to a degree where I can buy "junkers" and bring them, as they say in the south, up to snuff.

I have all the tools I need, excluding a decent soldering iron--any suggestions? I should not have bought the Hickok tube tester: it is a luxury I do not need.

Hickok 6000A Tube Tester 
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