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Hickok 6000A Tube Tester

Posted by Sam Martin on 04/25/2009 23:01

::Okay you are new at this .. I don't know about your model tester, but some have a light bulb as a fuse right on top of the panel .. If you do need to take out all 20 of the screws, go ahead and do that .. If you have any kind of ohm meter ( or get one ) just check the line cord, the on off switch, and the primary & secondary of the transformer .. It does have a rectifier tube, if you have AC from the transformer, you can check for open filament on that tube too .. Maybe just something simple .. If not, post again .. Someone can talk you through more ..

I am a novice, but I can read schematics. My tester has two (2) rectifiers and two fuse lights ( both are good). I said I had a manual.
I have a VOM and I know how to use it.

I am, however, pissed. I just bought this tester under the guise that it was in good shape electronically. I bought it at a "swap" meet in Nashville. I also collect coins, a hobby rampant with liars an thieves.
I thought, erroneously, that the radio hobby would be less corrupt. It isn't. Nearly everyone i've talked to about radios is a condescending bastard--which is not necessary and very infuriating. I know more about these radios than nearly everyone I meet--I have a degree in Electrical Engineering, but I haven't worked in the field in a long, long time. Most EE's I knew then were also condescending bastards. I'm going to fix this tester on my own and then I'm never returning to the hobby.

Thanks for your help--I just needed to vent.

Hickok 6000A Tube Tester 
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