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Potentiometer Replacement

Posted by planigan on 04/25/2009 22:48

:Also, when replacing note that volume pots should be of the linear type. Check this page - "pot types" section @ 1/2 way down. It also mentions (criticizes) the 'loudness' feature in the last paragraph:

Steve, that is most likely for tone control as mentioned and you can not add a fixed resister in parallel or series as the effect will vary the resistance of the over all circuit. You will have to find and old pot. of if your handy you can try what I did. Get new pot same resistance, open it up, find position on resistance path to get the center tap resistance, use conductive paint and bring out "lead to edge of pot,be carful not to get paint on resistance strip in path of wiper, hardest part was making terminal lug, I used #2 nut and bolt from hobby store, also file out a notch in cover so when you re-assemble pot it won't short out paint to cover. This was a PITA but so far its working. Ideally, if you could find those terminal pins that were used on early circuit boards it would be easy. Those pins were about 1/16" in dia and you would put thenm in hole and use a dies to "rivit" them into board. PL

Potentiometer Replacement 
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