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Antique Radio Technical Forum
Zenith T825: No FM, just static

Posted by Bill G. on 02/15/2008 13:43

:::I cannot view the schematic on my computer.
:Here (if this works) is the Sams Photofact schematic:
Hi Mark,
Your schematic looks better than the ones on this site.
To check out my hypothesis, check pin 1 oa the 12AU6 and pins 1 and 2 of the 19T8. Voltages need to be negative. If they are a little different from the voltages shown don't worry about it, but these voltages must not be positive.
Usually a positive at one of these points is indicative of Silver Mica Disease in the IF transformer in the previous stage.
Let me know what you find on the voltage measurements. We can go from there.

Best Regards,

Bill Grimm

Zenith T825: No FM, just static 
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