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Potentiometer Replacement

Posted by Marv Nuce on 04/25/2009 17:50

Had nothing to do with saving resistors, but only with tayloring the volume control to closely approach the human ears perception to sound, primarily bass. Suposedly enhanced the bass response at low volume levels. Modern hardware uses a loudness control button for the same result. At least thats been my training. If this is a tone control, then all bets are off.


:Hi Dave,
:This tap is addition to the beginning, end and variable tap. This tap seems to have a fixed resistance to either end. I think this was done for the same reasons that they used multi-capacitor packs, to save on money. I would think there would be a good way to expand that section to accommodate a couple of fixed resistors which would be equivalent to what I have there now...
::Steve -
::Are you talking about multiple taps, because most pots have center taps. The tap is the moving part where the variable resistance is measured.
::The 2 other connections are the ends of the resistor.
::So, if it is a 1Mohm pot - you will measure 1Mohm across the 2 outer terminals all the time. The center tap will be increasing with reference to one side and decreasing WRT the other terminal when the pot is turned in a certain direction (clockwise vs. counter-clockwise). See example below (for reference only, the directions may be different). It will be the opposite effect when turned in the other direction. Maybe I am oversimplifying your question.
:: 2
:: |
:: CW<- | ->CCW
::1 ---/\/\/\/\/----3
::::I need to replace a 1 Meg linear Pot in my radio. But the problem is that it has a tap. Is there any way to get around this by using a fixed resistor to mimic the tap? I assume the tap is just a fixed resistance from either of the 2 ends of the pot. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks...

Potentiometer Replacement 
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