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Any suggestions.......

Posted by Rogers flipdial on 04/24/2009 14:42

When you checked the alignment you say trimmers didn't make any difference - with a strong signal injected the trimmers should make a noticeable difference - find the one that makes the least amount of difference and carefully check that stage . When you checked the coils did you do an ohmmeter check ? Sometimes when the insulation on the windings deteriorates (Helped along greatly by lightning strikes on the antenna coil) the windings short internally - you'll still get continuity but the coil will show greatly reduced resistance with an ohmmeter check - you need a good meter for this as some of the ones I've checked have varied from 6 ohms or so to about 24 ohms if I remember correctly on the primary - - short your meter leads together and measure the resistance of your leads first before checking. Coils damaged in this way will let some of the signal through but the set will never tune up properly.

Any suggestions....... 
G. Berg 04/23/2009 18:03 
carl 04/23/2009 18:31 
G berg ..checked tubes.. 04/23/2009 20:48 
Warren 04/23/2009 20:43 
G. berg 04/23/2009 20:50 
G. Berg ...ARRRRRRRRGG!!!! 04/23/2009 20:55 
Sage 04/23/2009 22:01 
mark 04/23/2009 22:06 
Rogers Flipdial 04/23/2009 22:55 
G. berg Only three trimmers ...played with no increase in volume 04/24/2009 04:45 
G. Berg 04/24/2009 04:47 
Not a superhet - no IF 04/24/2009 09:42 
G. Berg...yep tried that ...no affect 04/24/2009 04:44 
G. Berg...checked all coils ..are good 50mmf are fixed 04/24/2009 04:44 
Rogers flipdial 04/24/2009 14:42 
G. Berg...COILS 04/24/2009 16:10 
G. BERG...FOUND THE PROBLEM YOOOO HOOO .... IT WORKS!!! 04/24/2009 21:42 
Rogers flipdial 04/24/2009 22:12 
Sage 04/25/2009 07:30 

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