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Photofact for Zenith 7S557 anyone?

Posted by Gary on 04/23/2009 22:36

The Zenith 7S557 is a 1941 consol and did not use the 7AO2 chassis. Sams did not start producing until I believe 1946. I can look to see if I have the right chassis and take a photo if that will help. You can email me if you would like.
:Bob E.,
:You may check here:
::Hey boys and girls and all the ships at sea....
::I think I am getting addicted to the Sams Photofact
::publications.. I really like the complete overview it
::gives someone like me who forgets easily and doesn't
::remember in the first place... I am like a kid with crayons with those things... hi-lighting all the caps, resistors, electrolytics and various others things in
::different colors because I do not remember where they are located...fun! So..anyone got a Photofact 398-16 for a Zenith 7S-557 chassis 7A02? that they could email or sell to me?
::Thanks, Bob E

Photofact for Zenith 7S557 anyone? 
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