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Any suggestions.......

Posted by G berg ..checked tubes.. on 04/23/2009 20:48

Yes i switched all tubes out for ones that work well in other recievers this set has a 80, 27, 24(2) and a 45

:check voltages? try new output tubes?
::Hi all I am having a problem with this radio...U.S. & TV corp model 27...pretty basic schematic. I restored the electronics and get weak sound out of speaker... Here is what I did. I recapped..all caps with same value, replaced audio interstage transformer with coreect one (old was bad both sec. and prim.) Restored the tape resistor with same values and checked all others ..rest good and within specks, checked choke (it tests good), pulled power transformer out ...tested...all tests good no shorts..tested tube sockets ..all good tested tubes all good...tested volume control ...tests good, Tested all coils (test good)..Tested speaker= field coil,voice coil, and audio transf.= good...I get propper current to all tubes...I checked and rechecked my rewireing...all looks good yet...dam it.. i get weak sound out of speaker. Any suggestions.??? Could it be the two 50 mmf in the RF cans? They are originaland not replaced....HELP PLEASE!!

Any suggestions....... 
G. Berg 04/23/2009 18:03 
carl 04/23/2009 18:31 
G berg ..checked tubes.. 04/23/2009 20:48 
Warren 04/23/2009 20:43 
G. berg 04/23/2009 20:50 
G. Berg ...ARRRRRRRRGG!!!! 04/23/2009 20:55 
Sage 04/23/2009 22:01 
mark 04/23/2009 22:06 
Rogers Flipdial 04/23/2009 22:55 
G. berg Only three trimmers ...played with no increase in volume 04/24/2009 04:45 
G. Berg 04/24/2009 04:47 
Not a superhet - no IF 04/24/2009 09:42 
G. Berg...yep tried that ...no affect 04/24/2009 04:44 
G. Berg...checked all coils ..are good 50mmf are fixed 04/24/2009 04:44 
Rogers flipdial 04/24/2009 14:42 
G. Berg...COILS 04/24/2009 16:10 
G. BERG...FOUND THE PROBLEM YOOOO HOOO .... IT WORKS!!! 04/24/2009 21:42 
Rogers flipdial 04/24/2009 22:12 
Sage 04/25/2009 07:30 

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