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Antique Radio Technical Forum
De Vry Amplifier??

Posted by Art Heritis on 04/24/2005 12:10

Does anybody have any background on De Vry equipment? I picked up a 2 piece model 2830 unit (speaker in 1/2 of case & amplifier in the other 1/2)& am striking out in finding info. on it.
I'm assuming that these things were built by De Vry students back in the day, but I'm guessing that they are the same as some O.E.M.'s other model. If the speaker code is right, it dated to most likely 1946 (possibly '56).
If anybody knows if schematics & info. are available, I'd love to hear it (needs some caps & so forth, but some of the markings aren't readable).

De Vry Amplifier?? 
Art Heritis 04/24/2005 12:10 
xq 04/24/2005 19:44 
James Honeycutt 09/12/2006 20:40 
Roger Large 04/03/2009 20:46 

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