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Heathkit TC-2

Posted by Anthony on 04/22/2009 15:47

Hi Mike, Could you forward the manual and any tube data sheets to me, I purchased a heathkit tc-1 with no manuals or info. Thanks Tony My e-mail is bigtoeknee@verizon.net
:Hi would any one have a manual for a heathkit tc-2 also does anyone have the updated charts that were on this site for it. Or is it against copy write for them.
:::::Hi! Mike, Check your email. I sent you a partial manual which at least tells how to operate the tester.Maybe someone will have a complete one to send to you. I also sent a tube data supplement and a schematic. Hope this helps. Good Luck! Bob Masse
::Bob thanks again that was a great help. It filled in the gaps of some tubes I didnt have data for. Go figure it would be for newer tubes. I usally only like the old old once lol.
::Just another question if anyone has this data sheet. I have been looking for a test set up for the older Rogers 32 Type tube not the standard 32 tube. It would be the same as the Rogers 20 type tube as well.
::Thanks again Mike
:Mike, EICO 625 settings for 20 and 32 tube are as follows:
: 20: 48 6.3 2 2,3 4
: 32: 42 2.0 2 2,3,10 4 (bold)
: I am not familiar with Rogers tube differences. PL

Heathkit TC-2 
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