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Admiral F5

Posted by Ian on 04/20/2009 21:05

Thats it!
THanks for helping me.
When I took the chassis out of the cabinet (which included the total destruction of the cassis mount board) I discovered About 5 lbs of mouse materials(paper, fur, Cloth) and the skeletons of 18 dead mice. This should be an interesting restoration...

:This is the schematic that I found:
:Schematic shows a 6A7, but tube layout shows a 6A8.
:Carl T
::2x 6f6
::2x 6c5
::1x 5z3
::1x 6u5
::1x 6h6
::3x 6k7
::1x 6a8
::::Hi, just got one of these. the chassis is marked F5 NOT 5f, Does anyone have the schematic for this?
::::It has 11 tubes 10+eye
:::The only info I see on an F5 shows it as a 5 tube set.
:::Can you post the complete tube line up?
:::Carl T

Admiral F5 
Ian 04/16/2009 22:34 
Carl T 04/16/2009 23:24 
Ian 04/16/2009 23:34 
Carl T 04/17/2009 15:39 
xxxx xxxx 04/18/2009 14:31 
Ian 04/20/2009 21:05 

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