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tapping audio sound

Posted by Lewis L on 04/20/2009 18:53

: HI:
: I am working on a Grunow 500 radio plays great however at certain spots on the dial I get rapid tapping sounds. I don't think its motorboating cause its only be heard at certain spots of the dial and not the whole tuning range, also totally disappears when you get a strong station. Also when I turn the radio on during the warming up process, I get a pop sound and then the radio goes on to play normally. It fustrating cause like I said the radio plays loud and not bad for 1934 AM. Thanks

I would guess, for now, that you look for something in your house that is emmiting radio interference. Or, take the radio th a friend's house and see if you still have the interference. I've seen this before, and been made a total fool by a lamp dimmer, thermostat, and a computer printer.

tapping audio sound 
John 04/20/2009 18:26 
Lewis L 04/20/2009 18:53 

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