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Posted by Edd on 04/20/2009 16:43

Now, I ask you, doesn’t that just remind you of the ads in the back of comic books in the ‘40’s.
OR if you REALLY got with it, you could order your own personal Johnson and Smith catalog for 15 cents
and then be introduced to all sorts of gag items, tricks and esoteric exotica.

I am seeing the microphone that you mentioned as merely being hard wired into the rear of a
conventional receiver of that vintage and then being passed into the next room.

I can just barely make out some of the info, with them giving tube basing diagrams of some of the
triode or pentode tubes typically to be encountered in that date timeframe.

Looking at the photo of the mike, they even seem to additionally be providing some cardboard cutouts
of the tube basing for specific tube numbers, along with the reference dots [YELLOW] on the concerned
pins (prongs) additionally marked on those discs. . . .don’ wanna make a boo-boo !

If the units carbon element was installed in parallel with a cathode resistor being used in the Audio
circuitry, both the DC biasing aspect and the coupling could be met in that manner.

Certainly, no “ RF transmitter ” aspect is going to be involved.

73's de Edd

"Little Wonder Microphone" 
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