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Posted by G. Berg on 04/20/2009 13:58

I have this item with original box... I use it on my radios and plug it into the phono jacks....doesn't work all that great though....

:::Hi everyone,
:::Just acquired a "little Wonder Microphone" from 30's-40's. It was sold as a novelty item so people could "hear" themselves over their radios. It came with the original box...however, missing instructions and cable. From looking at Ebay, I saw same...with instructions and cable (2 wire) This is a carbon Mic. My question is that of wiring into ckt. I figured that most were for plug into "phono or tv" inputs. Is it possible to wire this into the Oscillator/mixer stage, so as to use it with a signal tuned at a frequency and mix in the Microphone? Sort of like a 1941 "karaoke" machine! Even if not a possiblity, I'm confused as to where the two wires need to terminate. Looks to be a jack in back of mic. One button microphone. Any help greatly appreciate.
::Well, a carbon mike is not going to do anything unless it has some DC flowing through it. This is the way telephones worked for a hundred years. You can work it into a tube two ways. Put it inot the cathode of a tube, or use a battery and a capacitor into the grid of the tube.I can't think of a way to put a carbon mike into a tube circuit without some changes to the tube circuit.
:Thanks Lewis....I 'll keep trying to come up with something. I'm pretty sure that they were marketed for plugging into the audio section via a phono/tv input. I'd like to take it a step further if i can.

"Little Wonder Microphone" 
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