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Posted by JoeinRI on 04/20/2009 12:46

::Hi everyone,
::Just acquired a "little Wonder Microphone" from 30's-40's. It was sold as a novelty item so people could "hear" themselves over their radios. It came with the original box...however, missing instructions and cable. From looking at Ebay, I saw same...with instructions and cable (2 wire) This is a carbon Mic. My question is that of wiring into ckt. I figured that most were for plug into "phono or tv" inputs. Is it possible to wire this into the Oscillator/mixer stage, so as to use it with a signal tuned at a frequency and mix in the Microphone? Sort of like a 1941 "karaoke" machine! Even if not a possiblity, I'm confused as to where the two wires need to terminate. Looks to be a jack in back of mic. One button microphone. Any help greatly appreciate.
:Well, a carbon mike is not going to do anything unless it has some DC flowing through it. This is the way telephones worked for a hundred years. You can work it into a tube two ways. Put it inot the cathode of a tube, or use a battery and a capacitor into the grid of the tube.I can't think of a way to put a carbon mike into a tube circuit without some changes to the tube circuit.

Thanks Lewis....I 'll keep trying to come up with something. I'm pretty sure that they were marketed for plugging into the audio section via a phono/tv input. I'd like to take it a step further if i can.


"Little Wonder Microphone" 
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