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Antique Radio Technical Forum
Keep the posts on topic

Posted by AllanG on 04/20/2009 03:12

:Some of you may notice that several posts are missing from the forums. Some of the posts contained useful information. Unfortunately they also contained content unrelated to the restoration of antique radio's and often of a more personal nature.
:I do not have the time to review every post made and remove only those that are offensive or inappropriate. When things are called to my attention I remove threads containing content that does not belong here.
:This is an antique radio discussion forum. Please keep your personal differences private. If you have differeing opinions on restorations or techniques please discuss the technical merits of your positions and refrain from personal attacks.
:Nostalgia Air's forums will not go private. I will however shut them down permanently if the personal attacks continue.
:As much as I love antique radio's I do not have the time to babysit the forums reading every post to see that it is appropriate. I expect a certain level of garbage from folks with no interest in antique radios, however I do not expect garbage from those who are here to find and to share technical expertise.
:Keep it polite, keep it close to on topic and refrain from personal attacks or the ability to post to the forums WILL be shut off.

I have to echo the sentiments of others on this site. I have always found it to be an excellent resource and have great admiration for the expertise and freely given advice found here. I have absolutely no patience for those that intrude in an attempt to disrupt a forum that provides so much to so many. I am presently working in the Middle East (due to age and economic circumstances) and am away from family, home and hobby. This forum has provided me with an invaluable connection and anchor to my radio restoration passion which keeps me grounded and focused in the midst of distance from home and total culture immersion.
I thank all those that contribute and express my ultimate disdain for those that seek to destroy this valued knowledge base through their ignorance as well as lack of common decency and civility.

Keep the posts on topic 
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