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Zenith 6s222 Alignment help

Posted by Lawrence Goldy on 04/19/2009 21:09

:Do any of you guys have better alignment instructions or are you more familiar with the trimmer cap layout on this Zenith 6s-222?


I was able to copy both pages of the Zenith Service Manual to PDF format.

If you send your e-mail I will be happy to send them to you.


Zenith 6s222 Alignment help 
Peter G. Balazsy 04/17/2009 04:58 
Bob Masse  04/17/2009 19:23 
Lawrence Goldy 04/19/2009 16:27 
Johnny 04/19/2009 16:51 
Lawrence Goldy 04/19/2009 21:09 

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