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Posted by Dave A on 04/18/2009 10:57

Hello, Chris - I can tell you this - If you run a transformer at a lower frequency than it was designed for, you will get some core saturation, which results in a distorted output waveform. BUT, your case is the opposite - running a higher frequency than designed. In this case, depending on the transformer design, you may be able to use it. You need to keep a few things in mind: 1.) the exisiting fuses will be a higher value at the lower frequencies 2.) Different frequency transformers will normally require a different voltage input as well.

You should bench test it by removing the secondary from the circuit and checking for proper output (non-distorted). A scope and variac would be helpful, but you may be able to use a true RMS DMM. As you mentioned, also check for excess heating.


:Hello....that have 25 cycle transformers.They say 25 cycle not 25/60 cycle. So what effect will this have?...Do I absolutely have to replace the 25 cycle units with 60 cycle units or is it okay to leave things as they are?I hope someone can provide me with some info on this subject.

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