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79MS Revisited - a wire fell off. Where does it go?

Posted by Dave Froehlich on 04/17/2009 01:02

Hello All,
I'm still working on the set with dead tuning motor and broken reverse switch. I disconnected all the signal seeker components. A couple of months ago, just as I was about to put the set back together a wire has fell off that connects to a tube socket. Looking at the bottom of the chassis (set is right side up), looking from the front the wire comes from the missing pin on the second tube from the right. This terminal connects through a coil to what looks like pin 5 of the tube socket at right. This wire probably connected to a terminal near the tuning coils. But I don't know where it went. Also, it has been so long, I cannot find the service data anymore. I can post a picture of the trouble area if needed. All I want to do is have this radio work as a mamual AM radio.



79MS Revisited - a wire fell off. Where does it go? 
Dave Froehlich 04/17/2009 01:02 
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Dave Froehlich 04/20/2009 16:13 
Dave Froehlich 04/20/2009 17:03 
Dave Froehlich 04/20/2009 18:41 
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