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RCA 612V3

Posted by av1 on 04/15/2009 17:40

no such luck on the recap. it still has hardly any volume. about 1/8th of what it should. I have the transformer on the way. I think from looking at riders
I would hook the speaker up to the secondary windings.
I hope this is correct.

:thanks for the input.
:i will replace the caps and see if it helps. I'm worried about the amount of wax that has run out of the transformer it was enough to weld it to the case.
:Your output transformer may still be good. Have you changed out the paper caps? There is probably a paper cap on the output primary/output plate circuit. When this shorts out, it puts a big load on the transformer.
:::I have a rca model 612v3 for the past year it has been loosing volume. i looked it over figuring on recapping it.
:::after pulling the amp out of the case found that the output transformer had a large amount of wax that melted from it.
:::i am thinking this must be the problem.
:::it has markings of 940394-1 on top of the transformer.
:::i read around on this forum and found someone with the same problem back in 2007.
:::he was recommended to replace it with a universal Hammond
:::from antique electronic supply p/n # p-t291.
:::i have ordered this part but after ordering a came across another p/n #p-t124b. would this be a better match.
:::second question is how do i wire this to make it work.
:::i am without printer at this time and it diving me nuts trying to look it over on line 6 inch at a time.
:::any help would be appreciated. i have not touched a radio in quite some time.
:::i am much better replacing parts that are original that need no modification.
:::maybe I'm reading to much into this.

RCA 612V3 
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