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Antique Radio Technical Forum
Grunow 660 - Help!!

Posted by Steve Bento on 04/15/2009 17:16

Thanks Jeff, I didn't think the shields would make that much of a difference so I'll be sure to try that the next time I test it. I haven't been keeping them on because I didn't think they would make much difference.

Thanks Doug, I'm not really set up yet to test voltages. I don't have an isolation transformer / rubber mat etc. So I'd like to try as much as I can without the power as possible. I want to get set up to do that soon though.

Grunow 660 - Help!! 
Steve Bento 04/15/2009 14:53 
JF 04/15/2009 16:21 
Doug Criner 04/15/2009 16:43 
Steve Bento 04/15/2009 17:16 

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