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Silvertone 7048 Tuning Mechanism

Posted by Tom Smith on 01/01/2009 13:23

I have a Silvertone Console radio that my Grandmother purchased at a garage sale in the late 30's. When I was a teenager (nearly 30 years ago!)I used it to listen to shortwave. It probably has not been pluged in in 30 years. I am interested in restoring this radio myself.

The tuning mechanism that connects the tuning knob to the air gap tuning cap never worked. When I was a kid there were a few parts and pieces still in the cabinet, a couple of pulleys and string, that has long since disappeared.

Does anyone have drawings & specs or pictures of this mechansim?

Silvertone 7048 Tuning Mechanism 
Tom Smith 01/01/2009 13:23 
Warren 01/01/2009 13:48 
Warren 01/01/2009 14:04 
Tom 01/02/2009 09:15 
Robby Simmons 03/11/2009 23:10 
Robby Simmons 03/11/2009 23:11 
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Craig Roberts 04/02/2009 11:14 

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